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2024 Free Valentine’s Day Word Search Printable (PDF)

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Looking for a fun and educational word search puzzle to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Download your free Valentine’s Day word search printable PDF file before February 14th rolls around. Time to celebrate love with these Valentine’s Day words. It’s a great activity for kids at a class party to promote Valentine’s Day fun! Download the Valentine’s Day word search printables at the end of this post. Affiliate links may be included in this post.

valentines day word search printable pdf

What Is Valentine’s Day?

Celebrated on February 14 of every year, Valentine’s Day is the day that lovers express their affection for each other with gifts, cards, and acts of service.

There are many legends and tales suggesting the origin of St. Valentine’s Day, but our favorite is the story in which St. Valentine defied Emporer Claudius II Gothicus and secretly married couples.

This kept the husbands out of war and of course, furthered love throughout the land.

St. Valentine was martyred and now is celebrated annually on February 14th.

People of all ages around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day activities like a special meal with a loved one, exchanging gifts, or just spending time with someone they care about.

Don’t forget to check out these Valentine Latte Ideas!

valentine latte ideas red and white heart coffee cup

Printable Games: Free Printable Valentine’s Day Word Search (PDF File)

We’ve put together free printable word searches for you to share with your family or classroom for this fun holiday.

A few educational activities like a crossword puzzle, or a word scramble are perfect for this winter day activity. Add the Valentine’s Day word search puzzles to your lesson plan to help your kids learn about the day of love..

This addition to your own Valentine’s day party activities is something appropriate for elementary-school-aged children to enjoy. This easy Valentine word search is a fun way to keep your kids focused and quiet for a little bit.

home made valentine card. Valentines Day Word Search printable PDF.

Valentine’s Day Word Search Answer Key

You’ll be looking for the following themed words in the free word search puzzles.

Love Word Search: Word Lists

  • Saint Valentine
  • Cupid
  • Flowers
  • February 14
  • hearts
  • chocolate
  • wedding
  • proposal
  • cards
  • candy
  • roses are red
  • Hallmark
  • love
  • ValentinesDay
  • romantic
  • Be Mine
  • Gifts
  • Crush
  • Kiss
  • Sweetheart
  • red
  • smile
  • pink
  • hug
  • Dearest
  • friends
kids making valentines with an adult. Valentines Day Word Search printable PDF.

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valentines day word search printable pdf

This is a great way to use these free printables for a fun activity to promote holiday fun!

There are some fun ideas in there for kids of all ages and you are welcome to print them out for personal use or classroom use.

We hope you enjoyed this free printable Valentine’s Day word search puzzle- and, more importantly, that the kids learned a new skill hunting for hidden words with these word puzzles.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy this easy group activity for young children learning to read.

ps- check out these funny Valentine’s Day memes, too!

valentines memes taco tuesday. roses and tacos in the shape of a heart.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.