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Super Sweet Free Donut Valentine Printable (PDF)

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Calling all last-minute moms out there scrambling for printable valentines cards! I see you. I am you! And I have a super cute and easy option to help you save the day for Valentine’s Day for your kid’s class. It’s as easy as downloading these free donut Valentine printable cards. Order some cute donut pencils from Amazon Prime (affiliate links) and you are good to go!

donut valentine printables with a donut

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Card Printables

I’m a last-minute mom.

It’s who I am, and I’m not likely to change anytime soon.

Thankfully my kids know this and accept this about me!

They really are the sweetest kids and for that, I am so grateful to them.

I’m super last-minute when it comes to class gifts or special events. I’m pretty much the worst here.

I share this because- hey- you are not alone! And also: this was kinda a big deal that I got my act together in advance! Go me!

This year for Valentine’s Day I did make a bit more of an effort than in years past.

My little one (6-year-old) is just so sweet and loving and really wanted to do something special for her class for Valentine’s Day.

I couldn’t say no!

And after the snarky remarks from the older kids about how clearly she is my favorite (she is- wut- you know you have a favorite too!), they agreed that this year’s Valentine’s were sweet as can be.

free donut valentine printables (cards for kids classes)

Free Donut Valentine Printable (PDF)

My daughter not only wanted something pink but something, “Sweet too, momma!”

I am no fool- she was looking for some candy or actual donuts to take into her class.

I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of sending in donuts for the class since those poor teachers have enough to worry about.

24 kiddos hyped up on pink frosted donuts didn’t seem kind to do to them!

Donut Pencils with Donut Erasers

So we made a deal.

Pink donut pencil toppers for the win.

She was thrilled!

I was thrilled!

I think the class will be thrilled, too.

And Amazon Prime, once again, saves the day.

Kid holding donut erasers to go with printable Valentines cards

Free Donut Printables Valentine Cards PDF

I love printables.

As a mom with a crazy daily schedule, I access Pinterest printables for all kinds of things.

Recipes, workouts, coloring sheets, chore charts, and, of course, free printable Valentine’s cards.

Bless, you, Pinterest!

donut printable valentines cards

These cards were created just for moms & dads who feel the same way.

Go ahead- donut delay (see what I did there?) and download your free printable Valentine’s cards here.

donut printable valentines cards

You’ll find there is plenty of room for your little one to print their name in the “From:” field.

My daughter loved writing her name lovingly on each printable Valentine’s card for her classmates.


donut printable valentines cards

We simply taped the pencils across the front of the cards and had a cute little gift to go to school in no time.

Pinterest and Prime: truly modern mommy’s little helpers.

donut printable valentines cards

More Valentine options

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Donut Coloring Sheet

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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