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Closest Disneyland Airports

Flying to Disneyland is an adventure in itself! When heading to the Los Angeles area, you will find quite a few options show up on your travel search. Which are the closest Disneyland airports? I’ve got your list of airports near Disneyland for you. 


Today I was contacted by no less than four Walt Disney World “vets” who are planning their first trips to Walt’s original park, Disneyland.

To say I’m excited for them is an understatement!

I mean, they get to see these guys and ride Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout!


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My opinion: any Disney fan who loves Walt Disney World with all their pixie dusted hearts should try to take a trip to the homeland.

With the Disney California Adventure’s Food and Wine Festival just around the corner, there is no better time to get planning! And don’t for a second miss out on all the fun at Disneyland’s Pixar Fest this summer either. And of course… Halloween Time at Disneyland is pretty amazing as well. Oh wait- and Disneyland at Christmas too!

Alright- so there’s pretty much no bad time to go to Disneyland. You caught me. So let’s get you there!


Closest Disneyland Airports


One of the first questions people ask is which is the best airport to fly into when planning our trip.

By my count, you have five decent airport choices when you travel to Southern California to visit Disneyland:



The Best Airports to Travel to Disneyland. The best airports to use when flying to Anaheim for a Disneyland visit. LAX | SNA | Travel

Airports Near Disneyland

You have choices! I have my favorites and have noted those as well for your travels.


Closest Disneyland Airports: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

This is going to get complicated.

This option is 33 miles away from Disneyland.  While not your farthest choice, it is straight through Orange County traffic, mind you.


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So that is a big negative to me.


It can offer the most direct flight options from folks flying in from the East coast.  And a direct flight across the country may be worth the extra traffic time in the end.

I’ve also had friends fly from North Carolina to LAX for about $210 ROUND TRIP.  That’s a bargain these days, and I’d have a hard time passing over that kind of savings.


Going to Disneyland for the first time? You might want to know what airport you should choose. There are a bunch to pick from for your vacation travels. Here's a rundown to help you decide and some tips based on traffic you may need.


Closest Disneyland Airports: Orange County/John Wayne Airport (SNA)

This one is my preferred airport.  The Orange County/John Wayne airport is only about 14 miles from Disneyland, and Southwest gets me safely in and out on time.

Even better than the smooth flights: I’ve had great luck in getting from plane to park in 30 minutes or less.  True story- give or take 5 minutes.

It’s a much smaller airport than LAX, and that’s a plus in my opinion.  Fewer people, less traffic.


Going to Disneyland for the first time? You might want to know what airport you should choose. There are a bunch to pick from for your vacation travels. Here's a rundown to help you decide and some tips based on traffic you may need.


There’s one thing to know about SNA: it has a noise abatement procedure in place.  It’s super complicated, but the gist of it is that flights will cut back on power during take-off (yes- during!  It’s perfectly safe, though).  And flights cannot take off after 10 p.m.


Closest Disneyland Airports: Long Beach Aiport (LGB)

This one is home to Jet Blue, which is my 2nd favorite airline to fly.

It’s about 23 miles to Disneyland and isn’t a bad second option, in my opinion.

But if SNA is small, this airport is tiny.  A total throwback or vintage terminal you might say.  Ever enter a plane from the steps that are rolled out to the aircraft?  Yup.  That’s how things roll in LGB.


Going to Disneyland for the first time? You might want to know what airport you should choose. There are a bunch to pick from for your vacation travels. Here's a rundown to help you decide and some tips based on traffic you may need.


These three airports are your most likely bets when you look for fares to Disneyland.


Closest Disneyland Airports: Bob Hope and LA/Ontario Airports

Your other options include flying into the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank (BUR) which is about 41 miles away or the LA/Ontario International Airport (ONT) which is about 35 miles away.

These are the two farthest options.

I went from Disneyland to Bob Hope and it took me just over an hour and 20 minutes. I think I got lucky with traffic!

If the right combination of cost and timing worked out, they would certainly be in the mix! I know plenty of travelers to the LA/Disneyland area fly through these airports.

If you need help planning your Disneyland vacation, let me know. I’m a Disney Travel Agent (and Disney addict!) and can help your trip be one you’ll never forget! Shoot me an email at

Which airport near Disneyland is your preferred option?

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Patty Holliday is a Marvel loving, Disney obsessed wife, and mother of four. She’s a travel agent specializing in Disney & Universal vacations- and loves a candid confession. Find her in Virginia (or anywhere frequent flyer miles or her trusty minivan takes her.)


  • Katherine P says:

    While SNA is also my top pick, Ontario (ONT) is another great choice! We flew in and out of ONT for our 2015 Disneyland Half trip and while it’s a bit further out (about an hour from Disneyland, same as LAX), it’s not driving in the worst of the LA traffic since it’s further NE than DIsneyland. The airport is really small and you can get some good deals there too! My boyfriend who grew up in the SF Bay Area says it’s where most the class trips to Disneyland went in and out of since it is smaller and easier to manage. Hope this gives readers another option!

  • Kristie says:

    It’s all about what time you’re flying in. Evening flights into SNA could mean over hour from airport to hotel because of local traffic, where a LAX flight at same time would be 45 minute because the 5 south is clear. Ontario can take well over two hours in commuting traffic, but isn’t bad mid-day where it takes around 40. Morning flyers should skip LAX for sure unless you’re planning to do something in Santa Monica. We made LAX to Hotel in 38 minutes yesterday around noon. No traffic at all. It also help to know the freeway system so you can bypass the juggernauts.

  • I think I have flew into all of these airports. Either going to Disneyland or somewhere else in California. I find that Lax is easier to fly into, because there are more flight options there. When you start flying into smaller airports there are less options and usually more expensive.

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