It’s Gonna Be May | Mondayish Memes

It’s gonna be May… in a few days.

And it’s not quite Monday.

This memes post is already total rubbish, right?


But I’m sharing my favorite It’s Gonna Be May memes anyway.

Because: JT.

Hellloooo… Do I need to explain? Maybe I do.  Apparently some folks were clueless to what all the memes meant this week.

Gonna be may

Let’s throwback to the days of ‘N Sync and their hit song, It‘s Gonna Be Me.

I’m taken back to riding in my besties bright yellow Miata, top down, heading out to the beach. Sure, we were way too old for their target audience, but we. didn’t. care.

‘N Sync became our summer band that year.

Here it is in case you need to refresh your earworm.

Or maybe just want to see the boys in their prime.

Now that you’ve heard it, you will never un-hear it. #SorryNotSorry

This meme has been floating around since 2012. Various images but the ideas stay the same: Justin telling us that May is coming in his melodic 19-year-old voice.

JT himself got in on the joke this year via Twitter:

Justin Timberlake Tweet It's Gonna Be May


Like any long term meme, there are people in the grrroooaaannn make it staaahhhppp camp.

I ask you, are you just no fun? What’s wrong with you people?!

Don’t you see… JT? You know, Justin. Timberlake. He brought Sexy Back.

I mean, there can never be enough JT on my social media timeline. That’s a fact.

justin timberlake gonna be may facebook meme

That’s what I’m talking about.

A Billion JTs. A Billion JTs EVERYWHERE. 

If JT is not your thing, I understand. Kinda. Okay, I’ll try to understand, but I gotta be honest, this makes NO sense to me.

But I suppose some of you may have passed through the boy band craze when you were like 18, 25, 30…

That’s cool. I’m 42 and even though my husband may or may not have called me pathetic yesterday, I’m still jamming to boy bands.


But here’s a few for you to use next year to combat the hotness onslaught of Gonna Be May memes.




Was this you yesterday? Ha!

My personal favorite take on the Gonna Be May meme are the Agent Melinda MAY (get it?) versions.

Agent May from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is my secret girlfriend.

I love her OH SO MUCH.

It's gonna be Agent May Gonna be may

And then there’s this one:

Justin Timberlake Agent May gonna be may meme


That’s my girl.

Star Wars nerds, here’s one you can use for a couple more days.

Because, again, MOAR JT.

Star Wars It's gonna be may the 4th justin jedi

Like I said, I know I’m a bit early, but maybe I helped clear things up for those that were a bit confused on the issue.

Or maybe I just needed to prolong my annual JTness a bit longer.

Either way, it’s almost time to say goodbye for another year because:



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