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How To Build A Droid at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Droid Depot

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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is open in Disneyland and Walt Disney World. And yes, we think it is out of this world! One of the experiences we had to check out: how to build a droid at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Droid Depot. Because we wanted a little buddy to tour Batuu with- and those droid backpacks are super cute too!

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Droid Depot Outside Wall

We are so excited for Walt Disney World to get its own version of Galaxy’s Edge. 

As the Fangirls we are, we were right there on the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening day (you can check that out here if you missed it), but didn’t get a chance to do all that this land has to offer. Because honestly: those lines were crazy long!

While most people focus on the Millenium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run attraction, there are two other experiences at Galaxy’s Edge that can add to your adventures in Batuu.

Guests can build their lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop, or the one I couldn’t wait to experience, building my droid at the Droid Depot.

Inside Galaxys Edge Droid Depot making a droid

How Much Are The Droids at Droid Depot?

One of the most frequently asked questions about Droid Depot is about the price of the droids.

How much does it cost to make a droid in Galaxy’s Edge? Or how many credits, in the language of Batuu, will you be shelling out?

The complete Droid-making experience is $99.99 plus tax.

This includes the whole experience, the droid, and a cardboard carrier. 

Droid Backpack at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Sadly, there are no discounts for the experience itself (sorry, AP’s, DVC Members and Cast Members), but discounts are available for the add-on accessories. 

A credit card is required to hold the reservation, but you are not charged until you arrive at your experience.

Do You Need Reservations to Build a Droid At The Droid Depot?

Reservations can be made to build your droid, up to 180 days in advance, via My Disney Experience at Walt Disney World.

The experience is for the builder plus one guest, so make note if you have a larger party that you may need to build more than one droid. 

Additionally, one guest in each party must be 14 or older.

Inside the Droid Depot at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Walt Disney World

Warning: you can be charged the full $99.99 as a no-show fee if you miss your scheduled time. Make sure you cancel if you don’t plan on making it, to avoid that charge.

In addition to reservations, the droid depot occasionally takes walk-ups.

I have found that mornings are more crowded and less likely for walk-ups, but evenings seem to be more manageable. 

build a droid at galaxys edge

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. Want a BB or an R unit? And are their any discounts on these? #disneyworld #galaxysedge #starwars #disneyland #disneytips”>

How To Build A Droid at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Droid Depot

The droid depot is located closest to the Toy Story Land entrance to Galaxy’s Edge.

You will notice the droids outside the building helping you to locate it.

BB droids inside the Droid Depot

When you get inside you will find a shop filled with droids and parts everywhere.

Droids hang from the ceiling on a conveyor belt, traveling throughout the depot, while the center is where people are bringing their droids to life.

Once inside we checked in with a cast member who had the datapad (iPad) and made sure to stop and take a look at the walls on the left before we paid for the experience. 

droid depot parts r units

1. Pick Your Droid Unit: R Unit or BB Unit

You can choose to make either an R unit (like R2-D2) or the newer BB unit (like BB-8). All the available parts are on the two walls on the left side.

Not all color combinations are available for both styles. 

droid depot parts bb units

You will need to know which style you would like to build when you get up to the register.

After you pay, they give you a basket to collect your parts, and in the basket, there are instructions for which parts you need to get for your specific droid type.  

2. Choose Droid Parts From the Droid Conveyor Belt

You proceed to the droid conveyor belt where parts go rolling by (no pun intended), and you can pick and choose which options, comparing all the colors you need. 

I had an idea of what I wanted going in for colors, but I put two options in my basket before I made my final decision.

If you don’t see a color or option you want on the belt, ask a cast member. They were happy to assist and go find parts in the back to match.  

droid depot conveyor belt

3. Start Assembling Your Droid in the Droid Depot

Once I had all my parts in my basket, I was assigned a workstation to build my unit.

Instructions for each type of droid are right on the console.

It is a simple process for both adults and kids.

An electric screwdriver is available hanging at each station for the one set of screws needed. When you have your droid put together, you’ll call the attendant over with a click of a button!

4. Activate Your Droid

An attendant comes over to help you activate. 

You place the droid in the activation location with its remote and push the activation buttons. 

The activator lights up each stage of its programming and the droid magically comes to life. It lights up and starts moving, just like in the movies. 

It’s such a fun little moment to watch it all come together. The attendant explains some simple directions of how to use the remote with your droid, put your droid in the box and send you on your way.  

droid depot activation station

Build a Droid: Extras You May Want For Your Droid

Each droid comes with a personality of its own, but you can purchase additional personality and affiliations (First Order, Resistance, or no allegiance to either side) for $12.99. 

You can purchase additional decals and attachments for your units.

I chose to get to know the personality of my new droid, before deciding if I wanted a new one for her.  

activated droid depot droid

How The Droids Enhance Your Trip to Batuu

The droids interact with Bluetooth technology all over Batuu and also when they are near other droids they tend to get excited.

It was fun to take my droid for a walk around the land (in the carrier) and hear the interaction with the areas we were in and with other droids. 

You can’t use the droids with their remotes in the land.

The ground isn’t even- making it hard for the droids to roll or walk across. And it’s a bit too crowded!

bb droid made at Star Wars: Galaxys Edge droid depot in front of the falcon

I do recommend taking some pictures with your droid throughout the land.

My little BB-L8 even got to meet Chewbacca over by the Falcon.

Is Building a Droid At The Droid Depot Worth The Cost?

Overall, while the price tag seems steep, the experience is well worth it.

There are free things in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge as well, but I felt this was money well spent. 

It was fun to customize and bring this droid to life and have it interact within the land. 

Mine has been rolling around in my house all morning. I plan on taking it back for more interactions on another trip to Batuu.

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Thursday 5th of March 2020

Hi, do you know if I can take my droid on a ride??


Thursday 5th of March 2020

Yep! You can take them on most of the rides; I think people usually carry them in a box or backpack to do so. Definitely ask a cast member if you have questions about a specific one!

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