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That Time I Scored a Disneyland Club 33 Invite!

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I got some AWESOME Pixie Dust today!


Club 33 in Disneyland

Taken at a much later visit to Club 33. Yes, I was blessed enough to get more than one visit!


An amazing friend has been invited to Club 33 after the Tinkerbell Half marathon. And she asked little ol’ ME to tag along! So it’s second-hand pixie dust- which I think makes it more special since it’s been passed along by more special people. 

Or something like that.  Either way… it’s COOL. 

I am beyond excited. 
Once in a lifetime opportunity. Super Awesome.
Club 33 is the private club located inside Disneyland park. It’s exclusive and invitations are elusive- unless you have the BIG $$$ to buy a membership (and patience to hang out on the wait list for entry!) or a friend with the BIG $$$— you aren’t getting in.  
I don’t mean to be all braggy or anything- I certainly didn’t do anything to earn this or deserve it.  Just very blessed and beyond touched that a friend online decided to include me in her special day.  

I have so much to look forward to when I make the return to Disneyland in January now.  I can’t wait to tour Walt’s park again, with fresh eyes and a full heart.  


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Sharing is caring!

Amy Albers

Thursday 29th of November 2012

Woo - woo! Take lots of pictures and let us know!

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