Shenanigans Killer Avocado Dip

This ish is the BOMB, y’all. Shenanigans Killer Avocado Dip is a family and personal favorite. I’m channeling my inner Joey for this one. Avocados: good. Onions: good. Beans: good. Corn: good. Easy:  gooooood. I’ve made this recipe so many times for so many events and gatherings; I figured it was time to make it […]

3 Step Road Trip Tip: Cooler Prep

It’s time to take off again! The annual summer road trip begins on Saturday as we load up and head out to Florida. Road trips are great, in my opinion; here is my favorite road trip tip. Much to my kids chagrin, we are a road tripping family. When there are 6 of you, finances […]

Banana Protein Recovery Waffle Recipe

Summer is wrapping up and my goals of working out and eating right are also wrapping up. Wrapping up in a 6-pound weight gain and low energy, all of which I know are diet/workout related. Bah. Not exactly what I had in mind! Kids have joined me at the gym recently and it’s fun to […]

Easy Fourth Of July Recipes For a Sweet Celebration

The Fourth of July is going to be big in our house this year. We’ve got a full weekend full of patriotic and, yes, slightly nerdy, plans that will roll us right into our first Washington, DC 4th of July. I can’t wait! My wanna-be-chef, Claire, is hoping we can squeeze in some time to make […]

Give the Gift of Cheerios

This post is sponsored by Cheerios at Walmart. Thanks for allowing me to share the gift of Cheerios. I know I’ve told you this before, but I’m an awful gift giver. This is just not one of my natural talents and pretty much everyone who knows me will agree: I suck. I will take any […]

5 Ways To Eat Leftover Ham | Recipes

After church, after a wonderful afternoon touring DC, and after a fabulous ham dinner made by my mother, I realized I had a small problem. Well, a BIG problem actually. We had a ton of leftover ham from our Easter meal. And my mom was leaving on Tuesday. Which means I’d be left alone with […]

Easy Baked Chicken Parm | Barilla Better For You

This delicious post is sponsored by Barilla & Walmart: It’s Better for You.  As a mom and a runner, I am super familiar with the love of pasta. I mean, carbo loading rocks. My roommates at Disneyland races know about my top secret (not really, it’s Marri’s) Italian food restaurant with the of chicken parm. […]

Easter Peeps Rice Krispy Snacks

I made these Easter Peeps rice krispy snacks because my daughter made me. Since it’s almost Easter, I was feeling my annual pull to be crafty and inspired. Kids + Easter + Pinterest = Shenanigans trying to new things. Claire is almost 12 and has access to Pinterest. And no, I don’t know what the age […]

Rainbow Sherbert St. Patrick’s Day Punch

I love easy recipes and projects. Things don’t get much easier than this Rainbow Sherbert St. Patrick’s Day Punch. Truth be told, you can make this for just about any occasion! Kids (old and young) love it. So, sure. Sometimes I complain about all the over the top celebrations concerning some of the minor holidays out […]

Valentine’s Day Sweet Ideas

February is one of my favorite months. It kicks off a lot of great dates in my life: my son’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, Princess Half Marathon Weekend, and my birthday. Celebrations galore! If Valentine’s celebrations are on your radar and you are looking for some clever ideas on where to go, what to eat, or […]