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How I Scored Disney+ For Less Than $3 A Month

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Leading up to the Disney+ November 12 launch, there were a few opportunities for Disney Plus discounts. The best Disney Plus deal, however, came from combining the Verizon Wireless offer and the D23 Membership offer. Here’s how I scored Disney+ for less than $3 a month and locked my Disney+ streaming in for four full years. 

disney plus price at launch

When Disney+ announced the price point of less than $7 a month, I was all in. I mean, that is a GREAT deal on Disney Plus, yo!

Shh… don’t tell them what we’re all thinking cause I’m sure charging twice as much never entered their minds!

But then it got better.

The D23 Disney Plus offer was announced, and I signed up on Day 1 of the D23 Expo to be part of the Disney+ Founders Circle.

For $140, I got 3 years and nice savings on the annual pricing. 

I was feeling a little smug, I won’t lie. And I got this cute pin as well. 

Disney Plus Founders Circle


But then the Verizon Wireless offer came out and you could hear me pout through my internet. 

A free year of Disney+ for already being a Verizon Wireless user? GET OUT. 

Dang, maybe I wasn’t so smart by purchasing so far in advance, after all… Or was I? 

Read on to learn how I scored 4 years of Disney+ for less than $3 a month. 


How Do You Get Disney Plus Free From Verizon Wireless?

Verizon Wireless is giving users 12 months of Disney+ for free. That’s right: FREE. 

The offer is available to new and existing (hey, that’s me!) Verizon Wireless Unlimited clients, new Fios Home Internet users, and new 5G Home Internet customers. 

If you fall under any of those categories, make sure you get your free year of Disney+ from Verizon by following these steps:

  • Log in to your Verizon account on the My Verizon app or website.
  • Go to your account under and choose “add-ons” from the drop-down menu.
  • Then select the “Entertainment” tab. I didn’t have to click that tab as Disney+ offer was at the top of my account, but you may need to go one step further.
  • You’ll be able to connect to Disney+ from here and will be forwarded to the website. 
  • When you log into the account, look under billing to see if “Verizon Subscription” shows up. 

Verizon Disney Plus offer in disney plus account

What If I Bought Disney Plus Before The Verizon Offer?

So, that’s cool, right? I mean, a free year is better than cool: it’s amazing.

And if I had to choose between a free year or a deeply discounted 3-year offer, welp, I was going to have a hard time choosing. You don’t often get free things from Disney, so… you never want to overlook that! 

But then the news came out that had the Angels (in the Outfield- see what I did there?) singing for me: Verizon will allow you to “pause” the previously purchased subscription and use their free 12 months. 

In Disney circles, the cardinal rule is no stacking of discounts. So… 

Whaaaattt?! Is this real life?

Yup. It’s true.

How Do I Pause My Disney Plus D23 Subscription?

On launch day, I noted that both subscriptions showed up in my account. Along with a note that the next payment would be on November 12, 2022. 


That looked like only the D23 Disney Plus subscription was being taken into account. 

I planned on calling Disney+ helpline to see if they can adjust things for me, but after seeing reports of 2-3 hour holds, I figured my issues could wait a bit. I mean, I love a free year but I wasn’t going to fight all that hard for it!

This afternoon, Verizon sent this email:

Verizon Disney Plus Offer email



How easy is that? 

Bottom line: if you bought the D23 Disney Plus offer you can stack it with the Verizon Wireless offer. And you don’t even have to do anything for it to happen. Verizon and Disney+ should make sure the proper option is prioritized. 

Boom! 48 months of Disney+ for $2.94 a month. 

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