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Disney World Prices Increase | How Much Will Minnie Vans, Tickets, Annual Passes, & Parking Cost?

What are current Disney World ticket prices? A little more today than yesterday, my friends! Disney World prices increased on the Minnie Vans, tickets, annual passes, parking and even the lockers at the parks. So just how much will Minnie Vans, Tickets, Annual Passes, & Parking cost you at your next trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth?


Ah, Disney World.


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Photo: Alicia Arbaugh, royalravencookies.com


You know I love you, and I know it takes a lot of money to support all the magic you provide, but dang it- this news about Disney World price increases is the most bummer of all news every year.

Price increases went into effect this morning across the board at Walt Disney World. Here’s the rundown for your next visit.


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Walt Disney World Price Increase Tickets

Magic Kingdom One-Day Tickets

*Value – $107 to $109
* Regular – $115 to $119
* Peak – $124 to $129

Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom One-Day Tickets
* Value – $99 to $102
* Regular – $107 to $114
* Peak – $119 to $122

Park Hopper Add-On
* Value – $162 to $164
* Regular – $170 to $174
* Peak – $174 to $184

Walt Disney World Multi-Day Tickets
* 2 days – $199 to $209
* 3 days – $289 to $325, Florida Resident – $199 to $209
* 4 days – $350 to $400, Florida Resident – $219 to $229
* 5 days – $370 to $415
All additional multi-day tickets have increased as well.


Walt Disney World Annual Pass Price Increase

These pretty babies weren’t excluded from the jump in prices either.



Silver Pass (Florida Resident)
*New – $419 to $439
*Renewal – $356 to $373

Gold Pass (Florida Resident)
*New – $559 to $589
*Renewal – $475 to 500

Florida Weekday Select (Florida Resident)
*New – $269 to $289

Epcot After 4 p.m. (Florida Resident)
*New – $279

WDW Water Parks
*New – $125 to $130

Platinum Pass
*Standard – $779 to $849, Renewal – $662 to $721
*Florida Resident: New – $679 to $729, Renewal – $557 to 619

Platinum Plus Pass
*Standard – $869 to $949, Renewal – $738 to $806
*Florida Resident: New – $769 to $829, Renewal – $653 to $704


Walt Disney World Parking Price Increase

A favorite question I hear is how much is parking at Disney World? And by favorite- I of course mean groan inducing because the answer is… a lot.

If you aren’t staying onsite and need to drive into the parking lot, parking at Disney World is going to cost you a bit more too.

*Preferred parking: car or motorcycle – $45 per day (previously $40)
* Standard parking: car or motorcycle – $22 per day (previously $20)
* Shuttle, Limo, Camper, Trailer or RV – $23 per day
* Bus or Tractor Trailer – $27 per day

You can avoid paying Disney World parking fees by staying onsite or by having an annual pass (if those make more sense to your budget!).


Lyft Disney World Minnie Van Service Price Increase

And if you think you’re going to bypass parking and take an adorable Minnie Van service: welp, Disney World is going to get you there as well.


Minnie Van Price at Walt Disney World increased


UPDATE: starting on September 10, the Minnie Van pricing changes. The newest pricing is a $15 base with per mile additional charges.

Read this if you need more info about using Lyft Orlando and Uber Orlando.

I recommend getting to know these services in case you need to get somewhere on property quickly!


How to Uber in Orlando: rideshare services like Lyft and Uber can get you around Disney and Universal with ease!

Photo: Kuleen Lashley, mysmall.world.net


Walt Disney World Storage Lockers Price Increase

Oh, yeah, One more thing.

A bonus price increase, if you will!


Photo: TM Brown, footprintsinpixiedust.com


The storage lockers have also gone up just a bit in pricing.

*Small lockers: $7
*Large lockers: $10

The large lockers were previously priced at $9 a day.


Wish I had better news, but I think this is just what we can expect to see year after year.

With the addition of new lands & experiences (don’t forget the Incredible Summer coming starting Memorial Day!) this was bound to happen.

Hope you have a little extra Pixie Dust on your Visa to make a trip work this year.

And as always- let me know if I can help you plan it. I love sending guests to Disney World for the first or 50th time!




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