Captain America: Civil War Family Activities

Captain America: Civil War comes to BluRay DVD next week- September 13!

You know my family has some serious movie night plans leading up to this one.


I’ve been checking out Pinterest for some great ideas.

This would satisfy all sides in a sweet way!

And an extra little something for momma after a long day.

This looks amazing!

Here are some fun family activities that we will include leading up to the big event.

We are a split family here. There’s Team Cap (me, of course!) and Team Iron Man (my daughter and sons).

So the Family Accords are going to be signed.


Click the image to get your family on the same page!

And since I am #TeamCap, well, I can’t resist creating my very own Captain America.

What? This is totally normal behavior for a 42-year-old woman.

Okay, so your kids may appreciate it more, but as for me and my office wall, we will celebrate with a huge Captain America greeting me hello every day!

Click here for instructions for you own Super-Size Captain America.

Click here for instructions for you own Super-Size Captain America.

Oh yes- this IS happening, y’all!

So which team are you: Team Cap or Team Iron Man?

It's time: Captain America: Civil War is coming to Blu-Ray on Sept 13. Marvel & Chris Evans on my home TV? YES PLEASE! Fun Family Activities to get us all excited for this release.


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