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Tuesdays on the Run wants to know your BHRG: your big hairy running goal! Sarah has one- and, yeah, it’s all those things! Link up with us and share yours!


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Big Hairy Running Goal | Tuesdays on the Run

So one day, I was getting ready for work and we were watching the Today Show. The New York City Half Marathon had recently finished, and Al Roker ran the race. They were talking about it.

During a commercial break, I said to my husband “If Al Roker can run a half marathon, so can I!”

… now, what my husband SHOULD have said was “you sure can!” and then life would go on and nothing would have changed.

… but what did my husband ACTUALLY say?? “I don’t know, that is a lot of miles…”



Guys, that’s why I started running. True story.

Anyways there really wasn’t a point to that story other than wanting to use a Barney GIF in a post. And to talk about how I went from a non-runner who only kind of mildly thought running was mildly cool… to an insane person.

An insane person who wants to do an Ironman.

Ironman triathalon logo



I mean… I do but I don’t.

I want the tattoo. I want the glory. I do NOT want to train for it.

I’ve promised that husband I mentioned earlier that I would wait until our kids were at least old enough to wipe their own butts before jumping into a goal like that one.


Celebrating Olivia’s 2nd Birthday and Evelyn’s 3rd Birthday with the runDisney Kids Races

I feel like he’s a marathon widow in the winter with the insane amount of time I spend outside running, I can’t even begin to imagine what that would be like if I put in swimming and biking.

I know I like the sport, I actually have already completed two very small less-than-sprint distance Triathlons – BOTH while I was pregnant.

The swims were through the lazy river of the resort hosting the event. There was a reason I picked that race two years in a row… ha!

But, seriously y’all.



I’ve told myself I want to do it before I’m 50.

If I keep going the rate I am going, I want to do a FULL Ironman.


One day.

… guys, I’m 32 I have a lot of time to change my mind.


In front of castle with Dopey runDisney race medals

Sarah KILLED the Dopey Challenge this year!


For now, I am going to stick with my marathons (ha!), and soon I am going to start to look into a few sprint triathlons… and maybe a half Ironman before I’m 40.

Then, it’s on.

Especially when my two adorable little girls turn into two ridiculous teenagers… I’ll be looking for any reason to blow off some steam! I’ll get the coach, I’ll get the accessories, and I’ll get on the training.

140.6 is?a lot of miles.

… and sorry husband, I’m getting the tattoo.

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  • I would be interested in a full ironman if it was off road. A friend of mine and I have talked about doing one unsupported on our own. It wouldn’t be officially an “IronMan” I guess 🙂 My husband has done one and is planning to do another next year. I might do a half IM next year, but my next big goal is 100K this fall and then a hundred miler in 2020.

  • Lesley says:

    I’m not one for needles, but you should totally get the tattoo! A coworker did the IM Boulder this year after DNFing last year. They’ve got some good locations, and after Boulder’s been quite hot the past two years for IM, i’d say choose a place with nice weather.

  • melissa says:

    Ha, I love that you promised you’d do it when the kids are old enough to wipe their butts – I like that as a timeline 🙂 (and it’s one i can relate to with 2 in diapers right now!)

  • Marcia says:

    You’d definitely need the tattoo.

  • Ha! I don’t have any tattoos (yet), and I have never had the desire to even think about doing an Ironman…but if the Ironman ever happened, the tattoo would, too 😉

  • wow did not know you wanted to do an ironman! I have done shorter tri races and know that I definitely do not want to an IM. LOL Look forward to seeing you train for it

  • Kim G says:

    I’m in awwe of anyone that wants to do or complete an Ironman! that takes so much training and dedication.

  • OK I seriously think I’m reading my own blog post here. I had never EVER run in my life, when my youngest son, five years ago, said, “Mom, we should do a marathon”. I was 51 years old at the time and literally had never even done a 5K. I mentioned it to my husband and he said, “A marathon? How about a half marathon? Or maybe a 5K?” Maybe he was right…but it pissed me off!!! So I signed up for the marathon and didn’t tell a soul! I finally told him two weeks before the marathon that I was doing it (I really didn’t train, so nothing tipped him off). Since then, I’ve run 7 marathons, 10 halfs, and a number of smaller races. I also can’t swim…and just did a sprint triathlon on Sunday! Don’t freaking tell me I can’t do something!!! My BHAG is to run all the World Marathon Majors…but I share your desire for that certain tattoo…

  • The Ironman would be an amazing experience, I have so much admiration for triathletes of any distance! You’ve got plenty of time before 50, so you never know!

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