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This week it’s time to review the month. How was January 2017 overall for you from a running perspective? Let’s grade it and see where we can improve as we roll into February!

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Grading January 2017

I’ve never been an over-achiever when it comes to running. I don’t do it for the speed or the PRs. I generally do it for the heart health and social aspect (my friends run, so I want to run too!).

This month by most accounts should get a big ol’ F.

Maybe an F+ if you are looking at the amount of running I did or the goals I didn’t accomplish. Sounds awful, right?

Longest non-race run all month!

But it wasn’t. It was actually an ok month for me when it came to running because my head was in a good place. Finally.

I ran happy when I ran. And I ran stress-free.

There was one race I knew would be a cluster for me, but hey, it was canceled, and I thank the good Lord for that one. That rainout might have saved my running career, to be honest. If I had started (as I had all intentions of doing) and if I had hated every untrained second of it (as I’m sure I would have) I might have seen it as the final push to hang up the Hokas.

But instead, the race was canceled. And I got a do-over month.

I changed my tactics. I ran when I wanted to, not because I felt I had to. I have one race on the calendar and I am likely walking it with a friend who just had surgery and who is starting chemo this week. That put things into perspective for me.

I don’t have to run; but I still want to run. And I get to run. Something I don’t want to take for granted.

So the few times I got out during this crazy move across the country became really lovely moments of running. They weren’t long; they weren’t fast, but they were just what I needed to get myself back into the “I like running” mindset.


So all that being said: I’m going to give this month a C-

That’s maybe generous from a pure running perspective, but the change in mentality throws the curve a smidge.

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