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Funny Christmas Birthday Memes

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Having a December birthday is tough! Especially the closer you get to the holidays. But these funny Christmas birthday memes are here to help you laugh a bit (and maybe remind those around you to celebrate separately!)

funny christmas birthday meme. Success kid meme

December 24 and December 25th Birthdays

It can be a double whammy if you’re born on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day!

While it seems simple that you would get double the presents, that’s not the reality.

Most people with birthdays around these holidays admit they get the birthday present shaft.

Christmas is easy for everyone to remember: a specific person’s birthday… not so much.

We feel ya.

Hopefully, you can use some of these Christmas birthday memes to get your point across to those that should really know better by now!

funny christmas birthday memes- Santa Claus.
Even Santa has to be in on it! Ooof.

Funny Christmas Birthday Memes

Funny Christmas Birthday Memes- Elf smiling meme
Ha. Ha. Ha. But Buddy is adorable so we can’t be mad at him!
funny christmas birthday memes
True Story! funny Christmas birthday memes
success kid funny christmas birthday memes
Nope. Nope. Nope!
funny christmas birthday memes - birthday christmas eve
No- no it does not! On behalf of December birthdays everywhere.
funny christmas birthday meme panda
funny christmas birthday meme. share birthday with jesus
I mean… he’s not wrong here. That’s a tough one to compete against!
funny christmas birthday memes batman slaps robin
We’ll allow it. Slap away as needed.
steve harvey christmas birthday memes
funny christmas birthday memes, Crying Dawson-  birthday party
Never thought of this- but, yeah. Everyone born on Christmas has it rough as a kid!
funny christmas birthday meme girl
This look! The side eye says it all.

We wish all the Christmas-born babies a very Happy Birthday this year on December 24th and 25th!

And if you need a few funny Christmas birthday memes to get a point across, we hope these help.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.