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Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Disney Walls

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Looking for that perfect Disney Instagram worthy picture: find one of the famous Disney Walls! Here’s your guide to the Disney Walls from coast to coat. If you’re looking for the Purple Wall at Walt Disney World or the Small World Wall at Disneyland: this guide to Instagram Disney Walls has you covered!

One of my favorite things about going to the Disney Parks is all the pictures we take. The memories last forever- and well… you gotta get that perfect social media profile pic, amirite?

(I’m not a millennial, but I play one on social media ha ha ha!)


Small World Wall at Disneyland Instagram picture with rose gold ears on


Even if you aren’t in it for the Insta, finding a good, basic background for a family photo is always a good idea when you’re on a Disney vacation.

Sure, the castle is an option! But trying to get a castle picture with just your clan in frame is pretty much impossible these days.

Enter the Disney Walls, an Instagram phenomenon that is growing in popularity.

Where to Find the Disney Walls of Instagram Podcast 

What are the Instagram Disney Walls?

There’s not an actual official list, but the Instagram Disney Walls are the unofficial photo stops found throughout the parks, Disney Springs, Downtown Disney or Disney resorts.

It can be pretty much anything you find at the Disney parks that give you a clean backdrop for your photos.

Disney Springs Garage Door Wall

This one is near the restaurant Homecoming located in Disney Springs. It was our take on the Garage Door photos that fashion bloggers love to take.

At Disney World, this list includes (but not limited to) the Bubblegum Wall in Epcot and the Purple Wall in Magic Kingdom.

At Disneyland, favorites are the Small World Wall and the Star Wall, both located in Disneyland Park.

I’ve also seen Instagrammers get creative and use backgrounds including any “non-opening door” as a Disney Wall backdrop.

Green door Disney wall picture at Hollywood Studios

Dani Ganley posing in front of the green door at Disney?s Hollywood Studios near Pizzarizzo. @sincerelydanirose on Instagram

What Makes a Good Disney Instagram Wall Photo?

Wear your ears in your Disney Wall photo, of course!

Rose gold Minnie ears or the vintage Minnie ears are always a good option in my opinion.

vintage minnie Mouse ears epcot blue wall

Blue Wall in Epcot. Photo: Alicia Arbaugh, @royalravencookies on Instagram

Fun Disney inspired shirts or hats can also make your photo stand out.

Etsy is a great resource for finding shirts, including these awesome spirit jerseys by Shirts in Seconds.

Side note: we totally love our custom Disney shirts from Shirts in Seconds!

Purple Wall Hat and Spirit Jersey

Sarah looking adorable in her runPrincess spirit jersey from Shirts in Seconds in front of the purple wall.

But what really makes a good Disney Wall picture is YOU.

What I love about the wall pictures is that it gives a blank slate for you to express yourself- and since you’re taking a picture at Disney, you know you’re at your best.

Showing your Disney Side in whatever way works for you- serious, silly, marking the passage of time, or because the wall matches your shirt- any reason is a good reason to take a Disney Wall photo.

yellow wall near space mountain at Disney World

Because it matches the shirt: it had to be done. Love this one, Alex! You can find this yellow wall by Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom. Look for the area where kids are getting their faces painted. @ms.tom_morrow on Instagram

Find an Instagram Disney Wall In Disney World

I’m going to start with the locations of the known walls in Disney World.

Some of these are “known,” and there are a few new-ish ones you might want to check out on your next visit.

Here's your guide to Instagram Disney World Walls! For your next Disney World vacation photo spots. #DisneyWorld #Disney #photospots #Instagram #Disneywalls #PurpleWall

The Bubblegum Wall in Epcot

You can find this one on the backside of Spaceship Earth. When you exit the attraction, just turn left or right and you’ll find it.

Protip for my runDisney friends: you can veer just a smidge off course to grab this shot midrace!

#BubblegumWall on Instagram

Bubblegum Wall with ursula and the little mermaid runners in costume during a rundisney event

I DIE at the cuteness. This is making the most of your runDisney experience. Instagrammer @queenie11078 (aka the amazing Julia!) and FunnerRunner Brandi give me life in this one.


Birthday Ears make this Bubblegum wall pick that much more EXTRA! Love it! Photo: Heather Doyle


bubblegum wall in epcot

ADORBS. photo: @mamasgeeky

The Blueberry Wall in Epcot

This is just on the other side of the Bubblegum Wall.

If you stop for one, you might as well stop for the other!

#BlueberryWall on Instagram

The blueberry wall outside of Spaceship earth

Take a stop at the Blueberry Wall outside of Spaceship earth. photo: Instagram @adventurepackedstudios

The Moss Wall in Pandora

I haven’t found this one myself, but it’s getting a lot of love on Instagram!

The Moss Wall is located in Pandora, the World of Avatar. You can find this one outside of Windtraders before you get to Flight of Passage. I hear the lighting and colors are so good there!

#MossWall on Instagram

the Moss Wall of Disney at Pandora

Sarah from sarahinthesuburbs looks perfect in front of the Moss Wall in Pandora.

The Purple Wall in Magic Kingdom

My personal Disney World favorite: the Purple Wall is located in Tomorrowland.

Insta-drama alert: things have changed over at the Purple Wall with the official announcement coming today on social media.

It’s undergone a bit of a facelift and… to be honest, I’m not sure it needed it. But I also don’t hate the new look, so there’s that.

Edited to add on 4.12.18


PURPLE WALL EARS from BestDayEverEarsCo on Etsy.

PURPLE WALL EARS from BestDayEverEarsCo on Etsy.

The OG Purple wall gave a beautiful, simple purple backdrop. Perfect for those IG pics.

#PurpleWall on Instagram

The old Purple Wall at Disney World Magic Kingdom

Fellow wall loving guest who borrowed Sarah’s Purple Wall hat for the shot. If you know him- tell him we said hi!

I mean, there’s even merchandise out there celebrating this practically perfect wall.

A Magic Band is coming (might be available now- I haven’t seen any just yet though!) and the hat- my goodness, how I love this hat!

The back says “Meet me at the”…

Purple Wall photo with a Meet me at the Purple Wall hat

Meet me at the Purple Wall!

Now it has a purple and silver geometric spacey look to it.

Again- I don’t hate it or anything… it’s just very different and I’m not sure it was completely needed.

But Disney didn’t ask me, sooo… yay new purple wall!

The pin says Here for the Purple Wall picture is of new purple wall with geometric shapes

The pin says it all, folks!

You Are Most Beautiful Wall

You can find this one in Animal Kingdom- it’s the #fichwawall on Instagram.

You’ll find it when you go to Harambe Marketplace in Africa; look for the cast-members only doorway and you’ll find it!

the You are Most Beautiful or Fichwa Wall in Animal Kingdom

You are the most beautiful, aka the Fichwa wall in Animal Kingdom. Photo: @royalravencookies on Instagram

Tom Sawyer Island Walls

This was a new one for me- but Tom Sawyer Island is worth the trip for some cute wall photos.

There’s the Half Painted Wall Photo that I’m now in love with!

tom sawyer tom and becky wall in Magic Kingdom

The half-painted wall on Tom Sawyer Island is a great photo opp! @runmelissarun on Instagram

This is a great location for family pictures since it brings out the kid in everyone!

Check out the progression pics in front of this wall.

kids Half painted wall pic on tom Sawyer island

So stinking cute! @lori.ketcherside on Instagram

And my friend Mandy uses the Island for family pictures as well.

She’s watched her kids grow up (and added a few over time!) through these pictures.

Protip: there’s a hitching post right in front of this non-functioning door that makes a nice little tripod!

Tom Sawyer Island wall pictures at Disney World

One of my most favorite families ever! Love me some Burkharts.

This post is a work in progress, so I’ll add more as I come across great photo ops at Disney World.

Find an Instagram Disney Wall In Disneyland

Disneyland is my most favorite place in the entire world (shh, don’t tell Walt Disney World!) so when the whole Instagram Disney Wall thing took off there- I was all in.

It’s the Happiest Place on Earth, after all, which means you can’t help but take beautiful pictures there!

Here's your guide to Instagram Disneyland Walls! For your next Disneyland vacation photo spots. #Disneyland #Disney #photospots #Instagram #Disneywalls #smallworldwall


On a recent trip, I dragged my friends around the park for famous Instagram Disney Wall pictures.

Okay, so it was on two recent trips, but it was with different sets of friends, so it had to be done!

And some of them I totally made up- or at least didn’t realize they were a “thing” already on Instagram.

Like this green wall on the Monorail platform.

Green Monorail wall at Disneyland

Totally not a thing. I just think it totally should be one. Ha! #GreenMonorailWall

So if that starts trending (um, it won’t ha!) you can say you saw it here first.

Mosaic Wall In Disney California Adventure

This one is so pretty, but also a little hard to get the best picture in front of.

Since it’s not a full wall, you have to make do with what you can!

Winderlust baseball custom disney shirt

It’s just so pretty, though.

Shirt by- you guessed it- Shirts in Seconds on Etsy. Seriously. Check these ladies out!

The Blue Wall In Disney California Adventure

This one has some discussion attached to it.

Apparently, there are two (just two? ha!) blue wall photo ops in DCA. One is against the blue wall behind the food trucks across from the Spider-Man/Captain America photo stop. Look for the studio building; that’s the “official blue wall.”

official blue wall studio pic

The other is in the same area but close to the theater that shows sneak peeks of the most current movies.

Basically: pic the blue wall with the best lighting for your needs!

#BlueWall on Instagram

Blue Wall in Disney California Adventure

Ivie and AJ were our tour guides for the great Disneyland Wall tour of 2017. @ivieanne on Instagram

The Star Wars Wall

This one is found as you exit the Star Wars meet and greet area, Launch Bay, at Disneyland.

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you definitely want to stop by and take this shot!

#StarWarsWall on Instagram

The Star Wars Wall at Disneyland is a great Instagram Disney Wall


Star Wars Wall Starry Wall at Disneyland

You can also crop it down and just make it a starry wall picture!

The Frontierland Wall

This one is also called the Big Thunder Wall.

Use both hashtags and you can’t go wrong!

You can find this one on the walkway between Big Thunder Mountain and Galaxy’s Edge- the train goes right overhead now.

#FrontierlandWall or #BigThunderWall on Instagram

girl in front of the Big Thunder Wall or Frontierland Wall in Disneyland Instagram Disney Walls

The Mint Julep Bar Wall

Let’s be real: you’re going to be standing in line for the beniegts anyway. You might as well take a moment to grab a cute Instagram picture to pass the time.

This one is found in the French Market section of Disneyland at the Mint Julep Bar.

#MintJulepBar on Instagram

Girl in front of the Mint Julep Bar Wall in Disneyland Instagram Disney Walls

The Small World Wall in Disneyland

I could write an entire post about my love for the Small World Wall in Disneyland.

It’s my favorite place for pictures and my favorite place to watch pictures being taken.

I don’t know what it is about the Small World Wall, but it just brings out the joy and childlike love of anyone who stops for a photo in front of it.

This is where I start my Instagram Disneyland Wall tours with friends because I know they will be hooked once they get a picture in front of it!

You find this one tucked over on the left-hand side as you walk toward it’s a small world. Ask anyone and they can point you in the right direction if you don’t see it at first!

#SmallWorldWall on Instagram

Some of my favorites in no particular order:

Aabout Texas Mom Blogger Sarah Bergman


rose gold ears in front of the small world wall for Instagram Disney Walls


bloggers in front of small world wall

Love this moment so much! We were going for a selfie but some sweet girls stopped and offered to take the picture for us.

Instagram Disney Walls Honorable Mentions

I’m adding some additional fun pictures to spark your Instagram Disney Wall imaginations.

You can find fun walls anywhere at Disneyland and Disney World to take your pictures.

Don’t forget the resorts, either!

Alfresco tasting terrace wall at DCA

Alfresco tasting terrace at DCA photo: @fairytalemindy on Instagram


Castle Hallway Walls- so perfect! Photo: Tracy Peterson


Animal Kingdom Wall

Find this in Animal Kingdom between Pandora and Africa.


morocco wall in Epcot


Animal Kingdom Lodge Wall photo

Animal Kingdom Lodge: right out front of Jambo House! (or maybe Kidani… I get them confused ha!)


climbing the Mexico Wall in Epcot at Disney World

Errr… maybe not this one. LOL Just don’t climb the pyramid, folks! This is in Mexico in Epcot.


small world platform at disneyland wall picture

On the platform at it’s a small world! So pretty, Ivie!


Visa Meet and Greet Wall inside Epcot

Visa Meet and Greet Wall inside Epcot


pregnancy picture at Disney World Boardwalk

So smart- just a side of a kiosk on the Boardwalk at Disney World. Makes for a perfect bump background!


Pop Century Resort Walls at Disney World make great back drops

Pop Century Resort Walls FOR THE WIN! So many cute options if you look around for them.


Show your Disney Side! Ha!


Blue Wall in Epcot near Figment

Blue wall near Figment in Epcot. Photo: @sippycupmom


Red wall near Figment as well- great spots!


These two have the right idea. If you know me, you know I love my Disney bathrooms. Bahahahaha! @WishCricket on Instagram


Another great mural to stop in front of is in The Land at Epcot. @dawngosdin on Instagram


This is found in the Disneyland Hotel and is a pretty cute place for a picture of your adorable cute kiddo!


Little Mermaid Wall at Disney World

Find this wall across from the Little Mermaid ride in Disney World. I have a feeling they weren’t really all that surprised, @rwethereyetmom on Instagram

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