How To Find Rose Gold Ears at Disney (Because You Know You Need Them)

I wasn’t going to get all caught up in the hysteria, but there I was, picking up about 5 pairs of rose gold ears at Disney during my trip in November. (Hey, I have friends AND daughters!) The elusive rose gold ears were just begging to be bought! How’d that happen? Right place, right time, perhaps. After talking to a few Cast Members and spending some days in the parks I learned a few tips on how to find rose gold ears at Disney.


how to find rose gold ears at Disney world and Disneyland


Ever since the first pair of rose gold ears hit Instagram this summer, people have been on the search for these little beauties.

I didn’t think I had a real interest in them, but I walked past a group of girls in Downtown Disney wearing them. In person, they are just gorgeous.

Seeing the beautiful sparkle and classic color in person, I suddenly found myself counted among the (mostly) millennial rose gold followers. I wanted a pair and thankfully was able to find them almost immediately.

Here are a few tips to find rose gold ears at Disney. Hope this helps your hunt for Mouse Ear perfection!


How To Find Rose Gold Ears at Disney


1. Follow social media for clues to Find Rose Gold Ears at Disney.

Be a modern day Scooby Doo and search for #rosegoldears or #rosegoldminnieears on social media to find the clues!

As soon as someone finds a stash, they post it on Facebook or Instagram. I’ve seen more posts over the past few months announcing locations with racks of rose gold ears for sale than almost any other Disney specific item.

Sorry, Alex & Ani and Dooney & Bourke, but you’ve been bumped.

If you spot the hashtag in current use and are at the parks, start asking Cast Members where you might be able to find them.

If you are at home and see a friend posting online about them, you might want to shoot a text or PM real quickly and see if they are up for doing you a solid.

Bonus if that friend in an AP because you do get a nice discount on the ears for holding an Annual Pass.


2. Look in the Larger Shops to Find Rose Gold Ears at Disney.

So you’re on the hunt! Don’t waste too much time with the small stuff.

I never saw the ears on the kiosks or carts, but I did see them in some of the bigger shops at Disneyland.

We struck out at World of Disney but struck rose gold at Elias & Co. on Buena Vista Street in Disney California Adventure.


how to find rose gold ears at Disney world and Disneyland

Other locations that are known to carry the ears from time to time include MouseGears in Epcot, World of Disney in Disney Springs or Downtown Disney, and Magic Kingdom’s Emporium.

3. Pay Attention to Other Guests to Find Rose Gold Ears at Disney. 

While one of the ladies traveling with me was specifically looking for the ears (Ahem, Julia, the Minnie Mouse Ear Queen), it wasn’t until we saw that group of girls in Downtown Disney sporting theirs that we had some hope we’d find them.

So pay attention to the guests around you.

Look for groups of women wearing the ears and then ask when/where they purchased them. If they aren’t locals, you might stand a chance of finding some in stock!


how to find rose gold ears at Disney world and Disneyland

Yep. We were TOTALLY that group.



4. Don’t Wait. 

If you get a lead and hear they are available, go ahead and mosey on over to the nearest store to purchase.

Don’t wait until you finish that Dole Whip; take it with you and get moving!

Once the word gets out on Main Street, USA that they are available rose gold inventory shrinks quickly.

Buyers are limited to 10 pairs each.

Good luck! The ears seem to show up in batches, with a new shipment every month or so. Most Cast Members don’t know when they are scheduled to arrive, but it’s worth asking, right?

Oh, and don’t bother with the Shop the Parks App.


how to find rose gold ears at Disney world and Disneyland


Whomp Whomp. Not a pair of ears in sight!

So far, they have not been found on the app. That could change as people start looking at the next big thing in Minnie ears, but for now, don’t expect to see them on the app anytime soon.

Speaking of the next big thing in Minnie ears, have you seen the vintage Minnie ears yet?!



We all love those rose gold ears but there's a new set of ears on the horizon. Vintage Minnie ears are here and we are LIVING FOR THEM. Here's how you can find vintage Minnie ears at Disney.


how to find rose gold ears at Disney world and Disneyland

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