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Disney’s Minnie Vans | Everything You Need To Know

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We know there are a lot of different ways to get around Walt Disney World. Busses, Boats, Monorails- and even Uber Orlando and Lyft Orlando! And returning to Disney this summer: The Minnie Vans. They will be back in service soon. Lyft offers Disney’s Minnie Vans service.

The Minnie Van fleet are ready to take you to MCO via Lyft Orlando
Photo: Disney World

We’ll be the first to admit that we’re kind of snobs when it comes to Walt Disney World Transportation.

While the buses are great, we avoid them at all costs.

We love the Monorail, but much prefer to walk to The Magic Kingdom when staying at the Contemporary Resort.

… the monorail will always be one of my favorite rides at Walt Disney World

Disney’s Minnie Vans | Everything You Need To Know

When Disney announced that they were starting an exclusive Minnie Vans service we were excited. Especially because it utilizes the Lyft Orlando app (which we prefer over Uber Orlando, hands down).

Disney recently announced that the exclusive service is now available at all resorts.

When Will Minnie Vans Return To Disney World?

June 29, 2022, is the launch date to book your next Minnie Van trip!

But there are test drives happening now and you might see the option in your Lyft app.

We took a peak and, yup, there it was!

The Minnie Van fleet are ready to take you to MCO via Lyft Orlando
Photo: Disney World

Disney’s Minnie Vans Service: Sarah’s Opinion

Minnie Vans Cost

Starting September 14, 2018, the Minnie Vans pricing is changing.

There will be a base price of $15 and a per-mile charge of $2.75 on top of that.

Depending on where you are going, this might cost more than your previous Minnie Van trip.

I’m seeing reports that this pricing is now in place. Examples of costs that I’ve seen posted online are as follows:

  • Contemporary to Boardwalk: $34
  • Contemporary to Beach Club: $33
  • Contemporary to Animal Kingdom: $39
  • Pop Century to Magic Kingdom: $46

It appears the pricing is $2.75 per mile plus the $15 base amount.

Regular Lyft example:

lyft orlando pricing from MK to AK

And now the Minnie Van comparison.


Minnie Van pricing from Magic Kingdom to Animal Kingdom Sept 2018

Minnie Vans Convenience

However, when you need to get from the resort to the runDisney expo pretty quickly with kids and a stroller in tow, it is a no-brainer.

Mommy, Evelyn, and Stitch catching a quick nap on the Disney Bus.

Minnie Vans Service Example 1

Our driver suggested that we make a pit stop at the gas station on property to pick up some bottled waters for the kids, instead of spending 3x as much in the park.

Minnie Vans Service Example 2

Our aunt (staying at Disney’s Pop Century Resort) texted us that she had been waiting about 20+ minutes for a bus and was afraid she’d be late meeting us so our driver swooped by her resort to pick her up with us.

Minnie Vans Service Example 3

The music.

The music is amazing.

Disney – offer a way for me to buy this for our own Minnie Van.

disney's minnie van service

Disney’s Minnie Vans Service: Available Resorts

You will be able to get the Minnie Van service at all Disney resorts and theme parks.

Here’s a list of rideshare drop-off locations at Disney World.

We love that you can now access the Minnie Vans all over the Disney World resort.

It’s a perfect way to get from resort to resort when the Disney World fun runs return!

Beignet Dash fun run at Port Orleans French Quarter
Beignet Dash fun run at Port Orleans French Quarter. Photo: Instagram @3DPropStudios

Minnie Vans at Other Disney Area Resorts

Minnie Vans are available at additional Disney area resorts.

You should be able to utilize the service from the following locations:

  • Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort
  • Shades of Green
  • Walt Disney World Swan Hotel
  • Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel
  • Walt Disney World Swan Reserve

Disney’s Minnie Vans Service From MCO Airport

When Minnie Vans return in June 2022, MCO service will NOT be offered. This may change, but for now, you cannot get a Minnie Van from the Orlando Airport.

Minnie Vans from Lyft Orlando can be taken to and from the MCO airport

So taking the bus services from MCO doesn’t sound like your jam.

I get it. Sometimes I don’t want to wait for the cheaper but lengthy transportation option either.

I mean, the churros aren’t going to eat themselves!

girl standing next to a Minnie Van from Lyft Orlando

Car Seats and Accessible Minnie Vans Available

Minnie Vans come with 2 car seats for the kids!

Which is a huge selling point at the end of the night.

You can also request an Accessible Minnie Van through the Lyft App.

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