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As Cheap as I May Be, First Class is Looking Good

This was my first post when I started blogging in 2009. It’s been recently republished- welcome to 2009 Shenanigans. 




I have no idea how much of this is photo-shopped and how much is real. But daaammmmnnnnn.

I am thinking the extra scratch to get on raft might have paid off.

This entire event was incredible to me. I rarely fly anymore- we moved to Texas and all our family lives within driving distance now, so the need is just not there. But things like this make one worry a bit about the competence of the industry.

How can a couple of birds make the plane go down… and what the heck happened the week before on the same flight? Looking forward to the answers that might come forth… but not holding my breath for any real revelations.

The pilot is being hailed a hero, much to his chagrin.

Have you seen this guy on TV? He’s adorable.

I believe he was the right man at the right time and put in that plane for a reason. I do have to laugh a little when I heard the report that he left his library book on the plane, and called the Danville library to ask for an extension on the due date.

Old school. Class. I love Sully. (Library waived the fees, and replaced the book with their compliments to Sully.)

What do you do when on a plane going down? Scramble out a quick letter to your family? Hold on tight screaming “Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit?” Lean over and kiss the hottie seated next to you, just in case you don’t make it and you want to go out on a high note? Prayers- whatever pops into your head, like repeating the Hail Mary’s from your First Communion, even though you aren’t Catholic anymore?

I don’t know. Just putting it out there. What would you be thinking if you really thought you were going to die?

Probably not the popular answer, but I think I would actually be smiling. Not because I have a death wish, but because I believe where we go after this world is vastly better. And I would be with Jacob again.

I can wait- I really can and am not in any rush. But the dual hope of Jesus and Jacob in my sight certainly does make me smile.

But what do I know? I have never been in that position, so my reaction at the time of uncertainty may be very different than what I can say now, in the safety of my computer chair. I do think I would be asking for whatever was going to happen to be quick and painless. Pretty sure a few prayers would be coming out too.

And after seeing this picture I might even be craning my neck a little looking for any openings in first class that I could scoot into before assuming crash positions.

I mean, are they really going to ask for my ticket at a time like this? I think not.

I am Calling Shenanigans.


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