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The Hottest Frozen 2 Toys For Christmas

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Are your kids not letting it gooooo and asking for the best Frozen 2 toys for Christmas this year? You’re in luck: I’ve been to Arendelle (aka Amazon, both magical, so same same) and found the hottest Frozen 2 toys this year. These will make any good devotee of the franchise happy this holiday season. And most are found on Amazon – which means 2-day shipping for Prime members. (Affiliate links included in this post)

Frozen 2 toys for Christmas: merchandise and apparel for all ages

When Will Frozen 2 Toys Be Available?

Now, y’all! Disney wasted no time in making sure Frozen 2 toys would be ready and available for Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping. 

I’m sure there’s more coming our way, but I’m also pretty sure these toys from the franchise are going to be super hot once kids see Frozen 2

A lot of the good stuff is out NOW! 

Buy early and avoid any disappointment come Christmas morning. 

sven plush frozen 2 toys

Frozen 2 Sven Plush is going to be a hot Christmas toy!

The Best Frozen 2 Merchandise

The million-dollar question (and I’m probably underestimating that profit margin number by a bit- ha!) is what will be the best Frozen 2 merchandise this year?

That’s subjective; totally depends on if you stan Olaf, Elsa, Kristoff and Sven or Anna. 

Frozen 2 Dolls and plushes are probably going to be an easy choice. I mean, Reindeers Are Better Than People!

But Frozen 2 Funko Pops, LEGO sets, Elsa and Nokk and Bruni the Salamander mood lights are going to be clear winners.

Color changing salamander, amirite?!

frozen 2 salamander mood light

Best Frozen 2 Elsa Toys

She’s stunning in this movie and has some really powerful moments. 

Your kids are going to be singing Into the Unknown and Show Yourself all around the house: go ahead and accept this! 

Elsa is a queen and she needs to be celebrated. Here are some of the best Frozen 2 Elsa toys to buy this year. 

Frozen 2 Elsa Funko Pop!

Disney Frozen Singing Elsa Fashion Doll


Elsa Small Doll & The Nokk Figure Inspired by Frozen 2


 LEGO Disney Frozen 2 Arendelle Castle Village

Arenedelle Frozen 2 LEGO Village set


Best Frozen 2 Olaf Toys

Give our favorite snowman some warm hugs this year!

He’s got some of the best quotes in Frozen 2, that’s for sure, and you will fall in love with Olaf all over again. 

Olaf Funko Pop!


 Elsa, Anna, and Olaf Frozen 2 Deluxe Doll Set


 Olaf Frozen 2 Plush

Frozen 2 Anna Toys

Anna has a HUGE movie. HUGE! 

And I totally support this because I love Kristen Bell a whole lot, and loved singing along with her at the Frozen 2 press conference. From Veronica Mars to Anna of Arendelle, I love just about everything she does. 

So you might be guessing that all the Anna toys are coming home with me this year. Accurate. 

Anna Funko Pop!

 Frozen 2 Anna and Olaf Dolls


Frozen 2 Anna and Kristoff Dolls

Frozen 2 Anna Deluxe Styling Head

The Number One Requested Frozen 2 Toy 

If I had to bet on one toy being the number one requested Frozen 2 item, I’m going to say this one:

The Ultimate Arendelle Castle Playset

This is LEGIT, parents. And will give any Frozen 2 lover hours of creativity and playtime this holiday season. 

But this one is already is short supply; if you want the Arendelle Castle Playset, order that baby now!

Frozen 2 Arendelle Castle Playset

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The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Merchandise

Frozen 2 Sven plush toys holiday season for your family. #frozen2 #christmasgifts #holidaygifts #presents #toys”>


Frozen 2 toy list

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