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(2023) Christmas Gift List For Your College Guys For Last-Minute Mommas

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Need last-minute gifts? We’ve got you, last-minute moms (and dads!). Here’s a Christmas gift list for your college guys: things he needs AND wants while away at school for his dorm room or college apartment. Affiliate links are included in this post.

Christmas Gifts For Your College Guy

Home For The Holidays

It’s that time of year that we all love: our grown and flown college kids coming back for the holiday season.

Also: probably come back for some homecooked meals and free laundry service.

And as parents, we love every second of it!

If you’ve put off finalizing those gifts for the oldest of your teens, we’ve got you covered.

Most of these items can be found on Amazon Prime (affiliate links included) so you can get that sweet, sweet Prime 2-day shipping. But hurry: you know the calendar is quickly ticking by.

Here’s our last-minute Christmas gift list for your college guy that we know she’ll love!

Christmas Gift List For Your College Guys

The best gifts are ones she can use and won’t buy for himself.

Maybe because he can’t afford it, or maybe because it’s just a little too much of a luxury for a young man.

The best Christmas gifts come from the heart: but we also know what college kids actually need and want.

  • Gift cards to his favorite splurge: X-Box video games, AMC theaters, Starbucks, etc. You get the idea! It’s a great way for kids to know that it’s ok to treat yo self after a long week of studying- with a little help from mom or dad. This on the most requested fun gifts list.
  • New Phone Case. These always need to be replaced and this is a simple but great option. We think it’s one of the easiest great Christmas gifts you can score, especially if you made an investment in new cell phones this year.
  • Apple Watch. We resisted the smartwatch for a long time for our teens. But college is a different world altogether. Apple Watches can help keep him on schedule, even when that schedule is hectic. And monitor his physical activity and heart rate to boot! Plus they’re an awesome way for their college friends (and you!) to keep in touch with them. Christmas gift list for your college guys: this is a BIG gift.
  • New Water Bottle. Because let’s be honest: since you’re not cleaning it consistently for him, he may be forgetting. And that sucker may just be ready for a replacement. This is a pretty easy but also great gift idea for him and even his roommate if you want to send him home with a bonus gift. Maybe different styles and different sizes so they have options to hydrate on the go.
reusable water bottles christmas gifts for college guys
  • Face Mask. Look, we know it’s not cool and no one is really wearing them anymore. However, having a small stash on hand just in case a roommate gets sick is a good idea. Order a box and suggest your young adults keep them handy- just in case. It’s a practical gift, for sure.
  • Portable Charger and Charging Chords. The perfect stocking stuffer. These go on every Christmas list, every year at our house. They don’t last, they get left somewhere random on these college campuses, and cell phone use is strong among young men (obvi). So go ahead and grab another to send them back to school with- even if it’s just as a backup. Multiple USB ports to charge additional items at the same time are a bonus.
  • Card Games. An easy way to get the guys together is a poker night. So we added cards and card games to the gift guide.
playing cards. christmas gifts for college guys
  • A Duffel Bag or Carryon Suitcase. Kids probably don’t think about these things, but they will travel a bit more than they used to. Help them pack up for those special occasions home with these thoughtful gift ideas.
  • Essential Oil Diffuser. Finals, midterms, roommates, relationships… lavender take me away! Sometimes a little essential oil action is just what your guy needs for relaxation. And you can find diffusers in different colors. They have manly versions that make good gifts, roo. They can also make small spaces smell heavenly as well as be a useful gift. Just make sure the college dorms don’t have a policy against using them.
  • Plane Tickets. While you may really want them to come see YOU, sometimes they really just need to visit that best friend across the country. Let them take a break from school work one weekend and give them the gift of seeing the BFF. Yes, it’s an extra cost of college, but we’ve all been there: time with the bestie is priceless and can be the perfect Christmas gift.
sunset on an airplane
  • Apple Airpods (or knockoffs). Along with the chargers, we feel like these are constantly being lost! With many teen guys taking online classes, air pods are a necessity and make the perfect gift idea. Make sure you check reviews and find a high quality set with decent battery life. These need to go on your Christmas gift list for your college guys.
  • Extra Dining Hall Credits. Have you checked the balance over there yet? Make sure he’s able to get what he needs when he needs it- and consider adding some credits to his balance.Food is always a great idea for your young adult to fuel those late-night study sessions.
  • Credit Cards. We hesitate to add this to the list for good reason. Credit cards in college can be dangerous. But in this credit score lead world, it’s important to get a start on building a credit history. Adding them as authorized user could be a good first step and letting them know their allowed credit limit will end up being a popular gift this year.
  • Alarm Clock. We know, we know: what is this, the 90s? No. But if your college boys have a tough time getting up in the morning for class, especially after late nights, maybe a backup alarm clock could help her get out of the house a little better.
list of christmas gifts for your college guy

We hope you found at least one great Christmas gift idea here to make Christmas morning easier for you.

And just remember: the best part is having them home for a bit, the special gift is the gift of being together.

Share this Christmas Gift List For Your College Guys with family or friends who also need that last-minute gift!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you and yours.

list of christmas ideas for your college guys

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