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Meet the Deavors Siblings in Incredibles 2 | #Incredibles2Event

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Incredibles 2 is in theaters now- and with it are new Incredible characters! Meet the Deavors siblings, Evelyn and Winston. Rich, smart, and big fans of the Supers, these two help bring the Parr family back into action. We interviewed the voices of the Deavors, Bob Odenkirk and?Catherine Keener in LA last week as part of the #Incredibles2Event.


OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS ? In ?Incredibles 2,? siblings Winston and Evelyn Deavor are huge fans of the Supers and?start?a campaign to improve their public image and ultimately bring them back. Featuring the voices of Catherine Keener as the brilliant?and?laid-back Evelyn Deavor, and Bob Odenkirk as the ultra-wealthy and savvy Winston Deavor, ?Incredibles 2? opens in U.S. theaters on June 15, 2018. ?2018 Disney?Pixar. All Rights Reserved.


Disney Pixar invited me to LA to cover the Incredibles 2 event and paid for my travel & lodging.

Since April I’ve been sharing all the Pixar Incredibles 2 Event scoop to get everyone excited and ready for the Incredibles sequel. That movie, Incredibles 2, opened to box office smashing numbers last weekend- I hope you contributed! If not, get your Incredibles 2 movie tickets on Fandango and head out this weekend.

You don’t want to miss the Deavors siblings, Winston and Evelyn, who are new to the Incredibles franchise. We sat down with??Bob Odenkirk (voice of ?Winston Deavor?) & Catherine Keener (?Evelyn Deavor?) a few weeks ago to talk about their roles in Incredibles 2 and working with Pixar. I mean, working with Brad Bird (because he was the big draw!).


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Meet the Deavors Siblings in Incredibles 2

When the Parr family has a bit of a setback, opportunity comes along in the form of siblings Winston and Evelyn Deavor. Evelyn is brilliant and chill, Winston is wealthy and a huge Supers fan. Together they offer the opportunity of a lifetime to our favorite family of superheroes: to get back in action!



As Catherine?Keener (Evelyn Deavor) walked into the room and saw all the women bloggers waiting for her, she was all smiles!

I don’t think we were quite what she was expecting, but it felt like a good thing as she quickly sat down and started the interview with us. Bob joined just a few minutes later.


Catherine Keener, Evelyn Deavor in Incrediibles 2 Interview

Photo: Louise Bishop,


Getting the Call From Pixar

She went ahead and started the interview without him, which was fun for us to have a moment with her one on one! But Bob jumped in around the time we got the details on the call and he chimed in as well.

The first question was about getting the call from Pixar. How did she react to being cast as Evelyn Deavor?

Catherine Keener:?”It wasn?t Pixar, by the way. It was Brad Bird.?I got a call from my agent and she said that Brad Bird wants to call me. ?Cause we talked all day yesterday about how the reason we wanted –”

Bob Odenkirk: “Yeah, all we did was praise Brad, because that?s the reason — yeah.”


Bob Odenkirk (voice of ?Winston Deavor?) & Catherine Keener (?Evelyn Deavor?) in Incredibles 2

Photo: Louise Bishop,


[tweetshare tweet=”Everyone says you’re in a Pixar movie. Can you believe it? No, but I?m in a BRAD BIRD movie. That?s what?s blowing my mind.- Bob Odenkirk, Winston Deavor #Incredibles2 #Incredibles2Event ” username=”noguiltlife”]

Catherine Keener: “So, and then when he said I?m doing this, I?m very — got on the phone and I started pouring praise and all this on it. And he said, well, yeah, I mean I?m really busy, ’cause I?m this, and I said, oh, well, I?m in. And he goes, okay, great. It was like that. It was like go back to your work. So, it was about a minute phone call. For real.”


Brad Bird, Incredibles 2 director, at Pixar

Director Brad Bird is photographed on April 3, 2018 at Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, Calif. (Photo by Deborah Coleman / Pixar)


What Makes Brad Bird Different?

The underlying discussion for every interview or presentation at both Pixar and the press event in LA centered around working with Brad Bird.

So we wanted to know- what is it about Brad that makes him different from other directors?

Bob Odenkirk:?”Well, he?s not different from all of the directors. He?s a lot like the best directors. My experience — I mean you could speak — ’cause you?ve worked with amazing directors and Spielberg and Alexander Payne and Vince Gilligan. These guys know what they want, and they dial it in just so — and that could sound like oppressive to an actor. It?s not though.”


Bob Odinkirk in Incredibles 2

Photo: Louise Bishop,


“Somehow it?s like a challenge that you wanna meet, and it?s like a neat thing to do it. And you feel accomplished when you do it. But also they?re all willing to hear, especially in the early stages of a scene, what do you wanna try. Try something or even maybe after they got exactly what they want, you can say, yeah, but I don?t know. I had a different thought about how to say that line. And they?ll go let me hear it. And then they go down that road together, but they all are dialing it in just so.

And it?s great. You feel like you?re in really good hands. And somehow it doesn?t steal your own –”

Catherine Keener: “Creative.”

Bob Odenkirk:?”– inspiration and creative input, yeah.”


Catherine Keener in Incredibles 2

Photo: Louise Bishop,


Catherine Keener:?”I feel that I — going off when you were describing it, I do. It feels like a — what?s the word? Is it an aperture that kinda closes- like that?”

Bob Odenkirk:?”Yeah, yeah, it is.”

Catherine Keener:? “Like, it?s like that. And once you go through it, it?s like crazy, open space, you know, for you. But they?ll show you that thing.

And then you actually feel — it?s so exciting because you are — you go into somebody else?s world and then create your own. It?s really exciting when that happens, which is what — and all actors wanna work with great filmmakers. That?s really where it goes. When they start out and before they?re compromised by the business and stuff, everybody does it because of the creative reasons. And a lot of actors just need a good part, you know. So.”


Seeing Themselves In Evelyn and Winston

I’d think it would be pretty surreal to see yourself in animated character form, especially when the animators choose to make the characters look somewhat like you!

Winston Deavor from Incredibles 2

I mean, Winston sure looks a lot like Bob and you can certainly see some of Catherine in Evelyn, especially after spending time with her in person.

The same kind of sassy attitude and smile is what I pick up from Evelyn/Catherine.

Evelyn Deavor from Incredibles 2

Bob Odenkirk:?I?m not sure. I kinda like him. I have to get more familiar with him. My family?s proud of it, and they?re like, yeah, Dad, it?s a great character. So.

Catherine Keener: “But that?s always what it is. You want your family to be happy. It really narrows down to that. It?s like did you — am I –”

Bob Odenkirk:?”Yes, believe me. I asked over and over. Now that we’re alone, tell me again…”


Bob Odenkirk (voice of ?Winston Deavor?) & Catherine Keener (?Evelyn Deavor?) in Incredibles 2 group interview photo


They were such a delight to spend time with- be sure to see the Incredibles 2 in theaters now!


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ABout Incredibles 2

Written and directed by Brad Bird (?Iron Giant,? ?The Incredibles,? ?Ratatouille?) and produced by John Walker (?The Incredibles,? ?Tomorrowland?) and Nicole Grindle (?Sanjay?s Super Team? short, ?Toy Story 3? associate producer), Disney?Pixar?s ?Incredibles 2? busts into theaters on?June 15, 2018.

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