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Sweet Candy Corn Quotes For Your Instagram Captions (2023)

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Fall is here, which means we’re celebrating pretty much everything orange & yellow, amirite? And that includes the best fall treat: candy corn. Does anything scream Halloween candy quite like this deliciousness? Don’t fight us on this one: candy corn rocks our world! If you’re looking for that perfect candy corn quote for your Instagram caption: we’ve got you, boo! Affiliate links are included in this post

candy corn quotes for your instagram captions

‘Tis The Season For All Things Candy Corn

While pumpkins may be the star of fall, we also have to shout out the turning leaves and our wardrobe change to greens, browns, and oranges. Gotta love a fall color palette!

And we can’t overlook the sneaky little treat that gets us every year: the candy corn bowl. You know the one.

When you see a company bold enough to proclaim: YES, WE LOVE CANDY CORN TOO! HELP YOURSELF!, you know you’ve found the right place to do business with.

We may or may not actually rank our local shopping options based on who has the best candy bowl, and the candy corn lovers get bumped to the top every time.

Who Created Candy Corn? And… More importantly, Why?

According to the History Channel, Candy Corn was created at a time when about half of the American labor force were farmers.

In the 1880s, candy companies created agricultural-themed treats (pumpkins, turnips? hmmm) to market to children year-round.

Candy Corn was created to look like chicken feed, and once you see it, you cannot deny the resemblance.

Oral histories identify the inventor of candy corn as George Renninger, an employee at Wunderle Candy Company in Philadelphia. But the current Jelly Belly Candy Company (once called Goelitz Candy Company) popularized the “chicken feed” candy.

It wasn’t until the 1950s that candy corn became a staple in Halloween trick-or-treating life.

Sweet Candy Corn Quotes For Your Instagram Captions

Alright, my basic fall friends: let’s get to the good stuff!

Here are some sweet candy corn quotes for your Insta captions. Use these sayings about candy (our FAVORITE candy!) whenever the fall mood strikes.

These are perfect if you’re showing off your new fall candy corn-inspired outfit of the day, celebrating fall, or posting about your Halloween costume!

  • Peace Love and Candy Corn
  • Is candy corn considered a vegetable?
  • Pumpkin wishes and candy corn kisses.
  • I’m very popular this time of year.
  • Feed me candy corn and tell me I’m pretty. – candy corn quotes for Instagram captions
  • I’m just here for the candy.
  • Beware of candy corn! -candy quotes
  • It’s all about the candy.
  • Keep calm and eat candy corn
  • Will trade brother (or sister) for candy corn.
  • I’ve eaten so much candy corn that I’ve turned into it.
  • I love you more than candy corn.
  • You’re so corny. -candy quotes

More Candy Corn Quotes

  • Sweet and corny!
  • We elves try to stick to the four main food groups candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup. –Buddy the Elf quotes
  • I don’t always eat my vegetables but when I do it’s always candy corn.
  • Everyone here knows that Halloween was invented by the candy companies. It’s a conspiracy. – Max in Hocus Pocus
  • Candy corn has always been my favorite vegetable.
  • It’s ok, candy corn doesn’t like YOU either! – candy corn quotes for Instagram captions
  • Candy Corn Queen
  • Oh Me So Corny
  • Candy Corn doesn’t care what you think. -candy quotes
  • Witch better have my candy corn!
  • Candy Corn Cutie – candy corn quotes for Instagram captions
Sweet Candy Corn Quotes. Candy sayings for the Halloween Holiday treat!

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