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Why I Love Bus Stop Halloween Costumes #BusStopCostumes

It’s almost October and if you are like me, you are clapping your hands and giddy with excitement. What’s got me so excited? It’s time for Bus Stop Halloween Costumes!

Sure, the temps are finally dropping & those leaves are changing (oh my gosh I can’t wait for the leaves changing in Virginia!).

But it’s also because Halloween is near and that comes with all kinds of possibilities.

My love of Halloween and dressing up goes back to childhood.

As a kid, my mom was the best mom. And yeah, she’s still the best mom even though I’m an adult.

But one of her “things” that lands her in the number one spot was making our costumes every year.




Oh my goodness- I die at how stinking cute this costume was! This is me back in the late 70s.

Mom created, kiddo approved.

I’m very different than my mom. I never grasped the sewing skills she tried to teach me and I am mediocre when it comes to arts and crafts time.

Hey, we all can’t be Super Grandma!

Of course, I have my own talents as a mom. And I’ll admit sometimes I go a little overboard and can be embarrassing.




It’s the kind of embarrassing that makes good stories around the Thanksgiving table in years to come, not the kind that requires years of expensive and intensive therapy.

I hope.

I do silly things like run in costume or sing as loud as I can with Justin Timberlake while the windows are rolled down.

I hope my kids see that when Mom is a little goofy and silly, it’s just Mom being Mom, and that Mom is proud of who she is.


Disney Bounding inspired by Finding Dory. Oh look, a blue shirt- I saw one pass by not too long ago. Basically me in my closet as I searched for Nemo or Dory inspired outfits. I found some running costumes too! Got a race in the future I might want to use this for. Check out these simple Dory bounding hacks.


And I hope that they realize it’s ok for them to do the same thing.

Laughing at ourselves is a good lesson to learn while you’re young.

With that in mind, I plan on showing up to the bus stop every day in October (that I’m home to meet the bus!) in a different costume.

Embarrassing? Maybe.

Fun? Absolutely.

Teaching a lesson? I sure hope so!


Easy no sew Donald Duck costume hat tutorial. Perfect for any runDisney event! Walt Disney World | Disneyland | Running Costumes | Halloween


And I’m totally borrowing this idea from a genius mom in here Virginia.

I heard this story last year and recognized it immediately as level “Expert” mom stuff.

Check it:  Julie’s been meeting her kids at the bus stop wearing costumes for four years.

It started when her son expressed concerns over what other kids might think of him, and she decided to prove that it shouldn’t matter what others think.

Julie’s message: You want to be a superhero? BE ONE.

You want to wear crazy leggings and do your hair differently than your friends? DO IT.

Who cares what others think?



You can read all about it and see some of her great costumes here. She’s amazingly creative and talented.

Her story made me think.

I like costumes.

I have kids that get off the bus.

Wouldn’t it be excellent to make the afternoon bus stop just a little more fun for everyone? And, hey, share a mom lesson in the process?

And by everyone, I clearly mean me because I’m not sure Seth will find things as amusing as I will!



But that’s kinda the point here. I hope he sees that being whoever you need to be is more important than what others think.

It’s a life lesson we could all stand to learn, right?

I participated in this last October and my kids were amused (mostly), but the other parents & bus drivers absolutely loved it!

These new folks at my Virginia bus stop are in for a bit of a surprise next month! Ha!

Of course, October turns out to be a super busy month for me and I won’t be home for about half of it. No complaints; I’ve got some great travel planned and I’m excited to experience it all!

But that means I won’t be able to dress up every day in October.


Tips to enjoy Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland. Don't be scared to dress your family up in a costume and have a spooky time!

The Evil Queen is likely to appear at the bus stop this week.


And I’m sure I’ll pull some from last year and use some old running costumes as well. Goodness knows I have a few options in my closet!

I don’t have them all planned out just yet, but I’ll be sure to update with the results as the days go on.

My BFF, LolaLambchopsplans to do the same thing for her girls- this is going to be GOOD. If anyone can bring the A game to costuming,  it’s her!

Be sure to watch Facebook and Instagram for all the fun! #BusStopCostumes

Hello, October. Let’s do this.



Patty Holliday is a Marvel loving, Disney obsessed wife, and mother of four. She’s a travel agent specializing in Disney & Universal vacations- and loves a candid confession. Find her in Virginia (or anywhere frequent flyer miles or her trusty minivan takes her.)


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