Changes to Disneyland Races for 2017


Heads up, runDisney fans!

If you thought waking up for races were tough before, they just got a little bit harder.

runDisney just updated the race start times for all races at the Disneyland Half & Super Heroes weekends.

ALL races, 5K, 10K  and Half Marathons, will be starting at 5 am.


This IS a change from previous races, so please be sure to make note of the earlier start time.

No one wants to miss out on a race they trained, traveled and paid for, amirite?!

Pros: you’ll run without the sun a bit longer, which is helpful during the Disneyland Half especially.

And you’ll get to the parks just that much sooner, which is helpful to refuel your rungry bodies with a beignet or two.

And here’s the most shocking part of this post:

No reason was given for the change at this time.

Oh there’s a big surprise! -Iago




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