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Fall Free Dining RUMORS | Be Prepared

Fall Free Dining RUMORS | Be Prepared

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Everyone wants to know when the Free Dining promotion will happen at Walt Disney World.

And this year there’s a VERY strong discussion about it going on in cyberspace with rumors saying it’s happening soon.

Very soon.

As in TOMORROW for the Visa holders and later this week for the general public.


BOG Patty


If those rumors are true, this week is going to be banana pants for bookings.  Free Dining means just that:  when you book specific resorts your party will receive free dining as part of their booking package.

If you’ve ever prepared a Walt Disney World vacation then you know three things:  it’s expensive; planning is key; and dining is a BIG deal.

Expenses: free food is a beautiful thing when you are talking Disney meals!

Planning: being able to stay in the resort you want with the discounts you need takes planning.  Free Dining rooms are snapped up within hours the first day they open.  This is serious stuff.

Dining: Depending on the dates you plan to to visit, your 180 day window for dining may be open NOW.  Which, not to freak you out, means you may be behind the best food options if you wait to book.  Especially once Free Dining is announced.

‘Ohana, Be Our Guest, and Cinderella’s Royal Table are the big 3 that are VERY hard to grab after the 180-day window.

Check when your 180 day dining window falls HERE.


Don’t panic.  There’s still time. But if you are looking at September or October you REALLY need to get working on this trip.


Summer Free Dining at Disney World Announced!

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