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Happy Mother Runners Day

Mother runners: they are mighty. Some of the most inspirational women I know are the moms up before the sun, pounding out a few glorious miles on their own because the mommin’ kicks in. Moms run for all kinds of reasons and you can check out a few of them from Sarah. Mother Runners day needs to be celebrated year round! 


Happy Mother Runners Day

I have to confess: running for me as a mom was a selfish choice. I wanted to get away from the kids for a bit.

When there are a lot of little ones pulling at your leg and needing your attention, you sometimes feel the need to get away from it all.



I started with a mile a day, moved up to 2 miles and hung there for a while. I just needed 25-30 minutes of sweat, endorphins, and some non-kid-appropriate music blaring through the headphones to clear the cobwebs.

It worked, by golly.

Now those 2 milers have stretched upwards to 20 miles when I trained for the marathon. I’m still running; I’m still enjoying my selfish time, but I’m also seeing an unexpected benefit:

My kids started running.

What?! How did this happen?

“We saw you do it, mom.”


Running with kids mother's day

Claire reaching 6 miles for the first time in a race. She was so proud!


A family that runs Disney together, finishes with vastly different times! Ha! First 10K for Seth and first legit kids race for Lucy.

A family that runs Disney together, finishes with vastly different times! Ha! First 10K for Seth and first legit kids race for Lucy.


Lucy running kids race


Insert ALL the emoji heart eyes here. 

To steal from my favorite running shirt: running isn’t mom being selfish, it’s mom being AWESOME.

Moms: go forth and run and be awesome. Mother’s Day is your day and if starting it off with a race or a quick run is what you need, have a great run!

And I hope you feel absolutely zero guilt over it. You know we’re all about that #NoGuiltLife around here.

I’m sharing some of my favorite running mommas today. I love them and their spirit— and what they are passing on to their children. Because that’s what moms DO!





awwww- baby Naters!




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What a bunch of troopers! (get it?)





Sometimes being silly before the run helps ease the nerves.



Momma K and her 19th half marathon! An inspiration to everyone who meets her.



Way to get out there, Mom!


Doggy mommas gotta run too!




Happy Mother’s Day, Mommas! 


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