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Can You Go To Disney In the Rain? Yes- and Here’s Why You Should

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Central Florida is one of those places that gets a random shower or two pretty much year-round. The good news is that the showers don’t usually last long and move out pretty quickly. The bad news is that it can change how you manage your Walt Disney World vacation. Can You Go To Disney In the Rain? Yes- and Here’s Why You Should! (affiliate links included in this post)

Disney Balloons under the cover during a rain storm at Disney World

Balloons on Main Street taking shelter from the rain at Walt Disney World

Can You Go To Disney In the Rain? Yes- and Here’s Why You Should

People ask me all the time, what’s the weather like in Disney World? And can we go to Disney in the rain? 

You absolutely can and should go to Disney when it rains. Look, it’s likely to happen since the Walt Disney World area gets an average of 75 rainy days a year. And going to Disney World in the rain can be a fun experience if you go in with the right attitude. 

With Hurricane Dorian heading toward Florida & the East this week, I thought it was a perfect time to address all those Disney in the rain questions.

Plus: it rained on us in the Magic Kingdom- so we have the first-hand experience!

Walt Disney World in the rain

What To Do If It Rains While At Disney World?

Let’s be clear: we’re not suggesting you do anything unsafe. Heed your inner Jiminy Cricket or Jim Cantore when it comes to what you can handle at Disney when it’s raining. 

Disney World has shut down for hurricanes in the past, but they do their best to stay open as long as it is safe for both guests and staff alike. 

Here’s how you can make the most out of Disney World in the rain:

Slow down a bit at Disney in the rain.

The walkways are actually pretty good when it comes to drainage, but you can still come across pockets of puddles and slippery places.

And if you’re moving “my FastPass is Expiring NOW” levels you may wipe out. 

Consider non-ride activities.

Find a few Instagram Walls of Disney and take some pictures.

Many of these are under a lip of cover and you can stay dry and cute even when it is raining at Disney. 

Instagram walls of Disney World Tangerine Wall

Slap on a poncho and carryon!

Ponchos > Umbrellas at Disney World.

As much as I love the coverage an umbrella gives, the ponchos are the way to go when it comes to handling Disney in the rain.

And yes, you can buy them at the parks, but your wallet will be happier if you buy some off Amazon in advance.

Walt Disney World Ponchos

Low wait times mean more rides for YOU!

Check the My Disney Experience App for wait times.

And smile and enjoy those low, low waits.

We saw most rides showing 5-15 minute waits throughout the lands. 

wait time sign from Monsters Inc in Tomorrowland

Go shopping or find a snack!

This is my least preferred option because, well, everyone is doing the same thing. 

The shops and restaurants are indoors and that’s where you will find all the people! But it’s a good way to cross something off the list while you wait for the rain to slow or stop. 

churro popcorn snack

Does Rain Ruin Disney World?

Ruin? Nah, it doesn’t ruin it. Rain can’t ruin Disney World! 

It does make things a little different and means you have to make a few adjustments to your previous plans. 

Taking pictures in front of the castle? Maybe wait on that. The best shots are the ones with a sparkling Cinderella Castle in the back, not black clouds and ponchos. 

Though poncho pics can be fun, too!

disney in the rain

Do the Rides Close at Disney World When It Rains?

Some do, yeah. #WhompWhomp But it’s not the rain that causes the closures of rides at Disney- it is the lightning. 

For safety reasons, Walt Disney World will temporarily close outdoor rides when strikes are in the 10-mile radius of the parks. 

But if it’s only a bit of rain, rides will generally stay open. 

astro orbiter in the rain

The People Mover and the Astro Orbiter were both closed due to lightning.

What rides close at Magic Kingdom in the rain?

Here’s a list of common closures you will encounter if lightning is in the area t Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. 

  • Splash Mountain,
  • Big Thunder Mountain
  • Liberty Belle Riverboat
  • Astro Orbiter
  • Swiss Family Treehouse
  • Jungle Cruise
  • Magic Carpets of Aladdin
  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant
  • Tomorrowland Indy Speedway

Can you go to Disney in the rain

Does Magic Kingdom do Fireworks in the Rain?

Usually, yes!

Again, with the safety of guest and cast members as the priority concern. Disney World does try to hold the nightly fireworks even when it’s raining a little. 

Saying goodbye to Wishes at Disney World


Why Should You Go to Disney World in the Rain?

Simple: because most people won’t! And that means you’re already one jump ahead when it comes to enjoying low waits for rides, shows and even the food lines. 

If it’s raining, people tend to stay at their resorts or leave the parks early. 

Which is cool- and sometimes you get to meet characters in the hotel lobby when that happens. 

Beach Club Goofy

But let’s be honest here, Goofy at The Beach Club is not nearly as much fun as Goofy’s Barn Stormer.

So stick it out, throw on that poncho, and Disney World on!

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