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Cheers! Super Bowl 58 Drinking Game Rules (2024)

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The Chiefs vs the 49ers. Mahomes vs Purdy. Things are about to get real exciting in Las Vegas real soon! If you are of legal drinking age, and are thinking, hey, this sounds like a good drinking game- you’d be right. Here are the Super Bowl 58 Drinking Game Rules for 2024. Don’t forget to peep the Emily in Paris drinking game, the Hamilton Drinking Game and the Bridgerton Drinking game as well.

Super bowl 58 drinking game rules

Super Bowl 58 Drinking Game

Grab a beverage, and let’s start playing. 

But first: there are some Super Bowl 58 Drinking Game Rules you’ve got to follow.

Rules of the Super Bowl 58 Drinking Game


That basically means you’ll want to limit this game to one beer or mixed drink per quarter. I know, groan, but alcohol poisoning is definitely not the Super Bowl memory you want.

super bowl drinking game rules- taylor swift map with kc vs sf

Do not binge both alcohol and field goals together. That is not a good look, y’all. 

Seriously- I care, and the EMS does not need to be called on your booty, so be smart here. 

Also: this game is NOT for kids. So make sure there are people watching the young ones while you take your drinking and football game enjoyment to the next level.

You can start playing with the pre-Super Bowl shows, but if you do that, you may not make it to the 4th quarter.

Here we go with the Super Bowl 58 drinking game rules!

Super Bowl 58 Drinking Game Rules.

Go Ahead and Take a Sip…

  • When the announcers mention 14-time Grammy Award winner Taylor Swift
  • When Brock Purdy is called Mr. Irrelevant
  • Every time the announcers call Patrick Mahomes the GOAT and compare him to Brady, take a sip
  • If tight ends Geoge Kittle OR Travis Kelce score touchdowns
  • When Kristin Juszczyk is shown wearing a custom 49ers design
  • Isiah Pacheco’s running style is mentioned (mad at the ground, like a toddler, etc.)
  • When the announcers mention Reba McEntire having a crush on Travis Kelce
  • If a Super Bowl commercial makes you cry, take a sip
  • When the cameras show a TikTok celebrity that you don’t know, shrug your shoulders, admit you’re old AF, and take a sip
  • When Chris Jones is shown crying during the National Anthem
  • When Ed and Christian McCaffrey are mentioned as potential father/son Super Bowl winners on the same team, take a big sip
2024 super bowl memes

Take a Shot When…

  • Either team completes a tush push or QB sneak AND Jason Kelce/The Eagles are mentioned
  • When a sack is made on either QB
  • If Swag Surf comes on, take a shot because that means the game is over and the Chiefs are winning
  • During the Usher performance, if either Beyonce or Justin Beiber shows up on stage, take a shot
  • If a kicker misses a field goal under 45 yards, it’s time to drink
  • When the MVP says, I’m going to Disneyland!
  • Brock Purdy’s salary is mentioned
  • Take a shot when a Brad or Chad decides to mention how Taylor Swift is ruining football… by doing nothing but watching the game, same as you.
travis kelce heart hands

Finish Your Drink When…

  • The defense scores a touchdown (Go Big Men, GOOOO!)
  • An interception is thrown in the red zone
  • When the Refs blow a call that decides the game
  • Taylor Swift is seen on the field kissing Travis Kelce
  • Jason Kelce appears shirtless
  • If your Super Bowl guests leave the room during the game but run back to watch the commercials, Taylor Swift content, and the halftime show… you’ve found good people to party with!
2024 super bowl memes. SF vs KC bad blood. Super Bowl 58 Drinking Game rules

Remember to drink responsibly and have plenty of non-alcoholic options available for those who prefer not to partake.

Enjoy the game and may the best team win!

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