DietBet Update: Round 2 Games Coming!

Diet Bet Update

Hey there Diet Bettors!  We are rounding the corner and almost finished with our first game.   If you missed out on joining us for No-Guilt No Gut Round 1, no worries, we have a Round 2 starting next week.  Two games, actually.  I’m trying something new here.  I set up two games with different buy ins.  You choose which one works for you.  The rules are the same for each game (lose 4% of your weight in 28 days) but you get to pick your level of risk.

Some people gave the feedback that they were only comfortable betting $10 on a game.  I get that.  Money is hard to part with- no matter how good the intentions!  I call this one No-Guilt No Gut Round 2.  So I set up a $10 game for those folks who want to dip into the Diet Bet world but not feel like they are wagering too much.   That’s about 3 tall Starbuck mochas if you think about it.  Give them up and you have your buy in for the new game!

The other option is the Big Game.  This one is for people who expressed they needed bigger stakes to really challenge themselves to lose weight.  I set this buy in at $30.

The cool thing here:  you can do BOTH if you choose.  Diet Bet allows participants to play up to 3 games at once. My philosophy is if I’m going to win one of these bets, then why not up my wager and win even MORE money?  Currently I’m playing 3 games and am hopeful (only 1.7 lbs to go!) that I will win all three.  Diet Bet will also allow you to use the same weigh in pictures for any game starting at the same time.  You do have to weigh out separately, but at least the weigh in will be with the same picture.

Now you have all the details on the next round.  It’s been fun so far and I hope we have some more players returning.  Be sure to share and invite your friend- that is the whole point of social dieting!

Han Solo Dress

Onto the Update portion of this post!   We just got back from Walt Disney World where we had an amazing time at Star Wars Weekends.   Food is always such a temptation at Disney, but I think I did pretty well.   I tried to watch my portions, cut back on the carbs, and limited my sweets.  I didn’t say no to anything, I just said “not so much.”  Splitting desserts with the family allowed me to have a taste of the good stuff but not over do it.  And save some money.  Disney desserts aren’t cheap, yo!

I – wow- this is sad to admit- but I don’t think I ate a single helping of vegetables.   Gulp.  Big fail in the long run since this is something I hope to make commonplace.   Beyond the veggies, my biggest mistake was not drinking enough water.  I know, despite the heat and need to hydrate, I didn’t do very good in this regard.   But I’m back on the water and workout wagon.  Warning: I have 5 days to get this weight off.   I’ll be doing a lot of this:

drink all the water

Now that we are home and I am feeling pretty good about the first round of Diet Bet this summer, I’m ready to re-load and get moving.  Time to dig deep and make sure I’m back on track.  runDisney added yet ANOTHER race I really want to do, the #RebelChallenge.  Running is much easier when you weigh less and it’s better on your body as well.  My feet and knees will thank me even if my wallet is calling me a jerk for emptying it out again in the name of my running obsession!  I’m still committed and hope this next round helps me cement better habits that will aid in my weight loss.

water 1
I want to hear from you!  How are you doing out there, Diet Bet friends?  What’s working for you?  What struggles are you having?  Be sure to sign up for either or BOTH of the next games and share the links with friends, family members, or co-workers who might need some extra motivation to lose weight.  Big Game is found HERE and the Small Game is HERE.

Disclosure: I am working with Diet Bet and will receive compensation for hosting the game.

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  1. Great job on keeping with your Diet Bet at Disney. That could NOT have been easy! I hear ya on the water drinking while there too. It can be hard to remember to hydrate all day. I find that always having a water bottle IN your hand helps soooo much. I go through so many each day when I do that!

  2. Its more the issue that when I drink, I need to pee. When you have to stand in line for 45 min for Space Mountain (bumpy ride!) it makes for a very uncomfortable time. So I tend to not drink at the parks just so I can ride all the rides! Priorities.

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