My Five Dream Disney Vacations

Dream vacations, eh?  I could probably come up with quite a list of places that I’d love to visit.


But as you know I’m a bit of a Disney fan, and there are a couple of Disney locations I haven’t visited, so this list is going to be about those.

Assume of course we’d have plenty of time to explore the surrounding areas and non-Disney attractions.  I mean, I’m not a total heathen; I’d love to spend some time seeing the history of the world.

Dream Disney Vacations

  1. Disneyland Paris.  My husband was overseas last year and made a one day trip to Paris.  Because I made him.  I was dying to get a report from Disneyland Paris, and since I don’t even have a passport right now (I know, I know!), he got the nod.  He’s not the Disney fan that I am, but he was up for the task.  He said it wasn’t anywhere as nice as the American parks, hated the smokers (sorry, Europe!), but loved Space Mountain.  He says I don’t need to visit, but you know, I disagree.  runDisney Paris 2017— I’m still wishing on that star!
  2. Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo DisneySea. I’ve always been fascinated with Japan, ever since I was a little girl.  Going there would be on ANY dream vacation list, but you know, if there’s a Disney park thrown into the mix, I’m all over that action.
  3. Shanghai Disney Resort.  This is the newest park and friends that have gone said it’s spectacular.  I saw a bit of information about it at D23 last summer.
    DL Shanghai
    I am NOT as jazzed about this one. I’ve heard it’s out in the middle of nowhere, and it takes an hour via a scary bus ride (roads not the best) just to get from nearest city to the park. But the biggest draw for me- besides being Disney? The TRON Lightcycle Power Run attraction looks crazy cool.
  4. Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.  I need to see this version of Sleeping Beauty’s castle.  Since I adore the #tinycastle in my home park of Disneyland, I know it would feel like home- sorta.  Or I might react like this.
  5. Aulani Resort.  My favorite resort at Walt Disney World is the Polynesian Village Resort.  When I got to stay there (once!) I likened it to a cheaper version of a Disney-Hawaiian vacation.  It was the whole package for me: Disney plus Hawaii. Goals achieved. Or so I thought.

    Sniff. The old lobby sure was special!

    Disney had to plus things, as they do, and create a Disney-Hawaiian vacation. Though not quite as cheap.  Ahem. But it’s my #1 dream to visit and spend a week there. If you have been, go ahead and regale me with tales of perfection. I can take it. Oh- and of course, if your dream is to go there too: I can help with that! #TravelAgent

Do you have a dream Disney park?  What is on your top five vacations list?


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