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February in Review | Tuesdays on the Run

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My Month So Far

February started out ROUGH – but ended strong!

Once I got back from the Dopey Challenge, I give myself a much-needed break from running. Plus, my hip was still really giving me a lot of issues, so I thought it was best to sit it out for a little while.

Little did I know, that little while was going to last a long while.

After finally getting in with a Physical Therapist, his immediate answer to begin solving my pain was to stop running.


I reluctantly agreed but started to get super nervous knowing that the Princess Half Marathon was right around the corner.

Rest and Recovery

Going through Physical Therapy was (is) interesting. I had to laugh at myself because a lot of the things he has me doing while I am there are things that were included in the strength training portion of the Train Like a Mother plan (that I was really bad about actually doing)!

Maybe, just maybe, if I had done what I was supposed to do, I wouldn’t be injured?

I guess we’ll never know!

February Running

There wasn’t much of it.

At all.

According to our Run The Year team – I only clocked in a total of 11 training miles for the entire month.


Obviously, I started to get a little bit nervous about the races at the end of the month.

My Physical Therapist was never too terribly concerned, and never once mentioned me needing to sit them out.

I’m still undecided if he didn’t mention it because he knew I’d be fine, or if it was because he knew it wouldn’t do any good and I was going to run it anyway…

we did a LOT of walking while I was "resting"

Princess Half Marathon – The 5K

The 5K for this race was beyond fun. I ran it with two of my very best friends, we had matching outfits, and really enjoyed our time together.

The pace was slow and steady, we ran through our favorite park, and finished with smiles on our faces.

The medal was a great one, too. My favorite part is the ribbon is Rapunzel’s hair… clever, Disney!

Princess Half Marathon – The 10K

This one was probably my most favorite. I absolutely love the 10K distance!

It’s just long enough to be a challenge, but not too terribly long. So, as soon as you start to think “what did I get myself in to?” – the race is over!

Really, perfect length.

I ran this one with Meghan and I convinced her to dress as a Stepsister. This is probably my favorite costume we have done so far. Every piece just kind of fell into place until we had the perfect outfit!

Plus, how great are those shirts?

The medal for this race is great, too… gotta love a spinner…


Princess Half Marathon – The Half Marathon

I have a very cool post to write about this.

In a nutshell, I decided to join a group of internet strangers in the “Dead Last Start” challenge. This is where we wait and start the race at the end of the last corral with the balloon ladies… and then see how many people we can pass.

It was never really about PASSING other runners, it’s was about proving to myself that I can do whatever I set my mind to. And it was about proving that you can have a great race no matter what corral you start in!

I started this race with strangers and ended the race with friends.  And a Mickey Ice Cream bar.

It was an incredible experience and I can’t wait to tell you all more about it!

And the MEDALS!

Snow White’s apple is on point… and that Fairy Tale Challenge medal maaaaaay be one of my most favorite designs.  Simple and classic!

So there you have it – February (and really the end of January too) in a nutshell. It was an interesting month with not enough miles… but I am hoping the work I did this month will help me ramp it up next month!  Next up – Rock n Roll Dallas Half Marathon!


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Sarah is a minivan driving, coffee drinking, runDisney running, business owning, Netflix watching, mother of two little girls. She married her big burly husband, Brandon, 8 years ago in a small chapel in Maui. Then she had 2 babies in 2 years – Evelyn and Olivia. She lives way too close to her parents, and her toenails are always painted red.


  • I hope that the PT helped and your hip is feeling better! Its great that you were able to do those races- they sound like a lot of fun!

    • Sarah Bergman says:

      It is helping a LOT – I am going to go a few more times and make sure I know what I’m doing moving forward so I don’t hurt myself again…

  • Wendy says:

    I don’t know how I feel about that dead last challenge. It would be fun for the people who were doing the challenge but I wonder how the BOTP feels having all those people pass them up.

    Congrats on all your races!

    • Sarah Bergman says:

      We spent a lot of time talking to people while we were running. If we ever heard anyone mention a worry about getting swept – we got to tell them that we started with the balloons… and they had X time buffer between them! It was SO awesome to help calm people down along the way… as soon as someone knew they had 20+ minutes or X miles… they could relax and have a little more fun! It was SUCH a cool experience!

  • Glad the PT is helping!

    Come run ZOOMA with me! Ping me if you are interested and we can meet up.

  • Great job on your challenge this past weekend. I love all those medals! Doesn’t Disney have the best medals? Cute outfits on you ladies for the 5k.

  • Karen says:

    Great job with the race, and I love those medals, especially the Fairy Tale Challenge one! I took a huge break after Dopey, too…and not all of it was on purpose. Oh well!

    • Sarah Bergman says:

      I think a good break after Dopey is a good idea and very well deserved… but when it’s forced and a little longer than planned it’s definitely a mind game!!

  • meliss says:

    good luck with your hip – yhope it feels better soon. And wow – how did you run all that much? Those medals are pretty cool, though. The Rapunzel one is so fun!

  • Marcia says:

    Way to rock all those race on minimal training. I felt the same way going in to Gasparilla but one way or another it got done. All the medals are so nice!

  • AmyC says:

    I don’t know how many times I have wondered about my role in causing my injuries…the what ifs and if onlys were endless. Like you, I’ll never know! Looks like you had a great race weekend though, so good for you! I’ve always been super impressed by those of you who can run ALL the races.

  • Lesley says:

    I was envious enough of those who did the 10k with that medal, and then i found out the middle spins, and the other side is the bear symbol. Oh, want, REALLY want!!

    • Sarah Bergman says:

      Hah! Yes – it’s a VERY cool medal. The 10K ones are always some of my favorites from the weekend! They’re cool without being crazy.

  • those medals are so cool! And isn’t it funny how we know what we are supposed to be doing, but it’s not until we hurt again that we pay attention? I so need to get back to my MYRTL routine . . .

  • Disney does know a thing (or several) about medals 😉 And, you know a thing (or several) about great costumes and having a great time on the race course. What a fun adventure!

  • Those medals are so awesome!!! Those make me want to run a Disney race just for the bling. haha!

    Glad PT is helping! And I absolutely LOVE your step sisters outfits!! haha. So cool!!

  • I’ve been wanting to do another Disney race too but the cost is ridiculous! Those medals are pretty though. 🙂

  • The Disney medals were really beautiful this year, congratulations! I hope that things go better for you in March and that you’ll be able to do more miles!

  • The Disney medals were really beautiful this year, congratulations! I hope that things go better for you in March and that you’ll be able to do more miles!

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