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Midway through April. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!

So, okay, it hasn’t happened just yet. I’m getting a little ahead of myself of course.
But mid-April always brings around thoughts of Boston and the mystique that goes with this race.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the Boston Marathon: is it a BFD or just another cool experience? Are you training for it- are you running it- are you dreaming about it someday? Tell us all about it!

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Calendar of topics for April:

  • 4/4: Hydration what/when/how/fave bottles, etc.
  • 4/11: Boston Marathon thoughts
  • 4/18: Foolish running/racing mistakes
  • 4/25: Grade your month


Boston Marathon and The Story of The Medal

photo credit: Laura Wellington

I’m going to link to a story that I just absolutely love about the Boston Marathon.

The bombing happened when I was pretty new to running. I happened to have an absolute obsession with my marathon running friends at the time.

I just couldn’t fathom what it took to do THAT many miles.

All at once.

In a row.

Really fast.

I’m still in awe with what the body can do and how so many of my friends are part of that elite marathoner group. You guys are all bad asses, I swear!

So back then, I worked early mornings (started at 5 am- wowza) and was on central time. While I worked on Sunday mornings, I got to “watch” my friends races on Twitter. First, the east coast would take off and a few hours later I could see my west coast friends run.

Sunday mornings were the best since it was slow on the phones and I got to “watch” my friends races on Twitter. First, the east coast would take off and a few hours later I could see my west coast friends run. Funny enough- I didn’t follow a lot of runners on central time. Weirdness.

Side note: A lot of you tweet and run and I love the multitasking. But again: wow, how you do that AND run fast is what I call #goals.

So that Monday of the Boston Marathon I was also at work and managing to keep one eye on Twitter and the Boston feed while I answered calls.

Everything that happened that day was awful, but the stories that came out of the spirit of the marathon are wonderful.

Laura’s story about the internet helping her find who generously gave her a medal is one of those wonderful moments.

I hope you’ll take a moment to read it if you haven’t heard it before. It’s very cool- and very runner like.

The Story of The Medal

For those running Boston next week: GOOD LUCK and GOD SPEED.

I’ll be doing my Twitter stalking, as usual. Leave me your handle if you are running because I want to cheer you on and see the celebration pictures when you have YOUR medal!

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