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Emotional Quotes From The Whale

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Don’t miss this incredible performance by Brendan Fraser! We’ve got the emotional quotes from The Whale (2022 movie) for you to revisit.

quotes from the whale brendan fraser

About The Whale (2022 movie)

From Darren Aronofsky comes The Whale, the story of a reclusive English teacher who attempts to reconnect with his estranged teenage daughter.

Starring Brendan Fraser and based on the acclaimed play by Samuel D. Hunter.

Watch The Whale trailer here.

Read the parents guide for The Whale age rating here.

Emotional Quotes From The Whale

-The camera on my laptop still doesn’t work, you’re not missing much – Charlie

-I just hate the thought of you being sealed up in this place while I’m not here – Liz quotes from The Whale

-Pain in my chest, hard to breathe. I couldn’t intake air – Charlie

-I always wheeze, Liz – Charlie

-You’re young, why would you want to believe that the world is going to end – Liz

-Believe me, he doesn’t want to hear about your life – Liz

-It killed his boyfriend – Liz

movie quotes from The Whale Brendan Fraser

-We don’t need you coming over here, especially not now, not this week – Liz

-Stop saying you’re sorry and go to the hospital – Liz

-You have congestive heart failure, if you don’t go to the hospital you’ll be dead within a week – Liz

-You say you’re sorry again I’ll push a knife straight into you, I swear to g-d – Liz

-This book made me think about my own life – Charlie quotes from The Whale

-Does this mean I’m gonna get fat – Ellie

-You look beautiful – Charlie

-Well of course I care! I’ll pester your mom for information as often as she’ll give it to me – Charlie

-I posted something about my stupid b!tch lab partner that the principal said was mildly threatening – Ellie

-I’m a smart person. I never forget anything, high school is just bullsh!t – Ellie

-I’m not spending time with you. You’re disgusting – Ellie

-You’d still be that piece of sh!t dad who walked out in me when I was 8. All so he could f@ck one of his students – Ellie

movie quotes from The Whale Sadie Sink

-Maybe you could do some writing just for me – Charlie

-Plus, I’m a teacher-I want to make sure you’re getting something out of this – Charlie

-Stand up and walk over here towards me – Ellie

-Everything ok in there? – Dan quotes from The Whale

-Apparently, you f@cking do – Liz

-I don’t need a little machine to tell me to take a few deep breaths and stop sweating – Charlie

-You haven’t seen her since she was 8 years old and now you’re gonna do her homework? – Liz

-I’m worried she’s forgotten what an amazing person she is – Charlie

-Chew your food like a normal human being, you could have just died right in front of me! – Liz

-I’m sorry, Liz – Charlie

-Just pick a sentence from the reading and say it’s good or some sh!t – Charlie

-Think about the truth of your argument – Charlie

-My titles better – Ellie

-If you’re gonna interrogate me, I’m gonna do the same thing – Ellie

-I told you- I never forget anything – Ellie

-What’s more surprising, that a gay guy has a daughter or that they actually found his penis – Ellie

-I just wanna help – Thomas

-What the f@ck is he doing here – Liz quotes from The Whale

-It’s a fat guy wheelchair – Liz

-Denying him to the end – Liz

-I’ve been coming here for a while now. Just thought you might want to know my name – Dan

-I hate everyone – Ellie/Charlie

-I kind of hate you – Ellie 

-You don’t have to be angry at the whole world. You can just be mad at me – Charlie

-People are @ssholes – Ellie 

-Most people learn that way too late. You taught me that when I was 8. – Ellie

-Who would want me to be a part of their life – Charlie

-You’re an amazing person Ellie, I hope you know what an amazing person you are. I couldn’t ask for a more incredible daughter – Charlie

-I’m done answering questions now – Ellie quotes from The Whale

-It doesn’t help people to tell them they should believe in god. Why would that help people? – Ellie

-You think I would believe you were coming over here from all the kindness of your heart? – Ellie’s mom/Mary

-Just f@cking die already – Ellie

movie quotes from The Whale Brendan Fraser

-She’s gonna spend it on face tattoos or ponies or something – Ellie’s mom/Mary

-I never knew you were doing this to yourself – Ellie’s mom/Mary

-She’s awful, isn’t she? She’s a terror and you think it’s my fault -Ellie’s mom/Mary

-Charlie, she’s evil – Ellie’s mom

-That’s your response? – Ellie’s mom

-The only reason you married me in the first place was to have a kid, I know that. – Ellie’s mom/Mary

-You sound awful – Ellie’s mom/Mary quotes from The Whale

-I’m dying, Mary – Charlie

-Mary, she doesn’t have anyone else. – Charlie

-I need to know that I have done one thing right with my life – Charlie

-I wasn’t the best-looking guy in the room but Alan loved me. He thought I was beautiful. – Charlie

-I hope that there isn’t a g-d and there isn’t an afterlife so Alan can’t see me like this – Charlie 

-Go home to your family – Charlie

-These assignments don’t matter, this course doesn’t matter, college doesn’t matter. These amazing, honest, things that you wrote, they matter – Charlie

-I really hate you for putting me through this again – Liz

-I don’t think I believe anyone can save anyone – Liz

-She was trying to help him. She was trying to send him home – Charlie

-Do you ever get the feeling that people are incapable of not caring – Charlie

-People are amazing – Charlie quotes from The Whale

-I’m sorry for leaving you, I was in love and I left you behind. You did not deserve that – Charlie

-You’re amazing, this essay is amazing, this essay is you – Charlie

-You’re the best thing I’ve ever done – Charlie

-Ellie, you’re perfect. You’ll be happy – Charlie

-You’ll help if you read it to me – Charlie

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