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Happy 50th Birthday, It’s a Small World!

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There is just one moon and one golden sun
And a smile means friendship to everyone
Though the mountains divide
And the oceans are wide

It’s a small world after all

It’s no secret how much I love visiting the Disney Parks.  Today is a milestone for one of my family’s favorite rides.  Happy 50th birthday to It’s a Small World!  Being one of Walt’s original rides in his original park, brings out the sap in me.   My sentimental side puts this ride on my “must do” list every trip.

Not only did Walt love it, but my children do too!  #OhLucy fell in love with It’s a Small World on her first Disneyland trip at 9 months old. If you haven’t guessed yet, what #OhLucy wants #OhLucy gets… and that includes multiple back to back trips through her favorite ride.  We know this one intimately.

Little Lu on her first Small World voyage.

I took my family to the Disneyland Resort this past New Year’s for their first glimpse at the holiday decorations.  This mom won when she told them we’d see the best Christmas light display EVER.  We went into It’s A Small World looking like the picture on the right as the sun was just setting, and came out to the holiday lights turned on in all it’s glory.  My children actually gasped.  Disney magic, y’all.

The first 50 years have been spectacular- and yes, I imagine I’ll be singing the song for the next 50 years as well!  Happy Birthday, It’s a Small World.  You are aging beautifully.  

Do you love this ride?  Is It’s A Small World a hit or miss for your family? Is there a favorite country you look forward to visiting?

Sharing is caring!

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