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Free Flow Friday

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Yesterday I SWORE it was Friday.

I even cheerily kissed my hubby as he took off to work and said HAPPPPYYY FRIIIIDAY!

He thought I was a smarty pants and deadpanned: Dude. It’s Thursday. Only. Thursday.

Ooops. Sorry, Babe.

But hey, TODAY is Friday, really, so I’ll say it again:?HAPPPPYYY FRIIIIDAY!

Dumb and Dumber: Five Things Friday: let's hear the good stuff going on this weekend.

Free Flow Friday


I’ve been sleeping for crap lately. Isn’t it summer? Aren’t we all supposed to woohoo sleep in? Yeah… not so much.

Big projects stress me out, but knocking them out of the park make me REALLY happy I took them on. Go me!

We just got home from a staycation, and I think I’m ready for another. Ha.

The Arizona Grand was LOVELY, and I think this is someplace we’d go back every year. We’ll just bring more sunscreen next time because my kids are hurting still today!

I’ll try to get a review up on the blog next week in case you are looking for Arizona destinations.

AZ Grand 1

Speaking of travel, I had a couple of people ask for Hawaii vacation quotes, which in turn got me hooked on the idea of going to Hawaii. It’s not in the financial cards this year, dang it. We were thisclose to living there as a young Army couple, but fate moved us to Savannah, Georgia instead.

Phoenix Comicon is this weekend! My Geek flag will be flying. It’s probably Mr. Shenanigans favorite time of the year as well, even though our Geekiness go in very different directions. Follow on Twitter and Instagram for costumes and panel info all weekend long!

phx cc 2015

I’m eating healthy again.

And drinking #allthewater #allthetime.

And it all feels pretty good. Tastes good too. But dang… I sure miss sugar. Which is obvi my problem. Le sigh.

And Yum!

stir fry

It’s so weird how my mental patterns are, well, patterns every year. March to May I’m in a slump, but I tend to pull it together come June.

My daughters have been A-DOR-ABLE together this summer. I know a time will come when the older doesn’t want anything to do with her baby sister (we’ve been watching Full House around here, so I know it’s coming, Steph and D.J.) but I hope this sweetness sticks around.

Claire and Lucy dancing

My boys? They’ve always gotten along and this summer is no different. Mostly anyway. They are loudly playing video games, wrestling, and being annoying to the girls. So, yeah, that’s been fun.

Here are a few fun things you may have missed this week on the blog; the holiday sometimes throws a wrench at my blog reading!

When I showed off my Super Hero Smile.

When I found Chris Evans biceps blog worthy.

I?ran a 5K only because it had a cool shirt. What- you would too. It’s PURTY.

And when I reminded people of all the reasons to runDisney. ALL of them. The definitive list!

Hey, guys… it’s Friday. Let’s make it a great one. Oh, and maybe keep your kids out of wild animal enclosures this weekend, mmkay?

Happy Friday!

Sharing is caring!

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Saturday 4th of June 2016

I looked at your IG pics. Phoenix comic con seems fun! I wish San Diego wasn't impossible to get into. Maybe next year I'll figure out how to justify a drive across the desert. I'm already going to be there for Rock and Roll in January. What's one more road trip?


Sunday 5th of June 2016

Seriously! Except June is much hotter than January lol

Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy

Friday 3rd of June 2016

HI is awesome. We've been 3 times. But we don't have kids; can't imagine that trip with kiddos (although my brother has done it).

I'm looking forward to a fairly boring June, actually, the last couple of months were a whirlwind!


Friday 3rd of June 2016

Yeah- taking kids will mean saving up a bit. The airfare is rough!

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