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DisneyBounding For Dapper Day at Walt Disney World

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Dapper Days at Walt Disney World and Disneyland are great opportunities to show your Disney fandom in a creative way. Disneybounding for Dapper Day is my favorite: here’s what Dapper Days are all about and how you can pull a look together- don’t forget to include the Adult Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique! And your favorite Disney men’s fashion as well. Amazon affiliate commission links included in this post. 

Easy Tips for Disneybounding at Dapper Day | Disney World | Disneyland

DisneyBounding For Dapper Days at Walt Disney World

While this is primarily a lifestyle blog with a focus on running and general fitness, once in a while I like to dip into fashion.

Friends of mine: you can stop laughing now.

It’s true; I have no sense of style. Like, at all.

But Pinterest is the BOMB. And it doesn’t hurt to have friends who DO know what they are doing.

They make getting dressed a little easier.

I text them pictures asking important questions like, “Does this match? Can I do this? Yes or No? Too much boobage showing? How about now? And now?”

I’m 46-years-old and still get dressed by committee on occasion. #truth

This is one such occasion.

Little Orange Bird Disneybound for Dapper Day at Disney World

Disneybounding as Little Orange Bird during Disney World Dapper Day

What is Dapper Day- We Explain it On the No-Guilt Disney Podcast


Podcast transcript is at the bottom of this post.

What is Dapper Day? It’s something that my Disneyland nostalgia-loving heart has been dying to attend for a couple of years.

From the Dapper Day Events website:
Started in February 2011, DAPPER DAY Events organizes fashionable outings to Disney Parks twice a year (spring and fall) in LA, Orlando, and Paris. These events include a “DAPPER DAY at the Parks” with informal in-park meetups, plus other happenings outside the parks such as our DAPPER DAY Expo (in the Disneyland Hotel? Exhibit Hall), DAPPER DAY Car Show, and our official after-party FOLLY in Downtown Disney Anaheim. 
DAPPER DAY Events celebrates the tradition of “stepping out in style” and are meant to showcase you at your best. We do not aim to recreate a specific period. All sophisticated attire is encouraged from vintage-inspired classics to chic contemporary looks. Active and retired military are encouraged to wear your dress blues or service uniforms if you like. (Please note costumes or cosplay are better suited for other events.)
My first year, the dates coincided with the Star Wars Half Marathon weekend at Disney World and I experienced my first one. It was pretty neat to see all the creative outfits my fellow parkgoers came up with.

I saw Dole Whips and Princesses and Orange Birds.

They were outstanding. By comparison, I was pretty chill.

I DisneyBound Dappered as Snow White.

Easy Tips for Disneybounding at Dapper Day | Disney World | Disneyland

We had a lovely time in the parks taking pictures and enjoying all the outfits.

It’s time to do it all again!

How To DisneyBound at Dapper Day

You can go pretty literal as I did or just resemble a character or location at Disney. The first step is to come up with an idea: what character or theme do you want to provoke?

I’d also say that color blocking can be an easy option to pull off a look.

Let me show off my girls who ran last year and Dappered it up as well. If you need a Disneybounding 101, check out this post! 


Minnie Mouse Disneybound for Dapper Day

Kristen is up first. She went with a Minnie Mouse inspired look.

She bought hers through her personal shopper (aka, Clara, aka Kristen’s friend that she texts pictures to asking for opinions).

I’m not sure where Clara got this ensemble from, but I do LOVE it on K!

Kristen Dapper

Cruella de Ville Disneybounding for Dapper Day

Lisa was my go-to girl when it came to putting looks together.

She helped me with a few ideas and was so enthusiastic about this whole plan.

Bless Lisa, even though she loves her villains, she’s got one of the biggest hearts I know!

Lisa Dapper 2

Here’s Lisa’s report on what she put together:

So I’m a huge Villains fan, so when I heard Dapper Day was going on during Darkside weekend I knew I wanted to Disneybound a Villain! So I did what any normal woman would do and searched Pinterest for ideas. I found this picture and an idea was born.

I found my clutch first on Etsy. It’s a little pricey, but I knew it would make the Cruella theme happen. My hat also came from Etsy. And I even got a small rhinestone dog bone necklace!

I went to eBay for the dress and petticoat and went a little cheaper on this stuff…



I plan to wear some red Vans I already own and wear my hair back with a victory roll in the front- something I can do fast since it’s a race weekend! And of course, bright red lips and cat eyes!

Lisa Dapper

Little Mermaid Dapper Day Disneybound

Suzanne came up with this adorable look with the help of Lisa.

See- Lisa again, she’s good people!

Suzanne is using her red hair to channel her inner mermaid, and I love what she put together.

Suzanne dapper 2

She bought the dress and petticoat on Amazon.

The headband came from this great store on Etsy.

She’s also going with some green Converse for comfort at Lisa’s suggestion.

Suzanne dapper

So cute!

Everyone seemed to have these great ideas, and these were nothing compared to what we saw last year.

Here’s a tip: try Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime, it’s going to make this super easy!

It was refreshing to see so many decent quality dresses offered in this style at reasonable prices.

I saw outfits from $19.95 up to $75 range. I was shooting for somewhere in the middle.

Dapper Days Disneybounding as Snow White

Snow Dapper

Dress, a petticoat, a pair of cat-eye sunglasses, a red apple purse later and thanks to Amazon Prime, I was ready to go.

#OhLucy was enthusiastic in her approval: “Mommy, you ARE Snow White!”

Patty Dapper 1

Photo by the very tall teen. Thanks, Luke!

Not too appley, felt great, and I think it was easy to tell who?I was trying to be.

Are you planning to partake in the Dapper Day festivities at one of the parks this year?

No-Guilt Disney Podcast Transcript: Dapper Day

Patty 0:07
To all who come to our happy place, welcome to the No-Guilt Disney Podcast! Where we have no guilt about our love for all things Disney.

Jane 0:14
We’re three Disney fan girls who probably know more about Disney Parks than most grown women should and we’re perfectly okay with that.

Theresa 0:23
We sure are. Hello everyone who is joining us today I’m Theresa and you can find me on Instagram and on Twitter at @GertieTheDino.

Jane 0:35
I’m Jane and you can find me on Facebook and Instagram at @RealMousewifeWDW.

Patty 0:42
Hey there, I am Patty Holliday and you can find me at and on The No-Guilt FanGirls Podcast and everywhere on social media @NoGuiltLife.

Theresa 0:55
Hey Patty – is there anywhere else on social media they can find us?

Patty 0:59
Oh…yeah! I was like…is this a trick question?

Theresa 1:05
We practiced this.

Patty 1:08
We totally nailed it. And yeah, we have a Facebook group guys, we have a Facebook group. If you are on Facebook and you like groups and you like Disney, then there is no reason for you not to be part of the No-Guilt Disney Facebook group – and that’s exactly what it is called if you want to do a search for it. I will also put a link in our show notes for you so it’s easy to click on through and come join us, we’d love to have you. And we also want to throw out, while you guys are doing things for us, it’s super helpful if you are listening to the No-Guilt Disney Podcast on a platform that allows you to rate and review, if you can give us those five stars, maybe leave something cute and sweet and how much you love listening to us, and how amazing we are, and how you agree with Patty that Theresa hating cheese is the most awful thing you’ve ever heard before –

Theresa 2:01
And how much you love Epcot and Figment.

Patty 2:05
Yeah, whatever. All of those things, go ahead and go put those in the reviews. Because what that does is it helps other Disney fans find us. It tells the podcasting apps that you like what you’re listening to, and therefore they move things around in the algorithm in a positive and pleasing manner so that people can actually find us a little bit easier. So, if we didn’t ask too much of you today, by asking you to join our Facebook group, and by rating and reviewing, what else do they do – they should subscribe right? Because of course you don’t want to miss anything. All right, I think I’m gonna stop asking because I feel like I’ve asked a lot already. And we haven’t even gotten to the meat of the program here.

Jane 2:46
But Patty, we don’t want to confuse them. We’re not here to serve them. The listeners are here to serve us.

Patty 2:56
Jane, Jane. Everyone’s gone. Unsubscribed. Okay, email her at Oh Jane.

Jane 3:07

Patty 3:09
Yeah, kidding. Before we jump into this week’s episode, I do want to point out a couple of exciting things that are coming up. We have the opening of a brand new attraction that is coming to Hollywood Studios. And there was a – well, it was exciting to me. So exciting that – this is how I always influence on social media guys – I watched everybody that went to the new barbecue place at the American pavilion in Epcot. I watched them all over social media sharing their platters of food, to the point where I got up, got dressed and went out and got barbecue locally. I needed barbecue in my life. Now that might be the Texan in me, but the food looks great. The cool thing, is we’ve got Jane, and this is what you’re here for Jane. So tell us – you actually had the barbecue and you’re going to be there on the opening day of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, right?

Jane 4:14
I am. Right. Tell us about it. So this weekend, I was popping into a pot, because it was the end of festival of the arts and I honestly hadn’t really had a chance to go. So I just wanted to make sure that I popped in, took a couple laps, and I had to try the Regal Eagle, which I call the Regal Beagle because I grew up on Three’s Company.

Patty 4:45
You call it the Regal Beagle?

Jane 4:47
100%. I was like, “Let’s go to the Regal Beagle and see if Jack and Chrissy are there.”

Patty 4:55
I will forever be calling it the Regal Beagle now. Thank you for that gift! Theresa, do you know who Jack and Chrissy are?

Theresa 5:05
Yeah, I’m aware. From TBS reruns.

Jane 5:12
I’m pretty sure that when I was watching it, they were in reruns, but as a kid we watched it every night. It was six o’clock, right around dinner hour, was reruns of Three’s Company. Larry, Mr. And Mrs. Roper, I love it

Theresa 5:27
But now we need to keep talking otherwise the song is going to start playing in my head.

Patty 5:31
Come and knock on our door…

Jane 5:35
I knocked on their door. They were waiting for me.

Patty 5:42
This has everything to do with barbecue. It does, absolutely. So you went to Epcot?

Jane 5:47
Yes. And so what I will tell you is there was a line outside. So when you walk up to America, it’s on the left-hand side where the old Liberty Inn quick service was – that’s now the Regal Eagle. There was a line outside. So when you walk by it can look a bit deceiving like, “Oh my gosh, there’s this line and it’s already halfway to the middle of the America pavilion on the outside.” If you’ve ordered in there before, you know that the counter is all the way at the back. Well the truth was, they were holding people at the door –

Patty 6:26
Okay, okay.

Jane 6:26
So the line is actually much much shorter and then so they’ll hold people at the door because they want to make sure that if you get in to place your order that you have a place to sit inside, if you want to be able to sit inside. There’s tables inside and outside. We sat inside because it was a little chilly here. Everything on the menu looked amazing, if you love barbecue. I didn’t even know what to look at first. But I did go with a three meat platter, because I thought at least that gives me a shot to try a couple of things. I got the pulled pork, ribs, and the brisket, and then you got a side with it. So I got mac and cheese and then we ordered onion rings as well. There was a couple of us splitting it, and everything was great. I will say the pulled pork is the best, followed by the ribs. I wasn’t really a big fan of the brisket. I like the Flower and Garden brisket hash, but this particular brisket wasn’t great – but I might have just gotten a bad batch or something. But I thought it was great for quick service, and for the value of what you were getting, this is a home run for me.

Theresa 7:44
What sauces did you get? Because along with meat, I saw there’s like five or six different sauce options.

Jane 7:51
There are. I think there was five of them, and I actually picked three because one of them I want to say was very, very ketchup-y, and I was like “I don’t need ketchup,” and then one of them was a mustard sauce, and I was like “I don’t need mustard.” I’m very, very complicated. But of the other three, there was one that was vinegar-based, there’s one that is a bit thicker…I forgot what they called that one. I took pictures of whatever they were, but I didn’t really learn what the names of them were. And I will say that I tried everything in all three of them, but I’d never really tasted different sauces at the same time. I’m very much like “one kind of barbecue sauce, throw it on everything, have a good day.” But each did taste differently depending upon what you put on it. So I wound up having a different sauce on each one of them because each one tasted better with a different sauce. So I thought that was interesting.

Patty 9:02
And you are going to get to ride this new attraction – when are you doing that?

Jane 9:09
Opening day, Mickey’s Runaway Railway. I have a Fast Pass for that so I’ll pop on there and get all the details for everyone

Patty 9:20
All right, well you know I need all the details, so we’ll be talking after your experience.

Theresa 9:26
I’ll be putting my hands in my ears because I will be riding a few weeks later and I don’t want to know.

Patty 9:32
Yeah, Theresa is definitely on the “no spoilers please,” where I’m like “Give it to me. Tell me everything.” I think we can record a little something something, but we’ll let you know before you click play what spoilers are in there, or what level of spoilerage is happening, just in case you’re of the Theresa variety and you don’t want to have any knowledge to riding anything new or having new attraction knowledge. And if you’re of the Patty variety, and you want all the details, then come to the Facebook group and message Jane and she’ll tell you everything after next week. But we’ll try to strike somewhere in the middle of the balance when you get off the ride, because I do want to hear about it. And I want your experiences and I like the immediacy of you being local and being able to tell us these things as soon as you do it. That being said, let’s talk Dapper Day! Today we wanted to talk about a subset of the Disney fandom. One that I’ve dabbled in a little bit, Theresa has completely, full on embraced. And well, Jane. Jane, Jane, Jane.

Jane 10:39
I just don’t get it.

Patty 10:41
Why don’t you get?

Jane 10:44
A couple of times a year, I walk into my theme park and there’s all these people walking around in heels and dresses, and it’s very over the top and I just don’t understand it. I need you guys to explain Dapper Days to me.

Patty 11:03
So that’s what we’re going to talk about. And by the way people, Jane used to work in the fashion industry. You kind of still do, but I am super amused that is coming from you, because I am the least fashionable of this group. It wasn’t that long ago…I think it was two years ago that I asked Jane to tell me why I needed makeup brushes and how to apply a full face of makeup, because I had no idea. She had to send me a YouTube tutorial, she sent me to the store with a grocery list of things to purchase. I didn’t know what I was doing. So I’m just saying I find this odd that I like this and you have absolutely zero interest in it. I wouldn’t have guessed that.

Jane 11:54
To me, it’s just when you go to Disney, you’re walking around all day long. Comfort is very key to me when you’re going to the parks even though I’m a local. I can pop in and out for an hour or two hours very easily, and even with that it just seems very uncomfortable.

Theresa 12:24
I’ll be the first to say that participating in Dapper Day, you need to be a little bit extra. Because yes it is getting dressed up and going into a theme park. The first time I did it, I did not do it well, but after that I found ways to do it comfortably. More power to the people who can wear the heels all day. I will go and find cute flats that go with my outfits and that are comfortable to walk miles and miles in.

Patty 12:54
Or you can do what I did. I can’t believe I’m going to confess this, but I am the proud owner of a pair of Croc high heels.

Jane 13:01
I’m quitting the podcast.

Theresa 13:04
Right? I was like, “and I’m the one who’s getting kicked off the podcast?”

Patty 13:10
Croc high heels. That’s what I were on my first Dapper Day because I wanted to wear high heels, because I wanted to like cute, and be in this adorable dress. But I also knew my limitations and I knew that my feet are very big and get annoyed with me very easily, so I knew it wouldn’t last. And I wore Crocs. I will take a picture, they’re adorable, and put them in the show notes, in the in the blog post, if anybody would like to see them.

Theresa 13:35
I really do. I’m trying to picture them and do they have the holes?

Patty 13:43
Oh, no, no.

Theresa 13:46
When I picture Crocs, I just immediately picture the holes.

Patty 13:49
Yeah, no, you wouldn’t know that they were Crocs in a picture. Me walking past you, you maybe would be able to tell that they were rubber shoes, but in a picture they just like regular shoes.

Theresa 14:02
I’m willing to reserve judgment until I see them.

Jane 14:06
I mean, I’m not reserving judgment, but I still want to see them.

Patty 14:13
Oh Jane, oh Jane, oh Jane. Alright, so Theresa, tell us: what is Dapper Day? We’ve already jumped ahead to shoewear. But tell us a little bit about what it is and how people can find out more about it if they want to do it themselves.

Theresa 14:29
Sure! Dapper Day was originally started by a group of Disney fans, who planned on doing an outing to Disneyland wearing outfits that the guests would have worn when the park opened in 1955. I think the first one was back in 2011, and it was a small-ish group. Small compared to now, so they had about 100 people who attended. And, as happens with the internet, once people started seeing pictures from it online, it gained a lot of popularity really quickly. I think it started to take off even more in recent years as DisneyBounding has become more popular, so it’s more common to see people dressing up in different ways and going into the Parks. And adding DisneyBounding to Dapper Day gave people a chance not just to wear some retro outfits, but find a way to put a Disney twist on them.

Patty 15:19
Yeah, and it’s a lot of fun. It’s definitely changed, and there’s people that dress up in mashups for Dapper Day. There’s people that go all out and it’s almost a costume level. And then there’s other people that are just more fancy dress clothes, just looking dapper that day. It’s interesting, there’s all kinds of things out there.

Theresa 15:42
Yeah. And it’s grown so much. Not just in terms of the number of people who attend, but how much they’ve expanded it. They now have fall and spring weekends at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, and in recent years they’ve added Disneyland Paris to their lineup. At Disneyland, they have their Dapper Day Expo in one of the resorts so people can shop for outfits and accessories. In Florida, they don’t do it that big, but they’ll do small pop up shops over the weekend. So yeah, it’s massively grown and become a big deal and I love attending.

Patty 16:19
And also just a side note, it’s not called the same thing, but there is a Dapper Day-type thing that happens at Universal Orlando and Universal Hollywood. At Universal Orlando It is called the Dressed to the Nine 3/4 Day. So if that is your preferred geekdom, then consider checking them out. I’ve seen pictures of it at both coasts, at both Universal Hollywood and Universal Orlando, but I’m not sure if it’s run by the same people. I don’t know if it’s the same like umbrella, like Dapper Day is under one central umbrella.

Theresa 17:01
I think so? I can’t remember it it’s or (note: both work!), but they do have a website and they’re all of the events for the year are listed on their website. And they include Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Disneyland Paris. So I think it’s the same group who’s facilitating all of it.

Patty 17:21
Right, but I don’t know if it’s the same for Universal.

Theresa 17:23
Ohhh, gotcha.

Patty 17:24
Yeah, I don’t know if Universal plays by the same rules.

Jane 17:27
So when you get dressed up in these costumes, is it just “I get dressed up and I’m just going to the park and going about my day”? Or are there meetups? What happens on Dapper Day?

Theresa 17:44
The biggest part is – the answer is yes. I would say the biggest part really is going and taking pictures and really just finding another group of Disney fans who’s as nerdy about something like this as you are. It’s fun to see everybody dressed up in their outfits and be there together as a group collectively doing this to celebrate your love of Disney. But there are meetups that are planned. There’s some semi-official ones, and they do schedule which Parks they’re going to be in. I’ve got the dates for the next ones coming up here. So if you’re interested in Dapper Day, either now or after listening to this full episode, the spring dates are Sunday, April 19 in Disneyland, Saturday, May 2 in Hollywood Studios and Sunday, May 3 in Epcot at Walt Disney World. And then Saturday, May 9 in Disneyland Paris.

Patty 18:47
We now know what it is, let’s talk about why we do it. Theresa, what about this appealed to you from a Disney fan perspective.

Theresa 18:57
I feel like looking back, there’s two real reasons I can sort of hone in on why I love participating in Dapper Day so much. And the first is when I was a kid, my dad would always have Turner Classic Movies on the TV, so my childhood was filled with movies from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. The result of that was I really became drawn to the fashion of that era. And the other part to that is I’m a former theater major, so it really does not take much convincing to get me to dress up, especially in an outfit that goes a little outside of what I wear day to day. I will jump at that at any opportunity. And like I mentioned before, it’s so much more fun when you’re doing it with a group of friends and strangers who are all doing the same thing, and you’re just celebrating your love of Disney. Any chance to go to a Disney Park and dress up, I’m a fan.

Jane 19:50
I love to wear a cute costume or be themed, but it looks like everything that everyone is wearing is so expensive and it’s so over the top. I just can’t seem to get myself to pull the trigger to do it.

Theresa 20:05
And it can be. I think dressing up for Dapper Day is whatever you make it. A lot of the outfits that I do, for my base thing I’ll usually do a dress, especially for Dapper Day outfits. But it will be an $18 dress that I got off of Amazon. And I do a lot of solid colors, so that way I can do it as a regular DisneyBound, I can dress it up and put some crinoline under it for a Dapper Day. But I like doing solid color dresses, because then I can reuse them for other outfits or just wear them out. I’m a big fan of if I’m going to buy something, especially as a DisneyBound, I need to be able to use it for multiple outfits because I don’t just want to spend the money and then have it sit in my closet because I used it once.

Patty 20:52
Yeah, I’m gonna echo pretty much all of that. Amazon for the win – all the time, anytime. Love Amazon, mostly because I can order, it shows up, and if it doesn’t fit or if it doesn’t look right, if it doesn’t pull together what I think it’s going to do, I can send it right back. I’m all about that. And then color blocking; I do the same thing. I try to figure out characters that can be distinguishable by simple colors and make you stand out that way. Sometimes I totally miss the mark. For example, it wasn’t a Dapper Day, but I was trying to DisneyBound as Belle in the yellow dress. And so I put on this red shrug of Theresa’s. I borrowed her shrug, and put this cute little red headband into my hair, and I asked somebody who I was, and they said, “You’re Winnie the Pooh.” So I rolled with it. What we were going for, what we had in our head, was yellow dress Belle and then the red accent was like the rose. It was too much red, or I just looked like Winnie the Pooh because if you’ve seen me, I look like Winnie the Pooh.

Theresa 22:09
Well he does have a red sweater, and it made much more sense. I felt kind of dumb that it didn’t occur to me first. I was with you for an hour before someone said that and I’m looking like, “Oh yeah. That should have come to mind first.”

Patty 22:24
We were scanning into Epcot, and they were like, “Are you gonna go see Winnie the Pooh with your DisneyBound?” And I was like, “Correct. Yes, Yes, I am.” So anywho, color blocking for the win, and that’s what I do too. I will say that I have done two official Dapper Day looks. And I have never worn either dress ever again. Not because I couldn’t, just because I haven’t, I guess. But I also think I spent $15 and $14 on those dresses. So I mean, I didn’t go crazy with doing it. The other thing that I think when you’re Dapper Day-ing, you can go far with accessories. If your DisneyBounding, you can make it stand out more with accessories. And that’s something that’s an easy way to also repurpose your outfits another time. But I like Dapper Day because it makes me think of Disneyland, and Walt Disney, and those old…you know, when you see the stories or the clippings from the newspaper about Date Night at Disneyland. You see how everybody used to dress up to go to Disneyland. I love that. You’re right, Jane, I like to be comfortable and I’m usually wearing my flip flops around the Parks. I mean, you’re absolutely hundred percent correct on that. But there’s something about dressing up every now and then that is nostalgic to me. So the couple of times I’ve done it, I did crinoline, I did fascinators in my hair, I did the whole thing and loved it. Absolutely loved it. And I love seeing everybody embracing that as well.

Jane 24:14
So what have you guys worn to the Dapper Days that you’ve participated in?

Theresa 24:19
Since I sort of briefly mentioned it earlier: The very first Dapper Day look that I did, I mostly did it well. I decided to be Clarice the Chipmunk, and this was back before she had made her return to Walt Disney World. Nobody knew who she was, or really who I was, most of the time. But she’s one of my favorite characters. I found this…she had wears like a Hawaiian-style outfit, with a seafoam green dress and yellow lei necklace. So I tried to recreate that a little bit with a retro feel. So instead of like a strapless dress like she has, I did one of the same color that’s fitted at the top and had room to do some crinoline underneath. I did a brown cardigan because she’s a chipmunk, big, yellow necklace with flowers and a flower in my hair. And I wore these cute, cute brown shoes. And because Chip and Dale were only meeting in Hollywood Studios at the time, and Dapper Day was in Epcot, I was like, I’ll go over to Hollywood Studios first. I’ll get my picture with Chip and Dale, so I’ll at least have one that pulls it all together, and then I’ll do the walkway back over to Epcot. Which was a horrible decision in the shoes that I was wearing. They are comfortable at work, not so much walking a mile between parks. So shortly after I got there, I was like, I’m hopping on a bus now. I’m going back to my room and I’m switching into flat shoes. So now I know better and I will always do flat shoes for my Dapper Day outfits.

Patty 25:49
Well. If he had worn the Croc high heels, you would have been fine.

Theresa 25:53
If I had worn them, I wouldn’t have left the room, period.

Patty 25:57
Ohhhh. And you said you weren’t gonna judge until you saw them!

Jane 26:01
Theresa, I’m so proud.

Theresa 26:07
The other outfit that I’m really proud of, I actually didn’t wear it to Dapper Days. I did it for D23 Expo, and I decided to do a dapper version of Captain Marvel. So, same kind of concept: I had a solid blue dress with gold crinoline underneath for that one. The red cardigan that Patty actually wore when she was Winnie the Pooh, I had that on. I had these long red gloves, and I had this necklace and headband that had [Captain Marvel’s] star emblem on it. And very comfortable red shoes.

Patty 26:39
Winnie the Pooh/Belle.

Theresa 26:41
And I’ve also used that one for Snow White, along with the same blue dress as Captain Marvel. So as I said, I love repeat outfits. You just change the accessories, super easy.

Patty 26:53
The first Dapper Day I did was Snow White. I did a DisneyBound. Originally I wasn’t going to do a DisneyBound and this is where it Amazon came in. I think they sent me, I don’t know, 40 different dresses that were of that 40s-ish style, because I definitely wanted to wear crinoline. And I totally wanted to have that kind of a look. I tried on everything, and I couldn’t find anything that I really liked. And then I think I was on Pinterest, and Pinterest gives you all kinds of great, crazy ideas. And on Pinterest I saw a Snow White, easy, DisneyBound. And I was like, I can do that for Dapper Day with some crinoline and some cute, cat eye red sunglasses, and a little apple purse. So that was my first one, and I think we spent…I want to say an hour, maybe two hours, in the Parks, wearing our outfits? We were running the half marathon the next day, and we just knew we weren’t going to walk around in our heels all day long. So we went in and took pictures and watched everybody else, did some people watching, and then we left. So that’s the other thing too, both of the friend and I that did this – Alicia did it with me that year – we were both Annual Passholders so we didn’t feel like we had to spend a ton of time in the parks that day. We just wanted the experience and we wanted to see the community, and we saw some amazing, amazing Dapper Day looks. This is all like Disney World. And then the second time I did it, I went into Epcot. I was really proud of this one, I was Little Orange Bird. It was this orange dress, I actually had yellow crinoline – I think it was the same yellow crinoline that I used for Snow White, green wrap and a green fascinator thing in my hair, and this green purse and my very comfortable Crocs. I went into Epcot, it was during Flower and Garden so there was actually a lot of like citrus-y kind of stuff to take pictures in front of. But my favorite part was when not one, but multiple groups of people were like, “Oh, how cute is Little Orange Bird!” They knew what I was, and that was what made me so happy because I think a) when you feel good and you look cute, you want people to tell you that! I mean, who doesn’t, right? But I was so honored that these other experts in this dress-up field, this Dapper Day DisneyBound experience, that they were able to tell who I was and give me some compliments on it. It was really nice. So those are the those are the two that I’ve done. The third one I did, I did Snow White again, but it was for a red carpet. It was a different blue dress, and it was a different apple purse, so it did have a completely different feel than that first one that I did. It was definitely adressier look that I pulled together.

Theresa 29:58
It was a contemporary version of being dapper.

Patty 30:01
Exactly, exactly. And I think that’s an important thing to note, is that dapper doesn’t have to be the 40s. You don’t have to do a 40s and 50s look. It’s just dressed to the nines, dressed in whatever style, but dress up is kind of the idea behind it.

Theresa 30:18
One thing I’ve never done, but I really want to do, is the next time I do one at Epcot I want to go in the same the spirit of the original Dapper Day with Disneyland and the year Disneyland opened. I want to go in Epcot dressed up as the year Epcot opened. So find something 1982, maybe do a version of the Bubble Gum Wall, with some sequins and real big shoulder pads.

Jane 30:46

Patty 30:47
Oh boy. As Jane says, oh, boy,

Theresa 30:52
I’m working this out in my head as I’m saying it.

Patty 30:56
Look, I don’t ever want to hear anything about my Crocs again, alright? So Jane, what about you? If you were going to do a Dapper Day outfit, what would yours look like? What would you do?

Jane 31:08
Well, Patty…

Patty 31:12
Would it involve Crocs?

Jane 31:13
It would not involve Crocs, nor would it involve sequins and shoulder pads. But there were two things that you talked about that really hit home for me. One being Snow White, because I love her. I love to DisneyBound as her. She’s my favorite of the princesses so I would probably do a DisneyBound of her. But then the other thing that really hit home for me, and I think it’s one of the reasons I kind of stay away from Dapper Day, is you said how great it was that people do these amazing costumes and they were giving you compliments. I can’t not do everything super extra. So it would be like, I have to have the greatest dress of all time, I have to have the best shoes in the world. And that’s where things spiral completely out of control.

Patty 32:12
I can see that with. But what character would you do if you did a DisneyBound, what would you do?

Jane 32:19
And so it would either be Snow White or I would probably go with one of the villains. Probably Maleficent. She’s my favorite.

Theresa 32:27
The makeup for that would be fun.

Jane 32:32
I love makeup, can we talk about that?

Patty 32:36
Character Couture, they can do some Maleficent for you! I’m just saying, adult Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

Jane 32:44
One of those two would definitely be on my list for sure.

Patty 32:48
All right, and then real quick. Mashups: yes or no? Mashups are when you take two characters from different fandoms, and then you mash them together. And you create a look. In like the runDisney circles, it was cool to do a Boba Fett with Rapunzel, right? I think the first one I saw – I got to give Autumn her due. Autumn Ziegler did Boba Fett and Elsa, and it was amazing. And I think she was the first Mandalorian who did that for running costume. But if you were going to pull off a mashup, do you like mashups? Would you do a mash up? What are your feelings on mashups? Because some people are really anti-mashup.

Theresa 33:32
I’ve never done one, but I love the idea of it. I think it’s something, for me, I feel like you have to plan it out a little more than doing a regular either Dapper Day outfit or a DisneyBounding outfit, just because you have to make sure you have enough elements of each to really convey who you’re combining. Or it’s just going to look like an underwhelming version of one or the other. I’m very impressed by anybody who does them and does them well, because of the extra time and attention that they put into making it happen.

Jane 34:07
I agree, from the ones that I’ve seen, they’re really great. There’s one that I have saved to my Pinterest board that constantly just keeps coming up and being like, “Be this! Be this!” And no surprise: it’s Snow White Boba Fett. Which is amazing because you can see elements of each character, but I don’t know if I personally can do one, because again, I would go out of control. And then I think it has a…there’s a real fine line where it can go off kilter really quickly. I would just be concerned that people wouldn’t either know what it was or I would just do it terribly. I feel like if I try it, I’ll stick to one

Theresa 35:00
Sometimes it also helps for, either if you’re doing a mashup or doing a more obscure character, it can help if you’re doing it with a group, because then you at least can put the pieces together, the more you see. I know I’ve seen, going back to princesses and Star Wars combos, I’ve seen some really good ones of Jedi versions of the princesses. And one standing alone. I might not have put it together, but when you have three or four, it’s just like, “oh, okay, I see. I see what’s happening here.”

Patty 35:30
Yeah, yeah, for sure. For sure. And I agree. I think that when you do a mash up, you definitely have to have like all the elements and a lot of little details. And that’s part of the fun with Dapper Days that you can do some really great, clever, clever details with accessories. Because again, I think that’s kind of what sells it to some extent. But yeah, that would take a lot of planning and you know me, I like to plan, but I’m not like Theresa-levels of planning. So we’ll leave that one up to Theresa.

Theresa 36:01
I’m going to come out with something for all three of us.

Patty 36:03
All right, well keep us posted. Let me know when I need to go on to Amazon and what I need to get.

Jane 36:11
What I’m hearing is you guys are coming for Dapper Day and you’re going to dress me.

Theresa 36:16
Yes, and as we know, I have many cardigans I can bring that anybody can wear.

Patty 36:22
This is true. You want to be Winnie the Pooh? You want to be Belle? We can make it work. Snow White? All right. Well, that was fun and Dapper Day, or DisneyBound, or whatever. This kind of turned into a discussion of all of the above. But if you have thoughts on it, come over to the Facebook group. Let’s talk about Dapper Day. If you’ve got pictures –

Theresa 36:43
Yes! Please send us all the pictures.

Patty 36:46
That’s where we want to see the pictures. So come join the Facebook group, No-Guilt Disney on Facebook, drop your pictures in there. We want to see them all because we really like it. And that’s also probably where I will show off my amazing Croc sandals. You’re not gonna want to miss that.

Theresa 37:06
I know I’m not!

Jane 37:11

Patty 37:16
Alright, enough out of you.

Jane 37:19
So come on over to the Facebook group and join us each week on the No-Guilt Disney Podcast, because as Patty likes to say:

Patty 37:27
It’s no fun to fangirl Disney alone.

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Saturday 26th of March 2016

You should check out

It's a great site for retro-inspired wear.


Thursday 24th of March 2016

Love it! You look fabulous!


Thursday 24th of March 2016

Thank you! I can't wait to go and see everyone dressed up.


Wednesday 23rd of March 2016

Very cute dresses on everyone. Especially love Alicia's dress and yours.


Thursday 24th of March 2016

Thanks Janice!


Wednesday 23rd of March 2016

I have a Star Wars print 50s style dress that I ordered from Etsy. I decided to combine the 2 themes of the weekend. I haven't even thought about accessories! Definitely going for comfort in the footwear department. I totally agree with your view on that one. I'm running all the races so my feet will already be begging for mercy.


Thursday 24th of March 2016

ADORABLE idea- can't wait to see this one!


Wednesday 23rd of March 2016

I've been at WDW for one of the Dapper Days. Everyone looked hot. Very hot. Being Dapper isn't for the weak.


Thursday 24th of March 2016

Neither is running 19.3 "for fun," girl. We are ready. :P

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