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What’s your running challenge?

No, Disney folk, we’re not talking about the back to back races we seem to love.

We’re talking about what is the biggest issue for you when it comes to getting out the door: what’s your biggest running challenge?

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My Biggest Run Challenge

Can I just say running?

Yes, I mean it. The actual physical act of running is my biggest challenge.

Love Hate

I dislike it more than I like it these days and I haaaattteeee that feeling.

So getting out the door is a fight almost every day I run.

Here’s the truth: it’s all on me.

I know what’s up. I know what I need to do to fix it. I know I can fix it- so, hey, that’s the good news.

The bad news is that I’m still not quite doing what needs to be done.

Closer, every day, sure; but I haven’t clicked into “committed” mode yet. This relation still needs work.

break 1.2

I’m hopeful, however, that as the temps switch to awesome (holla, 56 degrees on Saturday morning!) my brain will also switch over.

I need one good, redeeming run to hit the reset button on this relationship. I feel like it’s out there, just waiting for me to find it.

So tomorrow I’ll get up early, put on the Hokas, and head out looking for love in all the right places.

Hard to be in love when you are normally 2 min faster at this point in training. Gah.

Hard to be in love when you are normally 2 min faster at this point in training. Gah.

Will I find the passion again?

I think so. I believe that it’s out there- in fact, I know it is since now and then it sneaks back in. For a few minutes each run I get a fleeting glimpse of my love.

But when you are running for hours, a few minutes just isn’t enough to keep the flame going.

Love might be too much to ask, but falling back into like with running would be fantastic.


Challenge accepted.

We’re in this together. To ward off sickness and to continue health, Running, I choose you.

It’s about time we start getting along again.

Do you have any mantras or suggestions I can use to like running again?

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  • Gill says:

    Oh, I hear you! I’ve definitely been in that spot before where I’ve fallen out of love with the whole running thing. Embracing trail running has been what has got me back into it. On the trail, it doesn’t matter that I’m slower than slow as the tree roots, rocks and hills often mean you have to walk fair chunks anyway. And I can’t help but smile when surrounded by the beautiful countryside. Even switching it up and running somewhere you don’t normally run can help – sometimes a change of scenery can make things more interesting. Hope you and running get along well again soon!

  • I like to think of it this way: what is is about running that you LOVE and what is it about running that you don’t? If you love to run because of the people, get them involved! If you like to run to see places, try a new route, or put one of your faves back on your route. If you hate treadmills, stay away, or if you can treadmill and you like to atch movies or read certain things (while on the treadmill), tell yourself that you can ONLY watch the movie/show/read the book you are into on the treadmill.
    Carrot.. stick.. horse.

  • Marcia says:

    I’m right there with you procrastinating like a boss. Running has been so gross all summer. I know if I just stop hemming and hawing and get out there, that will replace my habit of putting it off until I’m rushed. My mantra is “Just run already”. 54 degrees here this morning. Boom!

  • Christy says:

    I fell out of love with running for a bit last fall.. I decided that there would be no runs longer than an hour, no speed work, only easy running. I gave myself permission to not run some days and that love came back. Once I told myself I didn’t have to run I found I wanted to more than ever! of course I also wasnt training for anything right then. Fall weather helps a lot with that too!

  • Lesley says:

    I went through that whole thing after college. I needed a break from all the structured and over scheduled running I had to do in high school and college for sports. I took 2 years off, but found my love of running, and started up again.

  • You know, Patty, when you think about it, it’s really remarkable how long you’ve kept this up and the amazing attitude you have. It’s hard for me and I LOVE it! Which is probably some form of psychological illness but I don’t have the energy to figure out what it is. Proud of you!

  • Tracy says:

    Sometimes getting out if the door is the hardest part of a run. Just remember a bad run is better than no run. Don’t beat yourself up. Mix things up. Trying doing walk run of 3/1 or 2/1. I started running LESS. I cross train. I have committed to making my legs stronger and more flexible with piyo and plyometrics. I only run 3 days a week and do some elliptical traing too. Now I look foward to running.It is only running not root canal or the SATs make it fun for you. It is not a workout but you time! Make adjustments that work for you to enjoy it more. Good luck and stay strong.

  • Sorry to hear you have not been loving running lately. It should be something enjoyable.
    Hope you find your groove soon.

  • Teresa says:

    The old saying is true…”you don’t know what you have until it’s gone” I always appreciate running more when I’m injured. Now, I’m certainly not telling you to go get injured!! 🙂 But maybe taking a break from running, guilt free, would help. Or perhaps just doing a different activity for a few weeks would make you miss running more. Sometimes, I just need to go out for a run just to run…no music, no garmin, no goal in mind…just to breathe the fresh air, hear the sound of my feet pounding the pavement, take in the beauty of nature all around and get to know myself again. It’ll come back!!

  • San says:

    I hate how elusive motivation and the love for running is sometimes. It’s like it was here a minute ago and now where did it go? Sometimes it’s just time to take a break, do something else for a while.

  • Jessica S says:

    I think we all fall out of love with running a bit in the summer. Here’s hoping fall weather reignites your “like” of running at least!
    Jessica S recently posted…The most challenging part of running . . .My Profile

  • LaChicaRuns says:

    It can be hard to get out. One thing that sometimes helps is to think of those times when I was injured and couldn’t run. Sometimes it gets me out the door. Hope you find your motivation.

  • Rachel says:

    I do feel like a lot of people are unmotivated lately, and I honestly think it’s because it was so darn sweltering for the last month and now all of a sudden it’s dark and cold in the mornings! It’s totally not a motivator!

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