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Disneyland Releases Official Resort App

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In a move that has been long anticipated, the Disney released the official park app for the Disneyland Resort.

It’s free, and it’s pretty cool.

You can download the app on iTunes or Google Play.

DL App

The app has a few nifty features that could come in handy for guests.

Need to know where and when a favorite character will appear? ?The app will tell you and even show you with the mapping feature.


IMG_9534 IMG_9533



Having that information on your cell phone can only enhance your experience at the parks.

They also added the ability to see live wait times for every attraction.

It’s a Small World at a 5 minute wait? ?DONE!

The Matterhorn at 65? ?Mmmm… maybe not.

This is obviously highly desirable (and hopefully accurate) information for the average guest.

My favorite feature, hands down, is the restroom locator.

As a mom of 4 who has taken potty training kiddos to the parks for YEARS, this is a brilliant addition.


For a guest unfamiliar with the park, this could be a vacation lifesaver if it helps avoid accidents and their resulting (parental) meltdowns. ?Well done, Disneyland!

They went so far as to have shop listings and locations included.

Say you spotted the perfect set of ears over by Splash Mountain at 10 am, but don’t want to risk messing them up all day. ?Check the app for the store closing time and you’ll know when you need to scoot back over there to pick them up.


Entertainment schedules, dining locations, hotels, guest services locations and more are all included with this tool. ?It feels pretty comprehensive for the first edition.

It’s rumored to be a?step toward instituting Magic Bands inside the Disneyland Resort.

Need tickets? ?No problem. ?Buy them on the app.

Have an AP? ?Link it on the app.


The barcode can be scanned for entrance though the friendly reminder lets you know that you will need the actual card for FASTPASS tickets and Passholder discounts.

So far, I like the look of the app and have high hopes for a smooth FASTPASS+ transition on the west coast. ?There are a few navigation issues I feel need to be cleaned up (ex: I would get stuck and have to close the app and reopen to get back to the menu I was looking for).

One concern about implementing the technology that this app may support is a big one: cellular connections at the parks.

When I visited the park on the Disneyland 60th 24 Hour Event?connections were not reliable. ?I’m on Verizon and had a few dropped connections, but thankfully it wasn’t too bad.

But my Sprint and AT&T pals had it worse. ?They struggled to maintain connections throughout Disneyland Park.

I hope plans are in place to address the issue and provide park-wide WiFi before guests are asked to rely on the app.

In two weeks, I’ll be heading to Disneyland during the D23 Expo- and hey, they have an app for that too! ?I’ll be sure to give the official Disneyland Resort app a full run through and report back with my thoughts.

Have you downloaded the Disneyland Resort app yet? ?What do you think about Magic Bands coming to the parks?

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.