Give the Gift of Cheerios

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Thanks for allowing me to share the gift of Cheerios.

I know I’ve told you this before, but I’m an awful gift giver. This is just not one of my natural talents and pretty much everyone who knows me will agree: I suck.

I will take any help I can when it comes to letting people in my life know I am thinking about them.

This is why I adore the Buy One Give One campaign from Cheerios and Walmart.

Since I love Cheerios- and I know you do too- this is an easy way to let people in your life know that you are thinking about them.

psst…And for the frugal among us: it’s essentially a free gift. Score!

Find your code inside specially marked packages in stores and enter it on to send a coupon for a free box of Cheerios to someone that matters.

Here are my top six people who would love to get the gift of Cheerios from you this summer.

Six People to Give the Gift of Cheerios



The end of the school year means teachers, bless them, finally get a break. Why not make it a Cheerios break?

Teachers need snacks too! And if they have their own kids at home, they will love having an easy breakfast option that they can feel good about sharing with their own children.

Protip: setting a bowl of Cheerios out on the table the night before and leaving a pre-poured glass of milk in the fridge means you can get a little extra sleep this summer, teachers! Let the kids get their own breakfast, and you get a few more minutes of sleep. You deserve it.


Father’s Day is just around the corner, y’all!

My husband and our firstborn, Jacob. Such baaayyy-bies!

If you have a new Dad in your life, consider gifting him a box of Cheerios.

Dads (and kids!) love them. They are almost as much fun to play with as they are to eat.

If you don’t believe me, search out the #CheerioChallenge hashtag on Instagram. (Adorable overload- you’re welcome!)

Here are a few ideas for the new dad.

  • Cheerios
  • Jar foods
  • Sippy Cups
  • Children’s Ibuprofen
  • Coloring books & washable crayons
  • Toothbrush & kids toothpaste
  • Board books (don’t forget to sign your name with a special note for the Dad & kiddo inside!)
  • Write a letter to the Dad & child asking them to open it on the baby’s 18th birthday. Dad’s might need even more tips and suggestions as they send their kids out into the real world as an adult!
  • Matching ball caps for Daddy-Baby trips to the park
  • Membership to a local Zoo or Children’s Museum. I’m a fan of giving the gift of time together if possible.



Have a one-year birthday to attend? Bring a box of Cheerios with a bow on it.

Easiest. Gift. Ever.

You get mega bonus points for including this board book (or any board book, really!).

Six people who need the gift of Cheerios from Walmart. Buy a box, give a box #withlove #cheerios #ad #getonegiveone

#OhLucy still loves this book and she’s almost 6!

This is a sweet & perfect first board book that allows counting and fine motor skills for those little fingers. You can find it on Amazon (affiliate).

Storytime and a snack: done!


Nothing says “welcome to the neighborhood!” like a box of Cheerios.

I wouldn’t have minded a few boxes to start my pantry re-stocking when we moved to Virginia. If you haven’t moved before, let me be the first to tell you: starting your pantry over from scratch is expensive.

That first trip to the grocery store hurts, y’all.

A thoughtful neighbor bearing some Apple Cinnamon Cheerios would be a good neighbor, indeed!


One of the first lessons I learned in my momm’in career is that kids and Cheerios go hand in hand.

Thanks to my firstborn, Jacob, and his very picky diet, this mom learned that not all kids will eat 5 fruits and veggies a day. Finding something that he’d happily eat and that I could feel good about was tough.

Cheerios saved the day! I didn’t leave the house without my car keys OR a baggie of Cheerios tucked inside my purse. It could serve as a guilt-free meal for my son and that was such a gift for me as a new mom.

Six people who need the gift of Cheerios from Walmart. Buy a box, give a box #withlove #cheerios #ad #getonegiveone

We still pack a baggie of Cheerios with us when we are going to be out all day. That bag was a lot fuller before she got her hands on it!

Honey Nut Cheerios are the BOMB, y’all. #OhLucy totally agrees.


Remember how I said I had a baggie of Cheerios in my purse? Well, I still do.

Even when I’m not with my children.

This mom loves her Cheerios too. And I’m sure a few of your mom friends would agree.

Six people who need the gift of Cheerios from Walmart. Buy a box, give a box #withlove #cheerios #ad #getonegiveone

A box of Cheerios can go a long way when you are running errands in the car or working on a deadline late into the night.

Like, um, now.

Don’t forget Mom when you are out there spreading the Buy a Box Give a Box love around.

Teachers love them. Dads love them. Kids love them. Moms love them. Everyone loves Cheerios.

Who would you give the gift of Cheerios to?

Six people who need the gift of Cheerios from Walmart. Buy a box, give a box #withlove #cheerios #ad #getonegiveone


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