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Funny Florida Hurricane Memes For 2022

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We know, we know… you aren’t really laughing when you hear a hurricane is coming right for you. Your home, family, or even a Walt Disney World vacation may be impacted by a storm. But maybe some of these Florida funny hurricane memes will take a bit of the edge off! Here are some good ones to help you ride out the end of hurricane season in Florida.

funny fall memes hurricane in florida

Funny Florida Hurricane Memes For 2022

We moved to Florida in the summer of 2004.

Yup, THAT summer. Where five hurricanes hit Florida– all within six weeks.

Lost power for a week, a fence for 3 months, and was ready to evacuate to Atlanta at a moment’s notice.

Welcome to Florida, friend!

If we’d had some good ol’ funny hurricane memes to keep us sane, it certainly would have been appreciated!

closed sign hurricane memes for Florida

When The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore Shows, You Know It’s Real

Ah, Jim. The Jim Cantore hurricane memes will never get old!

Until he retires, anyway. Then what will we do?

better not cry jim cantore hurricane memes
Jim Cantore florida funny hurricane memes

And don’t forget the other weathermen & women in Florida!

They work hard during these storms, though we secretly think they live for this ish.

denis phillips hurricane meme

Universal and Disney World Hurricane Memes

So about that “weather bubble” around Disney…

It does not exist, friends.

Hurricanes can (and do!) hit Walt Disney World as well. But we still say there’s no better place to ride out a storm!

hurricane meme disney world
disney world florida hurricane memes
cone of uncertainty florida hurricane meme
florida vs hurricane memes
twister hurricane meme universal orlando
Oh Thor!

More Florida Hurricane Memes

They do love their Publix down there!

florida hurricane memes publix
If you stood at attention with your hand on your heart, you might be a Floridian.
florida cakes hurricane memes
I mean, have you had a Publix cake before?!
IT hurricane meme water
Don’t fall for it! Ha!
water florida hurricane meme
heels hurricane memes
what floridans are scared of florida hurricane memes
This is truth. Losing power (and therefore AC) for a week was ROUGH. Zero stars, do not recommend.
eat vegan florida hurricane meme
This really made us laugh!
namaste hurricane meme
Okay, if you’re gonna stay, please be careful and be prepared! Hunker down, FL.

Hope these funny Florida hurricane memes made you laugh for a minute, anyway!

Stay safe, Floridians!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.