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2020 Calls For Carbs | A Bread Lovers Gift Guide

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I have a couple of friends who are super carb lovers. In fact, they like to chant “Carbs! Carbs! Carbs!” together whenever they are sitting down for a meal or snack. No, I’m not joking. They really do this! You know those people that don’t turn down bread at the table and definitely say yes to dessert? I gotta admit: in 2020, their Oprah-like love of carbs makes total sense. Comfot food thy name is Carbs. If you have friends who loves carbs like mine do, this bread lovers gift guide is sure to help you score their perfect present. Affiliate links included in this post.  

Bread is Life! Gift Guide for the bread lover in your world. Carbs! Carbs! Carbs!

2020 Calls For Carbs | A Bread Lovers Gift Guide

If you have ever needed an excuse to go full Oprah, then 2020 is the year to do it. 

I mean, not that us bread lovers ever needed an excuse to indulge in the comfort of carbs!

Here are a few options to gift the carb lover in your life with something that says, “I get you, friend.”

Carbs! Carbs! Carbs!

Tortilla Blanket: Become a Burrito With This Blanky

Wrap up and roll around- become that blanket burrito you’ve always wanted to be! 

You can also score a pizza or waffle blanket with this seller on Amazon. 

Dreams DO come true, my friends!

Carbe Diem! Mug For Bread Lovers

Seize the Bread! 

Or … something like that. 

Love carbs with your coffee? Who doesn’t, amirite?

Order this bread lovers mug before December 1, 2020 for Christmas delivery. 

carbe diem mug for bread lovers

Loaf Of Bread Pillow

I once ate at a restaurant that was super fancy and enjoyed- ok, devoured- a whole plate of bread I called “Pillow Bread” because it was so soft, fluffy, and light. 

While I won’t be eating there again for a very long time, I can wrap my arms around this bread pillow and dream sweet, buttery dreams until we meet again. 

Garlic Bread Phone Case

Garlic bread… mmmmm…

Show off your friend’s love of carbs with this phone case from Redbubble

garlic bread phone case bread lover gifts

Carbs! Carbs! Carbs! T-Shirt For Bread Lovers

If this speaks to you, or someone you know, then you must buy it for them. 

Look, I don’t make the rules!

Grab the Carbs! Carbs! Carbs! Tshirt here

And don’t forget to order before December 10, 2020, to ensure Christmas delivery.
carbs carbs carbs shirt gift for bread lovers


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.