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5 Super Cute Details At Toy Story Land

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Since it’s announcement in 2015 at D23 Expo, Toy Story lovers have been waiting to Play Big in Andy’s Backyard. Toy Story 4 is about to hit theaters and that’s bringing all kinds of Toy Story love around here! Here are 5 super cute details to look for at Toy Story Land.

Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World Entrance Sign with Woody

It’s time to Play Big at Walt Disney World, guys! Toy Story Land is simply adorable, y’all.

If you haven’t made it over to Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios, GO!

Here are the 5 things you’ll want to look for when you visit Andy’s backyard this year.

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5 Super Cute Details At Toy Story Land

From the moment you walk in, you realize this land is like no other! Someone asked me if it felt a little like the immersion you have when you enter Cars Land- YES. Exactly like that!

It’s just bright, cheery, fun and a fantastic representation of what it would be like to be one of Andy’s Toys.

We had a chance to speak with Disney World Ambassador Brandon Peters at the Slinky Dog coaster and he agrees that this is one immersive experience.

Here are a few of the most adorable things to look for when you visit Toy Story Land this summer.



1. Andy’s Footprints In Toy Story Land

The story of Toy Story Land: you’ve been shrunk down to the size of a toy and you’ve found your way into Andy’s backyard. Look around and you’ll see that you are in the middle of his imaginative play- he’s left his toys and creations lying around everywhere!

One of the first little details I loved was right in front of me as we walked in: Andy’s footprints are on the ground! This huge print really gives some context on how small you’ve become when you enter Toy Story Land.


Andy's footprint in Toy Story Land


2. The Block Wall

You know I’m all about the Disney Instagram Walls, right? I love finding new places to take fun pictures when I’m in the parks and Toy Story Land came through with some fun picture ops!

My favorite? The Block Wall. 


Toy Story Land Block Wall #BlockWall

You can find this one across from the Alien Swirling Saucers by the Cooties restrooms. Yup- that’s right, the Cooties restroom.

UPDATE: I found a few more super cute adorable Disney Instagram walls in Toy Story Land. You need to visit the Popsicle Wall and Andy’s Wall as well!

3. Find Your Favorite Toys & Games from Childhood

I found so many blasts from the past games and toys represented in Toy Story Land!

The restrooms are cleverly themed with Cooties- do you remember those? I laughed so hard when I saw that this was on the outside of the bathroom!

cootie bathroom toy Story land

And my mama’s heart swelled when I saw this super cute train track bench nearby.

My oldest son, Jacob, absolutely loved trains and I can’t tell you how many times we made these tracks together so he could run them all over the house!

So this bench- well, it’s my favorite, obviously.

train track bench in toy story land

4. Hidden Mickey’s in Toy Story Land

Oh, they are all over the place!

I won’t spoil the hunt, but I will give a hint from a Cast Member who was totally in the know: she said that Andy loves to draw hidden Mickey’s. So look around for some of his artwork when you are on the hunt for Hidden Mickey’s in Toy Story Land.

Andy's artwork and hidden mickeys in toy story land

5. Mobile Ordering at Woody’s Lunchbox

We had a chance to sample the delicious food coming out of Toy Story Land and you will not be disappointed! But know this about Woody’s Lunchbox: it’s a small area. So the lines are going to be a bit crazy, especially if you are trying to get in this summer to check things out.



woodys lunchbox sign in Toy Story Land


Mobile ordering at woodys lunch box toy story land


Am I shouting? Yup, I am. Because it’s awesome.

Be sure to check out how to use the mobile ordering for quick service meals at Disney World– you will thank me for this top Toy Story Land tip, I promise!

Alright, guys- it’s time to Play Big! Let me know what you are most looking forward to seeing at Toy Story Land!


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