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runDisney Wine and Dine 2018: Course Maps, Event Guide, Corrals and more!

It’s time! The Disney Wine and Dine 2018 course maps, event guide and corrals have been released on the runDisney website. All the info is out! Who’s ready for the ultimate runners night out at Disney World? Here’s everything you need to know for running the Disney Wine and Dine 2018 race. 


Disney Wine and Dine 2018 race weekend


10.4.18 This post is a work in progress. It will be updated with information as the details of the 2018 Wine and Dine weekend comes out. First: The Event Guide is out with course maps and PhotoPass info.

10/11/18 Tracking Link is Live! You can get your bib number from the link and get set up for notifications. 

10/12/18 Waivers are up! Corrals are up!


It’s almost go-time, my wine-dine friends! And I, for one, can’t wait.

I haven’t been back to Wine and Dine since 2013 where I declared it one and done. Yes, I’m that one weird Disney runner who didn’t love the old Wine and Dine that was held at night.

But I hear the new Disney Wine and Dine course (from the 5K to the half) are all loads of fun, so count me in this year!


disney wine and dine 2018 race guide

Sarah running the Wine and Dine in 2017. She loves this race! Look at those feet off the ground even!


runDisney Wine and Dine 2018: Course Maps, Event Guide, Corrals and more!

Why do I put it all here when you can find it on Because runDisney changes their site from year to year and mine stays. I can’t tell you how many times runners want to know what their corral would be for the next years run based on last years field.

I do this for all the runDisney events; so hang around if you’re looking for the Ultimate Guide to runDisney

So here we go: my annual guide to running Disney Wine and Dine. You’ll find all the information a runner needs to know before they the runDisney Wine and Dine 2018 including course maps, corrals, waivers, and event guide.


Wine and Dine event guide


Wine and Dine 2018 Waivers

Download your waiver HERE

Look at the bottom where you need to sign: your shirt size and bib number should be printed right there for you.

Then you can find out what Wine and Dine 2018 corral you will be starting in. And don’t stress if it’s one of the later ones; you got this!

Trust the training.


Runner Tracking for Wine and Dine

Here’s the tracking link so you can follow your runner on the course.

Put their name in search, choose how you want to be notified, and you’ll know how the run is going if you are following from home.


Wine and Dine 2018 Corrals

Wine and Dine Challenge 2018 Corrals


Wine dine half marathon corral 2018



Wine and Dine Half Marathon 2018 Corrals


Wine dine challenge corral 2018

Sorry, the 10K and 5K corrals are not released ahead of time!

And because I know you guys like to compare to last years races, here’s the 2017 runDisney Wine and Dine Corrals, Course Maps, and Event Guide.


runDisney Wine and Dine Course Maps 2018


The Disney Wine and Dine 5K Course Map


runDisney wine dine 5k course map 2018


The Disney Wine and Dine 10K Course Map


runDisney wine dine 10k course map 2018


The Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon Course Map


runDisney wine dine half marathon course map 2018


The 2018 runDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon Event Guide

Need more info? Of course you do!

Be sure to check out the Disney Wine and Dine 2018 event guide as well.

All you need to know about the race weekend will be here and this link does tend to stay live longer than the official runDisney website.

And the event guide is no longer going to be printed out, so this is what you get, folks!

Don’t forget to visit the Wine and Food Festival in Epcot. I suggest *after* the run, but hey, I’m not your mother.

Drinking around the World is a fun experience, but one you’ll need to do after the race (World Showcase is closed during the runs. Boo!)


Food and Wine Festival: drink around the world


runDisney PhotoPass Pictures

My most favorite thing runDisney has ever done was change to PhotoPass photographers for a runDisney race weekend

Huge improvement in service and quality of photos since they started this- much appreciated!

If you’ve purchased Memory Maker before the Disney Wine and Dine 2018 race weekend, you can link your photos from the races using these codes. They can’t be linked in advance, so just remember to link up post race.

Here’s the photopass code info you need for the 2018 Wine and Dine race.


Wine and Dine Photopass codes


Disney Wine and Dine 2018

Alright, I think that just about sums things up.

Who’s ready to travel to Walt Disney World for the Wine and Dine 2018, eat and drink around the world, and maybe do a little running as well? Don’t forget the after-race party on Sunday night!

If you’re a half or challenge runner, you’re getting in as part of your registration. SCORE.

Have a great race, my friends!


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  • mary beauchamp says:

    can you take a minivan from art of animation to race start?

  • Ed says:

    Hi since the maps do no show have you heard anything about the construction behind Canada/England where the race normally enters Epcot? I was curious if anyone knows how the route is going to change???

    • Patty says:

      That’s a great question. Last year we were still able to run in those areas (most recently the Star Wars 5K went through there I believe!) but obviously things may have changed since then.

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