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Christmas Love Poems For 2022 (Christmas Is For Romantics!)

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Merry Christmas to one and all! Especially the couples out there. Feeling the love this year? Same. It’s the Christmas tree twinkling in your partner’s eyes on Christmas Day that just makes this time of year extra lovey. Looking for some romantic Christmas poetry to share with the one you adore? We’ve got a list of Christmas love poems for 2022.

It's the Christmas tree twinkling in your partner's eyes on Christmas Day that just makes this time of year extra lovey. Looking for some romantic Christmas poetry to share with the one you adore? We've got a list of Christmas love poems for 2022.

Set The Scene With Romantic Poetry This Christmas

Picture it: Christmas carols playing in the background, Santa Claus presents stacked up under the tree on Christmas eve, and your true love beside you.

It’s a festive season during a bleak midwinter, that’s for sure!

Look, you don’t have to BE Henry Wadsworth Longfellow to appreciate a famous poem at Christmas time.

But starting with a list of Christmas love poems will help kick off your holidays right.

If you want to share some Christmas joy with holiday poems, check out this list of Romantic Christmas poems for the Christmas season.

funny christmas love poems. Santa might get cookies but you get nookie.
Funny Christmas love poems for romantics.

Christmas Love Poems For 2022

Christmas Wish

Why would I make a Christmas Wish?
And hope that it would come true,
What on earth could I ever wish for?
That would be a tenth as good as you.

With Love On Christmas Day

I really want to tell you
Just how precious you are to me,
My every thought of you is as loving as can be
My heart is totally filled with things
That words alone can’t say,
This comes especially for you
With love on Christmas Day.

Romantic Christmas Gift

What do we love about Christmas;
Does our delight come from things?
Or are the feelings of love in our hearts
The real gift Christmas brings?

instagram christmas love poems
Christmas love poems

Good Time For Bliss

The mistletoe calls us,
I long for your kiss.
Please come over here,
And lay on the bliss.

More Christmas Love Poems

Best Things This Festive Season

It has taken the festive season
To give me the perfect reason
To hold this sprig of mistletoe
And kiss you softly in the snow

Happy Christmas My Love

A snowman has eyes of coal and a carrot nose
An angel has a halo and fluffy white wings.
But I have you
and everyone knows,
I wouldn’t change a thing

Best Gifts: Present For You

The gifts are wrapped,
The tree and decorations are a delight,
Meet me under the mistletoe,
And get a big present tonight!

My Goose Was Cooked (Funny Christmas Poems)

On Christmas morning
Into the kitchen I snook        
And as my partner cooked the goose
I goosed the cook

Jingle Bell Wishes

Hugs and passionate kisses
Bring on the jingle bell wishes!

Christmas Desire

Long to hold you under the twinkling lights
lying beside the crackling fire.
Hurry and be home for Christmas,
And fulfill my every desire.

Adore You This Holiday Season

My eyes can’t deny love that is true
I see that love clearly when I look at you.
For Christmas, I couldn’t want anything more.
There is no one else that I adore.

christmas love poems- romantic christmas poetry
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Kris Kringle Has That Jingle

Kris Kringle has that jingle
But you, my one true love,
Make me tingle.

Christmas Love Poems: Christmas Traditions

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
For my present this year,
All I want is special time with you!

Christmas Cookies And Nookie

Santa might get cookies
But you get nookie.

Special Christmas For a Special Person

You’re sweeter than cocoa
Hotter than spice.
Come over here
And I’ll make everything nice.

Spicy Christmas- Perfect Poem

You’re a little bit naughty
And a little bit nice,
When you kiss me,
the holiday has spice!

Christmas love poems in 2022

Where To Use These Romantic Christmas Love Poems

In-person is always good! Picture saying some of these lines on a cold winter night in front of a roaring fire.

But there are tons of places where romantic Christmas poetry is appropriate.

Instead of quoting familiar carols on social media this year, share your growing love of your partner with Christmas love poems for Instagram captions this year.

You can also use these as a Christmas card verse; there’s no single place to share romantic Christmas poetry!

One thought: you could use one of these modern poems and create a 12 Days Of Christmas for your spouse.

Starting on the first day of Christmas, you can share something in a note every day from this collection of Christmas poems.

On the eve of Christmas, you share that final, special romantic note.

Hashtag SWOON. Better than a partridge in a pear tree!

Whatever you decide to do on your day of love, we hope a romantic poem or two helps create Christmas memories this year.

Christmas love poems for 2022

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