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Clever Mother’s Day Gifts For A Weird 2022

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Being a mom myself, I appreciate clever Mother’s Day gifts that go beyond the “self-care” and “pamper yourself” idea. Yes, we all need that. But as a mom, I really just want to know my family gets me and appreciates me! And I know I’m not alone. Husbands, wives, partners, adult kids: if you’re looking for clever Mother’s Day gifts and ideas this year, check out this list. May 8, 2022, will be here before you know it! Affiliate links are included in this post.

clever gifts for mothers day 2021 for the best mom

Don’t Forget Mom This Mother’s Day!

Let’s be honest: moms do a lot for the family.

And if yours is like mine (practically a saint!) then you know she deserves all the reminders that you love her year-round.

But particularly don’t be THAT KID and forget Mother’s Day.

call mom mother's day gift ideas

So go ahead and write it on the calendar in red, make a notification on your phone, and leave a post-it somewhere you won’t miss it: CALL MOM ON MAY 8th!

Cool? Cool Cool Cool.

But if you want to go above and beyond, let’s check out some clever gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2022, which is one weird and wild year already.

Mother’s Day Gifts: Order A Mother’s Day Yard Card

Yard Cards are a great way to celebrate all kinds of things.

Yard cards are messages spelled out in the front yard for the neighbors to see!

Your yard card rental company will deliver and pick up the cards – all hassle-free.

Birthdays, Graduations, Retirements, Anniversaries, Just Because… I mean, the possibilities for putting a sign in the yard of someone you love are endless.

And Mom will definitely appreciate you showing the entire neighborhood that she raised her kid right & that you did NOT forget to send her a card. Ahem.

gifts for mothers day yard cards

If you need a yard card, check out this National Yard Card Directory to see if there’s someone in your area. But I have a few suggestions if you happen to live in:

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Etsy Options

I think Mother’s Day is what Etsy was created for.

Here you can find all kinds of personalized and well-crafted gifts that will scream “I LOVE YOU, MOM!”

But be warned: many sellers are at the mercy of outside vendors and shipping companies to fullfill requests.

So order early from Etsy to ensure your mom will not be forgotten.

Got a Disney mom? Check out Magical Mimosas for adorable and clever Mother’s Day gifts.

If you’ve got a Schitt’s Creek or pop culture-loving mom, I could buy everything in this shop!

Especially these David and Moira Fold In The Cheese spatulas.

If you know, you know!

My Favorite Mother’s Day Gift: What I Love About Mom Book

My husband is an excellent gift giver.

And last year, he bought these books from Amazon and handed them to each of my kids.

Their tasks? To tell me exactly what they think about me.

love about mom mothers day gift ideas

And I absolutely ADORED each and every response.

They were at times sweet, at times hilarious, and at times cringey (hey, no mom is perfect!) but they captured each of them to perfection.

So buy this book and fill it out to make your mom smile with this clever Mother’s Day Gift.

And ps- try not to annoy your own kids *too* much cause… well, #momlife could just as easily be applied to Dads!

mom book mother's day gifts

Sharing is caring!

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