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BOO-tiful Yard Card Fun | Ideas For Halloween in 2022

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If you’re looking for new ideas for Halloween in 2022, consider Booing your neighbors with yard cards or hosting a Halloween parade. Say trick or treat in the yard, instead of at their front door.

new ideas for halloween BOO yard cards

New Ideas For Halloween 2022

Communities are looking for new ideas to celebrate Halloween this year. 

I know ours is deep in conversations about trick or treating still happening, considerations on haunted houses, or even if the night needs to be scrapped altogether. 

That’s maybe the scariest thing about all of this for a big ol’ Halloween and costume lover! 

So we’re on the haunt- errr, hunt– for new Halloween ideas in 2022. 

Have you heard about yard cards yet?

This is one way to make your Halloween BOO-tiful for your own yard or your neighbors or to make a Halloween parade really special.

I mean, anything is better than this guy, amirite?

plague doctor yard decor for halloween ideas 2020

What’s a Yard Card?

A yard card is a customizable yard sign that can make any celebration one to remember.

It is a way to celebrate your favorite person in a BIG way, right to their front yard!

Spelled out in the front yard for the neighbors to see, yard card companies such as No-Guilt Yard Cards in Springfield, Virginia will set up in your card, and remove a day later – all hassle-free.

The letters are approximately 18-22″ tall and sure to send the right message. 

Birthdays are the most popular requests, but graduations, bridal showers, Mother’s Day, new babies, new homes, retirements, back to school– and yes, Halloween parades!- are celebrated. 

Halloween yard card BOO your neighbor ideas

Halloween Yard Cards- Boo Your Neighbors in 2022!

A Boo is a single-day Yard Card Rental set up at the recipient’s home.

Purchase a Boo to surprise your own family or another family in town. Boo your bestie, your grandparents, your teachers, co-workers, or your coach!

Most yard card companies will offer multiple sets of Boos. That means a couple of setups can happen each day during the months of September and October. 

Booking early in the month will allow for more of your friends & neighbors to join in on the Boo-ing fun!

Here’s how it works:

Halloween parade ideas new ideas for halloween BOO yard cards

Boo Your Neighbor With a Yard Card

  • The Yard Card company will place the Boo in the yard, along with a note explaining the Boo and inviting them to pass it on. Some will add an additional bag of candy or other goodies on request.
  • The recipient can then contact the yard card company and order their own Boo for their neighbor down the street or friend across town.
  • The Boo is a No Contact and pandemic-friendly way to celebrate the spooky season.
  • Boos will be a standard greeting, no personalization will be allowed for ease of placement.

If Booing is not your thing, consider brightening up your yard or someone else’s with a larger Halloween-specific setup.

Yard card companies can arrange those as well!

Look, parents, we’re all looking for new ideas to celebrate Halloween this year.

Consider hosting a Halloween parade through your neighborhood as a great way to bring the community safely and socially distantly together. 

Halloween parade BOO yard card rentals

How To Find a Yard Card Company For Your Halloween Parade Yard Sign

This is super simple: Google the term “yard cards (your city)” 

You can also try adding in your zipcode or using terms like yard signs or birthday yard cards to land on a company close to you. 

I’d also consider checking with a website like this nationwide directory of yard card companies

Contact them to see if they are running a yard card Boo program! 

If you are looking to be Boo’ed in the Springfield/Burke/West Springfield/Lorton/Fairfax Station Virginia area, please fill out this form or email for assistance. 

halloween parade ideas yard card greetings for holidays

Even though we’re talking Halloween, there’s graduation just around the corner for those December grads!

If you need a graduation yard card in northern Virginia, let us know!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.