Dumbo Double Dare: Running Costume Reveal

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If there’s a Disney run happening, you know I’m going to be doing it in costume.

I love dressing up and taking pictures in the parks.? It’s the biggest appeal to a runDisney race.

I’ve been a Step-Sister, a Chimney Sweep, an Evil Emperor, Club 33 China, the most handsome man in town, and a few other characters over the years.


running costume collage



Since I know I’m not going to win (place, show… um, finish in the time limits? ha!) I figure I need to look GOOD. I do my best to be creative and pick costumes that might stand out.

The Disneyland Half Marathon weekend is a tough one though.

It’s hot, y’all.

I anticipate a repeat of last year, which was pretty straight up miserable.


DL 10K weather 2013

GAH. This was a nightmare.


My response has been to go back to basics.? Start with running clothes and pretty much end with them.

I was stumped for this year’s races.? About a month out I still had no idea what to wear.

Thankfully my friends in the Running/Race Costumes Facebook group gave me some ideas.

One was inadvertent. A costumer posted an ADORABLE costume based off It’s a Small World.? I wanted to kick myself for not thinking of it first!

This is the 50th birthday of It’s a Small World and my little one, #OhLucy, adores that ride!? Would have been a fun nod to her and the longevity of Walt’s vision to run in a classic, right?

I don’t like to copy others if I know they are planning something for a race.? I decided Small World would not happen this year.

What to do?? Wait- there’s another classic ride with a big birthday going on this year.

And it happens to be my husband’s FAVORITE ride at Disneyland.


close sign


Yep.? That sealed it.

Happy 45th Birthday, Haunted Mansion!



Haunted Mansion Maid Running costume Apron


This will be my costume for the 10K.? Tech tank and black Sparkleskirts.com as the base layer.

The maid costume is an apron that ties around my back and waist.? It’s very light and simple to run in.

And of course, I’ll be wearing matching Jamberry nails.


HM 2 Nail Sheet


I originally planned to use this for the half, but after looking at the map for my bathrooms post, I realized we didn’t go by Haunted Mansion during the half.? And I? want a picture in front of the Mansion gates!

I searched Pinterest for inspiration and found this post from Sierra Runs.? She ran as the Haunted Mansion maid last year.

My original plan was to buy the fabric from Spoonflower.com but HOLY WOW that was expensive.

Sierra’s much, much, MUCH cheaper plan included plain green fabric and a sharpie. $6, guys.? SIX DOLLARS!

I just needed a load of patience to make those stripes.

Um, yeah.? No.

I am short on patience these days, thankyouverymuch.

Enter my sainted mother.? She striped the costume by hand and pieced it together for me.

Side note: She also made this when I was about 5 years-old.




She rocks.? And no, you can’t have her.

The half now needed some inspiration.? I had no idea what I wanted to be and even considered reusing Mrs. Incredible from last year because it was so simple!

My pal Jane helped me out.? She suggested that I just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…


Nemo running costume


nemo running costume collage


I owned the white Sparkleskirts.com skirt already.? I found the perfect orange tank for $6 at Walmart.


The hat didn’t cost me more than $15 all in (I’m making the eyes for Nemo’s face).? The striping and vinyl came from the awesome Miranda at DesignsByMKC.

And the nails will be fun too: Under the Sea, right?

nemo jams

I’m really tickled with these costumes.? They didn’t take too much effort (okay, not on my part-? I won’t speak for Miranda or mom!) and I should be able to run comfortably in both costumes.

No elaborate props this time: the name of the game is don’t die and have some fun.

I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with this year!

Are you running Disneyland this weekend?? What costume will you be wearing?

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