First Look! Disney’s Aladdin Poster and Teaser Trailer

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Never… had… a friend… like… meeeee! You know you’re singing it already! And on May 24, 2019, Disney’s Aladdin is back in theaters as a live action feature. This is the first look at Disney’s Aladdin poster and teaser trailer (with my reaction video too!).


Aladdin cast selfie

Cast of Disney’s Aladdin and their epic first day of work selfie.


Alright, hands down, Aladdin is my most favorite Disney animated movie.

Why? Because it essentially acted like my gateway drug back to the Disney fold as a jaded teen. This movie is pretty much why I’m the way I am when it comes to all things Disney.

So now you know who to blame. Ahem.




We’ve got the first looks at Disney’s Aladdin tonight, which is coming to theaters on May 24, 2019. I know what I’m doing over Memorial Day weekend, how about you?!

Let’s check it out!


First Look! Disney’s Aladdin Poster and Teaser Trailer

A few years ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Animator Eric Goldberg. You know him better as the guy who created and draws Genie in the animated film.

He’s so cool, just like his Genie!

Or- MY Genie. Yes, he drew this for me and yes, I had tears watching him do it.


Genie drawing by Eric Goldberg


In that post I go on a bit about how much Aladdin means to me- so check it out if you feel the same.

Genie, well, I?think he’s a cool dude.


The Genie on the Disney World Marathon course

When I saw the Genie on the 2016 Disney World Marathon course, there was no question: I was stopping! Wish granted!


While Robin Williams will never ever ever be replaced (you don’t have to fight me on that one!), I do believe Will Smith is going to make an amazing Genie.

Smith has also been someone I’ve grown up with, in a sense. His “Parents Just Don’t Understand” was my first memorized rap and, yes, I can and will bust it out to this day.

But enough about why I’m excited, let’s get to the good stuff so you can be excited too!


Disney’s Aladdin Poster

It’s gorgeous and evokes #allthefeels over here.


Disney's Aladdin Movie Poster


Dang… that’s pretty, y’all.


Disney’s Aladdin Teaser Trailer

Also pretty? This trailer.

It’s short, but it does the job it was meant to do. I’m teased and I want more!

Check it out!



Are we ready for this?



Aladdin Trailer Reaction Video

You can also check out my Aladdin trailer reaction video if you are curious to how I, a self-proclaimed Aladdin superfan, reacted in real time to this exciting information.

Which… c’mon, you know you are! Go ahead and check it out (and subscribe and leave me a comment if you want to!).



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ALADDIN?releases in theatres everywhere on May 24, 2019!


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