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Clever Back To School PTO Ideas Parents Will Love

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It’s back-to-school time all across the country, and this year feels a little different. After a weird couple of school years, here’s hoping that 2022-2023 is back to normal. And that means the PTO/PTA has a lot on their plate! Here are some clever Back-To-School PTO ideas that parents (and kids!) will love to see.

back to school pto ideas

Back-To-School Is NOW

Summer is wrapping up and many schools are starting the sprint back to school.

PTO and PTAs are heading into the new year with excitement and vigor, and as parents, we love to see and support it.

THANK YOU, to all the PTO/PTAs out there!

We put together a few clever back-to-school PTO ideas that parents and kids will love to see!

welcome back schools kids

1. Back To School Yard Cards And Yard Signs

If you’re welcoming the kiddos and teachers back to campus, say it in a BIG way!

Back-to-school yard signs and yard cards are fabulous ways to celebrate the new year in a fun way.

The photo op can be spotted from even the farthest minivan in the car line and is sure to be a hit with your families this year.

Consider putting one up for teachers when they come back and another one just for the students.

back to school yard signs springfield va

You can find a yard card company near you through this National Yard Card Directory.

If you need a back-to-school yard card, Northern Virginia Yard Signs can be ordered through No-Guilt Yard Cards in Springfield, VA.

Many yard sign companies offer bundles for teacher appreciation or graduation yard cards as well.

back to school ideas for PTA or PTO

2. Back-To-School PTO Ideas: Measure The Year

Parents and kids LOVE a good photo op at school, and this clever idea comes from a PTO in Central Florida.

One talented parent (you know the one!) can create a lifesize yardstick that can be set in the school lobby at the beginning and at the end of the year.

This one was made with wood, but you could do the same thing with poster paints and butcher paper or a vinyl banner.

clever back to school ideas pto

A super adorable way to track just how far the kids have come in a year, all sponsored by the PTA.

3. Host a Teacher & Staff Donuts And Coffee Break For Back-To-School

Partner with a local donut and coffee shop to bring a little something to your teachers and staff on the first day.

They probably DONUT KNOW just how excited the PTA/PTO is about the new year, so be sure to kick it off right with a little love!

donut know back to school idea

Download this flyer by clicking here, and add it to a staff-wide email with the details of your event.

Be sure to let everyone know that they can skip breakfast on that first day because the PTA has it handled!

4. Social Media Content: Back-To-School PTO Ideas

Most parents are using social media like Facebook and Instagram to get their news from schools these days. It’s also a great way to foster community and drive membership to your PTO.

And if you happen to have a Tik-Tok expert on your PTA, you are going to reach the students as well!

Here are 5 ideas to share on social media through your PTA/PTO accounts.

  • Unlock The Year! Share a short video showing how your locks work for the school lockers. This can really help kids with anxiety by giving them a visual to refer to and a step by step practice guide.
  • Start A First Day Hashtag. If your school or district doesn’t already have one, start one for the 2022-2023 school year. Something short but specific to your school such as #BackToClass2022 or #EaglesInTheHouse22
  • Storytime With A Teacher. Schedule a lunchtime story with a teacher each day of the week. Have them record a short video reading a book in their classroom and share it on the school social accounts. Invite kids to have a snack and meet a teacher! (Be sure to confirm with the author that there are no issues sharing in this manner!)
  • Introduce Important Staff Members. Kids and parents would love to see the faces of their admins, bus drivers, lunch helpers, and front office staff. Don’t forget to give them a shoutout on your social media before the new year kicks off!
meet the bus driver back to school ideas

Hopefully, these back-to-school PTO ideas will help kick off your 2022-2023 school year in a BIG way!

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