Disneyland’s MaxPass Closes Loopholes

FastPass MaxPass at Disneyland is scheduled to roll out on the 19th of July. Say goodbye to the traditional FastPass and hello to the digital age.

This optional paid program allows guests to book Disney FastPass reservations through the Disneyland Resort app and allows unlimited Disney PhotoPass downloads for the day.

Guide to Disneyland max pass FastPass

Sounds pretty good, no? Going digital is the norm in this day and age and being able to book without trekking across the park is nice.

But there are a few catches.

Disneyland regulars will find some of the previous loopholes closed with this new system.

Your FastPasses are now linked to your ticket. No more sharing of FastPasses, my friends!

I love gifting people with a surprise unused FastPass as I left the park but this will no longer be possible.

Paper FastPasses Disneyland replaced with maxpass

A friend handed me this extra Big Thunder FP as she left the park, but of course, I didn’t have her ticket so it went unused.

I also discovered that the two parks are no longer disconnected. You will not be able to have a FastPass in DCA and another in Disneyland as you could in the past.

I started in DCA and grabbed a 2pm Radiator Springs Racer FP before hopping to Disneyland.  When I tried to get a Big Thunder FP I got this instead:

Paper FastPasses Disneyland replaced with maxpass



MaxPass Details

Disney MaxPass will cost $10 per person, per ticket, per day. Guests may purchase Disney MaxPass when they purchase their ticket, or as an add-on through the Disneyland App once they enter either theme park.

If you don’t want to schedule in advance, you can still scan your ticket for a FastPass at attractions for free.

Disneyland Resort Annual Passholders also will have the option of purchasing Disney MaxPass for $75. Signature Plus passholders will receive Disney MaxPass at no additional cost, as part of their annual passport entitlement.

You can read more about the program at TravelingMom.

If you've been to Disneyland and used the paper FastPass system: be warned. A big change is coming with Disney's MaxPass and it closes a few loopholes!

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