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Four Ways To Energize Your Day & Clear Your Brain | Jeff Galloway

Jeff Galloway is my go-to guy when it comes to all things running.  If you ever get the chance to chat with him before or after a race, I am sure you will agree he is just the most peaceful runner around.

I trust his suggestions.  I’ve just got put them into practice!

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These tips were sent to me as part of the Jeff Galloway Blogger program and they honestly came at a perfect time for me.

I’m in a bit of a brain drain.  This week has been rough mentally as I navigate the fact that my parents moved away, my kids’ baseball seasons are in high gear, my husband is leaving on a week-long trip- oh, and when he gets back, I’ll be leaving too!  There’s not enough time in the day to do all the laundry much less anything else it seems!

Thankfully these high stress times don’t happen too frequently around here.  But I’d be lying to say we weren’t all feeling the pinch right now.

Jeff submitted four ways to energize your day and clear your brain for me to share with you.  I think he nailed these suggestions and plan to put them into practice immediately!

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•        Walk or run, one day and a walk (or cross train) the next.  While the exertion will wake up the muscles, you’re away from the phone, allowing the mind a little freedom.  Most who start with a blank mental state, finish their exercise session with the day planned, and a few new ways to deal with problems.  Others like to walk/run during lunch hour, while munching on an energy bar.  This can clear out morning stress and prepare mind-body for the challenges of the afternoon.  Many evening exercisers believe that the weight of the day’s stress is erased or contained with the after-work workout.  Scheduling these outings gives you control over your existence.

•        Don’t sit–walk!.  The addition of a few extra short walks, throughout the day, will energize the body and activate the mind.  Park farther away from work, the food store, the transit station, etc.  Many of my clients use a step counter (like this one: Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband) for motivation and calorie counting.  It helps to find one that is consistent and reliable. Shoot for 10,000 steps a day.  You are rewarded for  getting out of your chair (or  the couch) more often.  These short walks burn fat, which adds up (up to 30 pounds a year!).  The best reward is the head clearing effect, which can power you through the mid morning or mid afternoon energy crises.  Even a 3-4 minute “recess” walk at work, can result in clearer thinking, more energy, and greater self-confidence.

•        Eat more frequently.  Each time you eat, even a small snack, you’ll boost your energy level. The longer you wait to eat, the more likely your metabolism will slump into drowsiness and laziness.  This also means that you’re not burning many calories.  If you divide up your daily calorie budget into 6-9 snacks a day you’ll burn more fat (up to 10 pounds a year).  Eat a snack every 2-3 hours, and you can feel better all day.  It helps to choose foods that have (percentage of calories vs total calories) about 20% protein, about 15% fat and the rest in complex carbohydrate.  This combination will leave you satisfied longer with fewer calories consumed.  To experience a fat loss, consumption can be managed through websites or journals.  For more information, check out the books written by Jeff & Barbara Galloway.

•        Help someone exercise. The psychological benefits are significant when you help someone improve the quality of their life.  Offer to walk (run, hike) with your spouse, parent, friend co-worker, child—or all of the above.  My books The Run-Walk-Run Method
have proven programs with motivation which can lead you  and your “coach-ee” through the training.

Jeff Galloway medal signing

Jeff signing my Castaway Cay Challenge medal on the Disney Dream.

Solid tips!  Does any of this sound like it would help you out? I’m eyeing number 4 with my daughter and husband requesting to run more with me! 

Disclosure:  Affiliate links included in this post. 

Patty Holliday is a Marvel loving, Disney obsessed wife, and mother of four. She’s a travel agent specializing in Disney & Universal vacations- and loves a candid confession. Find her in Virginia (or anywhere frequent flyer miles or her trusty minivan takes her.)


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